• Upgrading an Ubuntu localrepo from trusty to xenialMay 27

    Please forgive my ignorance as I am new to Ubuntu. I have created a local repository of Trusty using apt-mirror. My question is how to upgrade this repo to Xenial? Also in the mirror.list file how to limit the download of deb-src files to amd64 only.

  • Ubuntu 14.04: Firefox automatically uses bold and small fonts for gmail and google websites. Please assistMay 27

    I have tried resetting and reinstalling the fonts package, but the firefox fonts remain the same. looks like verdana bold and too small to read. Kindly assist.

  • Cannot reinstall Ubuntu 14.04May 27

    After doing some changes regarding graphics in the additional driver section from the System Settings I encountered a problem just after I rebooted. The System is running in low graphics mode. Now I went through the different solutions to this. But i

  • Ubuntu is not detecting WiFiMay 27

    I have recently installed ubuntu 14.04 alongside windows 8.1 but after installation ubuntu does not detect WiFi while windows does. I am using Lenovo Z51-70 laptop. Please mention whatever data you require in comments. --------------Solutions--------

  • How to install EPSON L220 printer and scanner in XUbuntu 14.04May 27

    i got the issue to install in XUbuntu, i try to find by the Printers, but i didnt found. The printer i got is EPSON L220 in the webpage say Epson EcoTank L220, can help me how to install? or how to upgrade the list EPSON? This is a printer and Scanne

  • How do I install UglifyCSS?May 27

    I have uglifyjs, it works great. I want to get uglifycss going, but I'm running into problems. I don't remember how I installed uglifyjs, but uglifycss wants to use npm. So I installed npm: apt-get install npm Then installed uglifycss: npm install ug

  • How to use a particular gnome-terminal profile like (base-16-default-dark) every time I start a new terminal?

    How to use a particular gnome-terminal profile like (base-16-default-dark) every time I start a new terminal?May 27

    I would like to use Base-16-default-dark base16 color scheme profile for my newly start terminals. Right now every time i open a new terminal it get loaded with default color scheme and i have to change the color scheme manually from gui (edit|profil

  • Can't get Nvidia graphics to work on LubuntuMay 26

    I have a laptop with an Nvidia GeForce 8400m GT. As of now, all of the windows lag when I drag them or scroll. The desktop resolution also doesn't match the display's. I went to "Additional Drivers" and installed the 340.96 binary, then rebooted

  • Remove online account from evolutionMay 26

    I am using Evolution for my company mail account and I have a GMail account. I am using GMail Notify Gnome extension, which notifies me if I have unread messages in my GMail account. GMail Notify requires online account to be setup in GNome in order

  • lagging when open foreground application ubuntu 14.04

    lagging when open foreground application ubuntu 14.04May 26

    i have problem with performance on ubuntu 14.04 64 bit (fresh install), when i finished install ubuntu on my computer, its look fine but after while its so laggy, i check the process (with top) some process takes lot of cpu (200% up) but that problem

  • how to install ubuntu server 12.04 through netboot using pxeMay 26

    I have ubuntu server 12.04 installed as server. Also tftp server, dhcp3-server, syslinux and apache were installed on it. There are lots of clients which I am trying to install ubuntu server 12.04 on them through local network. I used nfs to install

  • XFCE for a Chromebook, password problemMay 26

    So when I was setting up the Linux platform of xfce4 on my computer I did not set a password, as I hadn't realize you can't see the typing, so now anytime that I try to change the password, I cannot, as it asks for an old password, but does not accep

  • E: The method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/ could not be foundMay 26

    To setup a local repository i did the following steps There are 4 steps to setting up a simple repository for yourself 1.Install dpkg-dev 2.Put the packages in a directory 3.Create a script that will scan the packages and create a file apt-get update

  • Desktop recovery for Ubuntu 12.04May 26

    I am using Ubuntu 12.04. Recently I written a script to rename all the files in the Desktop. My script went wrong. All folders were renamed, but all the files in the desktop were deleted. How do I recover the deleted files that were only deleted from

  • Can't connect to hostapd hotspot - Password LoopMay 26

    I have a Linksys router that I've set to use Mixed B/G Mode, WPA2 Personal, and AES, and I'm trying to replicate that setup on a single-board computer running hostapd so that I can eliminate a box from a portable system that I'm building. (that compu

  • Installed Ubuntu on a USB and got some unwanted resultsMay 26

    So, I wanted to install Ubuntu on a simple usb drive but it also installed grub2 on my system (which I didn't want) and now all hells broke loose. Apparently, it set the USB as dev/sda and my default windows as dev/sda2. How do I switch this around s

  • JDK related error while installing gitMay 26

    I was installing git on my ubuntu 14.04 with terminal command apt-get install git, but following logs was output showing that there may be something wrong with JDK, but I do have install jdk on my system. Can anyone give me some suggenstion about thi

  • Not able to run perf on linux 4.4 kernel

    Not able to run perf on linux 4.4 kernelMay 26

    I'm not able to run perf on linux 4.4 kernel version. I'm using ubuntu 15.10. I have also installed linux-tools specific for this kernel. But when I try to run perf from the terminal I'm getting this error: Am I doing something wrong here?

  • Squid isn't blocking files by extensionMay 25

    The squid server actually blocks the url's that end in one of my denied file extensions e.g"png", BUT when I try to download the "preview" image that google shows(the same png image), the download is done with no problem. I don't know

  • Why is using two different network interfaces not working for me?May 25

    Question I am trying to set up Transmission to run only over OpenVPN and the rest of my traffic over my regular internet connection. I am using iptables to do this based on the process owner as described here. At this point, I can either get all of m

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