• printing a children's full tree recursively in bash scriptApril 30

    sry for not being familiar with question conventions since im new here. i want to write a script that prints the full children's tree recursively of a given pid. i got so far as: ps h -ef | awk '$3='$input_pid' {print $2}' | sort -n but this is just

  • Arguments print after logging in via SSHApril 30

    I just setup my old home computer as a server via ubuntu. When I SSH into it I get these logs that print. These don't exist in my ~/.bashrc file and I don't know how to get rid of them. Any thoughts? Thanks. Last login: Sat Feb 20 23:19:48 2016 from

  • Creating a separate Doc from comments in a Google DocsApril 30

    I'm working on a document with multiple sections which is bound to have loads of comments from various people. I would like to dynamically aggregate all comments on a particular section below that section. If this is not possible, then at least a sep

  • Why does YouTube fullscreen no longer work in Firefox if I customize the user agent string?

    Why does YouTube fullscreen no longer work in Firefox if I customize the user agent string?April 30

    I'm asking this question mostly out of curiosity as it probably has little practical value. I've noticed that if I change the user agent string for my Firefox browser using about:config -> general.useragent.override, fullscreen on YouTube no longer w

  • How do I get a Google N-Gram plot with a logarithmic axis?April 30

    I have an N-Gram plot where the frequencies span several orders of magnitude and are thus some relevant results are not really readable on a linear scale. I am aware that I can multiply some lines with a constant, but that makes the data I want to pr

  • My reply to the other person does not show on theirsApril 30

    When I send out tweets to other people, it doesn't show on their mentions but only on their timeline, any body can help me with that? I uses twitter on my S6 edge android most of the time.

  • SUM function not working for cells with formulas in Google SheetsApril 30

    A B ---------------------- TOTAL =SUM(B3:B) Entry1 =IF($A3="Entry1","20",IF($A3="Entry2","170", IF($A3="Entry3","10"))) Entry2 =IF($A4="Entry1","20",IF($A4="Entry2",

  • How to show comma seperation in numbers on ubuntu's calculator?April 30

    How to enable comma separation of integers in Ubuntu's default calculator? By default the calculator doesn't separate every three digits so looking at the difference between large integers is difficult. Example 10000000000 10000000 For old guys with

  • upgrade 14.04 - 14.10 - 15.04 - 15.10April 29

    Can I upgrade to an unsupported version of ubuntu? I want to know it because I want to move from 14.04 - 14.10 - 15.04 and finally to 15.10.

  • Safe to install playonlinux on ubuntu 15.10 x64 despite 'no further updates' warning

    Safe to install playonlinux on ubuntu 15.10 x64 despite 'no further updates' warningApril 29

    I'm trying to install playonlinux on my fresly installed ubuntu 15.10 x64 laptop, but getting the following message (it's in dutch but in english it sounds like: If you install playonlinux packages from the group The Ubuntu dekstop system will receiv

  • How to install MySQL Workbench on Ubuntu 15.10April 29

    I am new to Ubuntu and Linux in general. I have installed Ubuntu 15.10. I successfully installed MySQL using sudo apt-get install mysql-server. But when I tried to install workbench using sudo apt-get install mysql-workbench it gave me following erro

  • Apache2 does not find cgi-binApril 29

    I cannot get /usr/local/cgi-bin to be recognised by apache2. When I try to access the page that uses the mapserver script in this directory, I get the response "The requested URL /usr/lib/cgi-bin/mapserv was not found on this server" The file ex

  • Ubuntu sdk click error: you have held broken packagesApril 29

    I have searched through previous questions without finding the solution to my problem. I have installed the Ubuntu SDK. I am running 15.10 and wish to develop apps for my Ubuntu phone. After entering a sample app and running it on the PC I wanted to

  • plymouth theme applying bug?April 29

    No sure whether this is a bug or not. I installed a theme using plymouth-manager but while applying the theme I noticed some 'bug'. $ sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth There are 7 choices for the alternative default.plymouth (providi

  • Which NVidia proprietary driver for GT 745M (Ubuntu 14.04 - Toshiba laptop)April 29

    I'd like to know which driver to use for my configuration (Toshiba laptop P50 A 14P + NVidia GT 745M/PCie/SSE2 - 14.04LT) to work. Up to now, I've tried all available ones (340.96, 340.96-updates, 352.63 and 352.63-updates) and all are freezing the s

  • Using Dosbox in UbuntuApril 29

    I have installed Dosbox in Ubuntu 14.04.4 so that I can run a Dos database program. The instructions tell me to z:\mount c: c:\"directory name"\ which produces an error telling me that the c:\ drive does not exist. Problem is that I cannot find

  • Difference between Ubuntu LTS and normal version in terms of packages offeredApril 29

    We have couple of Ubuntu based instances running Php. Then on developer side we have almost same type instance. So if on server we use php 5.6 and mysql 5.5.4 on 14.04 Ubuntu LTS then we use the same on Developer Side. As of now all of our instances

  • DVD not accesible/readable on Ubuntu 15.10April 28

    Inserting a video DVD in my Laptop with Ubuntu 15.10 it is not mounted like usually when I insert a data DVD or also another video DVDs :( So I think maybe it is somehow protected? It is possible to view the DVD with a standalone DVD player, but open

  • Since I installed 14.04 I'm missing app indicator for sonataApril 28

    I don't know if there ever was an app-indicator for Sonata. I had Linux Mint before. Does anyone knows how to restore / install it on Ubuntu 14 (unity)? As an alternative, is there a good (slim, sonata-like) MPD client that fully-integrates with unit

  • How is name of package for mounting sd-cards?April 28

    What is the name of the package for mounting sd-cards, micro-sd-cards and mmc-cards ? It seems that this package is not installed by default (or needs to be re-installed) ? Some of sd-cards get recognized, and some not ? Here is 14.04. LTS 3.

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