• Am I supposed to lose everything else in my life when I lose my phone number?January 19

    Sorry, this isn't a coding or design problem, but it is a user-experience issue, and I'm looking for some kind of a discussion about it, and this is the best place I can come up with to discuss. I have recently lost access to my second Yahoo account

  • Calendar event with unspecified end timeJanuary 19

    I'm developing an iOS app that stores details on events. There are input fields for event date, start time and end time. None of which are required. There is an option to add these events to your calendar - either the default Calendar app or to Googl

  • Using SHP files to draw a density map

    Using SHP files to draw a density mapJanuary 19

    My SHP file of census block groups has polygons and associated employment data for each block group. Is there a simple way to draw an employment density map? I've played around with GeoRegionValuePlot without success. There must be a simple way to li

  • How to reorganize the graphs in the GraphicGrid without re-evaluating themJanuary 19

    How to reorganize (add some and remove some within the same notebook) the graphs in the GraphicGrid in a previously saved notebook that was closed and reopened, without re-evaluation to re-generate those single graphs?

  • Implementing a boundary condition that is dependent on the solutionJanuary 19

    I am solving the diffusion equation in 1D with derivative boundary conditions. I am pretty new/rusty in mathematica so there may be several problems with the code but I think the main issue is trying to implement the boundary condition that is depend

  • Problems using a function as an argumentJanuary 19

    I made a function: f[x_]:=x^2+1 and when i use it on, for example f[5], i get the answer 26. . But when i use it on: PollardRho[a_, f_] := Module[ {}, Return[f[a]] ] And when i write PollardRho[5,f[x]] It somehow returns (1 + x^2)[5] instead of 26, s

  • Manipulating trigonometric constraint equationsJanuary 19

    In mechanics and namely in multibody systems modeling, the geometry studies often use to the manipulation of trigonometric equations. These equations appear when the constraints equations of the kinematic loops are written. These constraint equations

  • First come, first save in ParallelTable parallelizationJanuary 19

    Short version of the question: In C++'s OpenMP, I know how to get what I want, but I'm wondering whether Mathematica has the same option. It's called "dynamic scheduling" when parallelizing. Long version of the question: Say I'm evaluating a par

  • Similar Table commands differ greatly in run time

    Similar Table commands differ greatly in run timeJanuary 19

    With version 10.3.1 for Microsoft Windows (64-bit), the similar codes fx[i_] := 0.0001 i - 2; t10 = Table[x = fx[i]; FixedPoint[x + (x + (x + (#^2 + x)^2)^2)^2 &, x, 249], {i, 0, 22500}] t11 = Table[x = 0.0001 i - 2; FixedPoint[x + (x + (x + (#^2 + x

  • NIntegration and DSolve with same variable

    NIntegration and DSolve with same variableJanuary 18

    I need to solve this problem: Then follows the code, with: V[z] = 0.28125` (-5.` + Cosh[3.` z]) Sech[1.5` z]^2; K[z] = (0.42187680654931936` Sech[1.5` z]^0.454929658551372`); I try to perform the DSolve as "s1" and the integrations as "data

  • parametricplot3d colorfunction for a specific region of an object

    parametricplot3d colorfunction for a specific region of an objectJanuary 18

    I have created a 3D parametric plot of an oblate spheroid, and I want to apply "TemperatureMap" as a colorfunction to its surface as a gradient in the Z direction. However, I only want to apply this coloring to part of the spheroid, and to color

  • Quick simplification of a fraction of 2 trigonometric equations

    Quick simplification of a fraction of 2 trigonometric equationsJanuary 18

    I would like to simplify a fraction of 2 trigonometric functions EqAng1={Cos[Subscript[β, 0][t]] Sin[Subscript[α, 0][t]] == Cos[Subscript[β, i][t]] Sin[Subscript[α, i][t]], Cos[Subscript[α, 0][t]] Cos[Subscript[β, 0][t]] == Cos[Subscript[α, i][t]] Co

  • Extracting data from GW150914 hdf5 filesJanuary 18

    Has anyone looked at the LIGO data using Mathematica or know how to do this? I'm not familiar with the hdf5 format but I've been able to import the data, consisting primarily of 131,072 floating point numbers representing the strain at different time

  • Finding most general matrices $A$ and $B$ such that $A\cdot B=1$

    Finding most general matrices $A$ and $B$ such that $A\cdot B=1$January 18

    I would like to find the most general shape of matrices $A$ and $B$ such that $A\cdot B=1_{4\times4}$. Naively, I just define for example AA = Table[Subscript[aa, i, j], {i, 1, 4}, {j, 1, 3}]; BB = Table[Subscript[bb, i, j], {i, 1, 3}, {j, 1, 4}]; An

  • Slide show from notebook: Define first slide with title backgroundJanuary 18

    I have a Mathematica notebook and I want to make a slide show out of it. I can do it easily by using the slide show palette and use the according button. But how do I define that the first slide is the cover slide using the title background? E.g. if

  • Anomalies and discontinuities in StreamPlot

    Anomalies and discontinuities in StreamPlotJanuary 18

    s1 = StreamPlot[{1, 2*x*y^2}, {x, -3, 3}, {y, -3, 3}]; s2 = Plot[1/(4 - x^2), {x, -3, 3}, PlotStyle -> Red]; Show[s1, s2] In this problem the solution is not valid at x=2,-2,,,,but by showing the graph of solution and StreamPlot at the same time I ca

  • Problem fitting a exponential function to data points

    Problem fitting a exponential function to data pointsJanuary 18

    finale edit: i found someone who solved my problem via matlab. therefore i wont try out the proposed solutions now, but wont delete my question in case someone might have use for the proposed solutions in the future. thx to everyone who tried to help

  • Using GNU Make to compile MathLink program automatically removes a fileJanuary 18

    It's possible that this question belongs on Stackoverflow; however, the Mathematica context may be important so I'm asking here first. I am working on a project to interact with sensors connected to a Raspberry Pi via Mathematica. The first version o

  • Puzzle with Mathematica

    Puzzle with MathematicaJanuary 17

    Hello everyone, This is a puzzle I got from someone via social media. Basically, we need to fill up the boxes with the numbers 1-9 (no repetitions) that fit the multiplication and addition operations. I managed to solve this puzzle by using a brute f

  • What's It Called: Inner Class Without Sharing?January 17

    I believe I have heard a specific term for this pattern, but I am not able to retrieve it from the foggy banks of my memory: public with sharing class OuterClass { public without sharing class InnerClass { } } What term describes InnerClass above?

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