• DMARC: SPF Fail, DKIM Pass, Source IP: not mine!February 21

    This is an odd one: <record> <row> <source_ip></source_ip> <count>2</count> <policy_evaluated> <disposition>none</disposition> <dkim>pass</dkim> <spf>fail</spf> </p

  • Irregulations with Google Analytics Organic Search SourcesFebruary 21

    Please help me to understand where is the problem with my Organic Search Sources in my Google Analytics reports (OSS). Couple of months ago I've checked my referral traffic for new search engines and updated my OSS. E.g., one of updates: Search Engin

  • Private messaging system/plugin for a website? [on hold]February 21

    I'm looking for someone to recommend me a private messaging system/plugin for a website. Something like FB's inbox. I would like to offer a support on my SaaS website and that kind of messaging would be perfect. I've tried to google it, but wasnt abl

  • Joomla creating /2-uncategorised/ page's, duplicate content?February 21

    I've added some pages to a Joomla website (by adding articles). At first these articles weren't linked to the right menu yet. So the link was something like "site.com/2-uncategorised/25-bureau-lokeren". After I added the site to the right menu,

  • What are the rates for hosting Wordpress site on Amazon AWS servers? [on hold]February 21

    I am looking to host a Wordpress site on a stable, secure server with the potential for high traffic spikes. What are the rates to host on Amazon AWS? The site will need 1GB Space and 10GB-15GB bandwidth per month. Would I have to take care of securi

  • Shared hosting IP changed to https from httpFebruary 21

    I had a shared hosting on my service provider. Since last 6 months everything was going fine. But recently after some server problems, that halted services for many days and restored back, I am no longer able to access and test my files using http. I

  • Inverse transform of an object which transform is relative to its place in a scenegraph SFMLFebruary 21

    I'm using a SceneGraph for the entities in my game, and the transform is passed down through the sf::RenderStates of the SceneGraph's draw() function when called. To my understanding (which I'm not very sure is actually correct) the sf::Sprite's of e

  • Best practice to store level data in a rhythm based gameFebruary 21

    Setup: I'm planing to do a rhythm based game, where a level is a music score similar to Frets on Fire, but with real music. I've two options to store that level data, namely a MIDI file and a MusicML file. It seems that the defacto standard is MIDI f

  • What is the most efficient way to create a clickable real world map using Unity?

    What is the most efficient way to create a clickable real world map using Unity?February 21

    I have an idea to create many clickable canvas objects, but in my mind this is a really bad idea and inefficient way to do it. I want something like this (a clickable and movable map) For now it's gonna be just 2d map, but in the future it may become

  • Simulation of Player movement in MMORPGs [on hold]February 20

    I want to make my avatar's coordinates change in my c++ simulation code, in such a way that is as close as possible to the way avatar's walk around in virtual worlds in MMORPGs. Also, my avatar does not really have any target destination, I just want

  • Best Practice To Provide Default SettingsFebruary 20

    What is the best method -in terms of ease of coding- to provide user a default set of settings that he can roll back to at anytime? Two of the several methods came to my mind are; An instantiate-able class named "DataSet", which holds all fields

  • How can I pool objects with differing properties?February 20

    My game requires a 2D GameObject to be spawned every second until they fill the whole screen and the game ends (around 60 objects total). On Android I see some performance spikes whenever a GameObject is spawned, so I'd like to use object pooling to

  • XInputDotNet not working when building for UWP in UnityFebruary 20

    I am working on a game where a controller has to vibrate. I have found the XInputDotNet plugin which worked very well in the editor and a normal windows build, but if I build for UWP (both Xaml and D3D) the controller doesn't vibrate. When building i

  • MagicaVoxel - Making it look exactly the same in Unity

    MagicaVoxel - Making it look exactly the same in UnityFebruary 20

    Am playing around with MagicaVoxel, then exporting as an obj, and importing into Unity. What I am trying to do is make it appear exactly the same in Unity as it does in MagicaVoxel, but am not sure how. I've played with the lighting, a few different

  • Switched from immediate mode to VBOs, game runs slowerFebruary 20

    trying to improve draw performance on my c++, OpenGL, SDL game. Back in school we mostly learned immediate mode, so thats how my drawing was originally implemented. When I started reading up online about improving performance I read about VBOs and ho

  • Label graphs GnuPlot and tikz

    Label graphs GnuPlot and tikzFebruary 20

    I'm trying to label some plots but I can't seem to figure it out. I am trying to get something that looks a bit like this: Found in the texanmple website here. I would like to label the function corresponding to each plot as shown in the figure above

  • page numbering changes unexpectedlyFebruary 20

    I have my PhD thesis set out over a number of chapters. At the start of the thesis are several pages that are used for signed declarations that the work is my own, an abstract and a list of papers and reports that have come from the thesis. In this I

  • classicthesis problem (header is too long)February 20

    I am sorry that I have to ask in a new post again, but my reputation is not high enough to write a comment.. I have a problem with the classicthesis style. The name of one section is too long for one line which causes problems in the header. I tried

  • LaTex Error: \begin{center} on input line 129 ended by \end{document}?February 19

    I am getting the error I mentioned in the heading. I included both \begin{document} and \end{document}. But it is not running. The code is attached here. \documentclass[a4paper,12pt]{article} \usepackage{latexsym,amsmath} \usepackage{lscape} \usepack

  • Beamer custom sidebar with navigation within subsubsectionsFebruary 19

    I would like to add a left handed sidebar to my beamer presentation slides, however there are some specifics as to how I would like to do this: The sidebar would only be present on specified pages (the majority of slides will not have the sidebar) Th

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