• Instantiating a field of an sObject with a string value passed through AJAXMarch 22

    I am trying to instantiate a sObject in my controller. The information that I am populating about it comes from my AJAX. Including the name of the field that I want to populate + its value. So with that said the method that the AJAX is calling looks

  • REST Webservice not working via Anonymous but works via Client

    REST Webservice not working via Anonymous but works via ClientMarch 21

    I have two Salesforce Orgs A (Source) & B (Target). I have created a webservice for that creates an account in B with just one parameter "nam". I have created an connected app (OAuth settings like Consumer Key & Consumer secret have all

  • Error while encryptingMarch 21

    I am getting the below error while encrypting data. System.InvalidParameterValueException: Invalid private key. Must be 16 bytes.: Class.System.Crypto.encryptWithManagedIV: line 50, column 1 Here is my code, trigger Account_Encrypt_Trigger on Account

  • Collaboration of FilesMarch 21

    In order to manage Collaboration of Files, I am really confused about whether to use google drive or dropbox or anything else with salesforce. My needs are admin will upload documents, word document or spreadsheet in the salesforce system. The docume

  • Test Class for @Future Http POST CalloutMarch 21

    I'm having trouble creating a test class for my Future Http POST class. The code works and I'm able to parse the response and update the lead, but I need code coverage. I've looked at the Salesforce Developer documentation re: breaking up into severa

  • Ampscript - RSS & EnclosuresMarch 21

    I'm trying to get the URL from the enclosure tag in an RSS to display in my email. I referred to this Retrieving images from RSS feed ExactTarget with AMPScript but the RSS I'm using doesn't include the image in the description tag. So if I were to u

  • Updating parent object of Account - via apex, process builder, workflow or formulaMarch 21

    We have object called Account_Code. Account object has lookup relationship to Account_Code object. Account-Code may have multiple accounts. When account created or edited with certain value in 'Type', I need to update few fields in Account_Code objec

  • Salesforce LDV SOQL cost based on null checkMarch 21

    Question: Can anyone help me understand which is more expensive in batch apex query locator, given an opportunity record has 100 million records. I have custom date (custome_date__c) field in campaign object which can have null value. NOTE: Assume ca

  • Insert Custom Metadata for Unit TestMarch 20

    I have a controller that is querying custom metadata. I'm attempting to write unit tests to test the queries. Is it possible to insert test custom metadata for the purposes of unit tests? --------------Solutions------------- It is not possible to ins

  • AMPScript - Only Show RSS Items from Last 14 DaysMarch 20

    When I try to use the below code, I'm not able to see a preview email; it just says there's an error in the email. %%[ Var @xml, @titles, @title, @links, @link, @descs, @desc, @dates, @date, @cnt Set @xml = ContentArea("3618") Set @titles = Buil

  • Using Stash inside of other variablesMarch 20

    I am storing site settings using stash and would like to pull out the email address from stash and use it in the EE encode tag. Does anyone know if this is possible? I have tried a few different things. Lastly this... {encode="{exp:stash:get name='em

  • 500 Server error in BrilliantRetail when adding/editing productsMarch 20

    I have a new install of BrilliantRetail 1.8.0 on EE 2.10.1 When I try to add a new product, or edit any of the default products, I get a 500 server error. I don't see anything relating to this in my server error log... (hosted on Nexcess) I'm not hav

  • Base class for the Oauth process and danceMarch 20

    At work we are interfacing with the Jira cloud storage for our ticket management system. I created a base class to make the process easier on the user side, and I did my best to make it re-usable and generic. I wasn't able to figure out a generic way

  • I am unable to get required output from this code . .Js file not being fetched from Scripts folder [on hold]March 20

    I am using webstorm I have a code saved as Test.html code goes here : <!DOCTYPE html> <html ng-app="Test"> <head> <script src="Scripts/angular.min.js"></script> <script src="Scripts/js1.js">

  • Parallel popcount of packed bytesMarch 20

    I want to do a popcount of bytes in an array. Not a total popcount of everything, but lots of little popcounts for every individual byte to determine the neighborhood count in GoL. The following plain x64 code does the job nicely. function PopCountPe

  • Simple class for 2D - 1D array index conversionMarch 20

    I made a class to convert the index between 2D and 1D arrays. For example, between {1,3,5,7,9,11} and {{1,3},{5,7},{9,11}} When i is 0, xy should be (0,0) When i is 1, xy should be (0,1) When i is 2, xy should be (1,0) And so on... I would be able to

  • Web scraping Soundcloud with Python [on hold]March 19

    So basically I'm trying to scrape Soundcloud for the song titles/artists popping up on my stream. After trying my best to obtain the info through scraping I always return "[]". My code so far is as follows from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import ur

  • C++ class for disjoint-set/union-find on integersMarch 19

    I have implemented the disjoint-set data structure. The purpose is to group integers together. For example, if I want to find out the groups of integers where each adjacent neighbors are same: vector<vector<int>> test = { {1,0,0,1}, {0,0,0,1},

  • Ajax bootstrap modal form functionMarch 19

    I made a few functions to handle an Ajax post request for a form inside a bootstrap modal, and then update the form errors / display a success message disappearing with a timer countdown upon valid form saving. I don't have a lot of experience with j

  • Gravitational Brute Force N-body AlgorithmMarch 19

    I've just started dabbling with code, and as a learning exercise I've written a simple algorithm for solving gravitational n-body problems numerically in JavaScript. I would be very grateful for general feedback as far as the quality of the code goes

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