• How to connect to router when default gateway is blank?October 17

    The router is ''Wind ZTE router". On official site says to type on browser but this doesn't work. On ipconfig default gateway is blank. The router is connected only to PC via Ethernet. I am using windows 10. Is any way to connect to rou

  • What can I do if IIS 7 does not find an existing file (404.0 error)?October 17

    On IIS 7 I'm running 3 websites and so far had no problem until today. All of a sudden it says that the file c:\inetpub\mySites\myWebServiceServer\Applications\MyScript.aspx (modified example) is not existing (HTTP Error 404.0 - Device not found), bu

  • PS4 controllers not working [on hold]October 17

    I've had my PS4 for years and never had any issues. However, just a few hours ago, my controllers stopped working and I can't get them working again. They both only show the aqua color, typically blinking, and the PS4 won't see them wirelessly or con

  • Outlook 2016 on Mac - Can't I port database from previous instalOctober 17

    I recently did a format and re-install of El Capitan for Mac. Before I did this I saved everything I needed. Everything works apart from Outlook 2016 for MAc. I know that Outlook 2016 for Mac stores the data here : ~/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346

  • Which file is the stubOctober 16

    Is eventvwr.exe a stub for eventvwr.msc which opnes in mmc.exe? How about defrag.exe, dfrgntfs.exe/dfrgfat.exe and dfrg.exe? or how about control.exe or start menu > control panel. I need to know in order to find where certain processes originate - b

  • How do I create a batch script creates certain registry entries in all subfoldersOctober 16

    I was reading this on the web: Press Windows Key + R, type "regedit" in the box, then press enter. Go to this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all folders under "

  • Is it possible to set Windows 10 to save memory dumps to an external drive?

    Is it possible to set Windows 10 to save memory dumps to an external drive?October 16

    I have a new but cheap and underpowered netbook which came with Windows 10 and has some issues I'm trying to sort out. This is hindered by the fact that the internal storage is quite small so every time there's a BSOD Windows deletes the memory dump

  • Avoid Skylake to avoid Windows 10?October 16

    I'm about to invest in a heavy duty workstation which I'd like to run for 4 years. It's a big investment not only to purchase the hardware but to do all the config I like. I would purchase a Skylake machine, but, as far as I can tell, Win 7 won't be

  • Sending commands via serial connectionOctober 16

    I've got a Sartorius GD-503 electronic lab scale that I'm trying to work into a control setup. I've got both the regular manual and the data interface description manual. So far I've got my laptop connected to the scale using a USB-to-DB9 cable to a

  • Mountain Lion 10.8 Mac not working on VirtualBoxOctober 16

    Currently, I am at the booting stage of installing Mac Mountain Lion 10.8 Virtual Machine on VirtualBox. I originally was trying to install onto my Hard Disk image using the dmg archive file, and the installation said that it was successful. I then c

  • Is formatting recovery partition to update OS recovery safeOctober 16

    So, I bought my HP Notebook 15 2 years back with Windows 8.1 installed. It came with a factory reset recovery partition. Last year, in the July of 2015, I updated to Windows 10, free of charge, as my software and hardware were compatible. But, long s

  • MOBA vs MMORPG delayOctober 16

    When I play games like Dota 2 on a server located on the opposite side of the world, i will experience very obvious delays. Eg. If i click a character to move, it will only start moving 3 sec later. But for MMORPG like WoW etc, even if i play in a se

  • How do I get just a Microphone icon on my taskbar for Cortana instead of a search field + microphone?October 15

    Finding the search field useless, but the microphone input for Cortana great. Was hoping to just have the microphone icon alone. --------------Solutions------------- Right click on taskbar, you should have something called Cortana or Search and the s

  • Spreadsort algorithm example [on hold]October 15

    What is the example of spread sort algorithm which is easy and short anyone give me the example of spread sort algorithm and help would be highly appreciated please give me its algorithm and not implementation.

  • Teamcity on EC2 - I can see it on EC2 instance, but not on my local machine

    Teamcity on EC2 - I can see it on EC2 instance, but not on my local machineOctober 15

    I have a teamcity server running on an EC2 instance. I have turned off the windows firewall on the EC2 machine, allowed all inbound and outbound traffic (see image) for the instance. I can ping the IP of the EC2 instance, but I cannot see the teamcit

  • Port forwarding to VPN clientOctober 15

    I have a router on Tomato (shibby) running an OpenVPN server (with TAP; interface is tap21 on the router). Various resources (including some workstations) are physically connected to eth0 on this router. I have another physical device across the coun

  • Are Lifetime VPNs a scam? [on hold]October 15

    I have recently come across a number of advertisements for "Lifetime VPN's", which strike me as being at an absurdly low price, for example one for an average of $20 (but you can get it for $1 by paying what you want), $15, $39. While I accept a

  • Making a personal phone server to act like that of a calling card system [on hold]October 15

    I am looking to setup a small system at my house (with two phone lines). I want to be able to call the number, and for it to ask me for a pin number (to verify that it is me), then ask me for an outgoing number. Once I dial the outgoing number, it wi

  • Is it possible to exit from Ranger (file explorer) back to command prompt - but retaining Rangers current directory?October 15

    I am using Ranger terminal file explorer from within a linux terminal. Say I start from command prompt in home directory and launch ranger [email protected]/home/user $ ranger ranger opens..... and within the ranger program I explore to: /media/ubuntu/sdf675d7sf

  • Ethernet devices over wifiOctober 15

    I have a CCTV DVR which communicates over standard ethernet or LAN, a TP-LINK wifi router and a computer. I want to access the video data from the DVR through the wifi of the router without internet. I am new to networking. Can anyone give me a solut

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