• diff two files and overwrite the larger?March 28

    This might be a strange question but... How can I diff two folders and overwrite (bidirectional or one directional, It doesn't matter) the larger of the two over the other if the same filename is present in the two folders?

  • Is it possible to count a text string inside a cellMarch 28

    In Excel 2003, is it possible to count the number of commas in a cell containing the text. For example cell A1 contains the text a,b,c,d,e,f, In cell A2 I would like to display the number of commas present in A1, that is 6 --------------Solutions----

  • Does viber share my messages and photos with third parties or is just my personal infoMarch 28

    Does viber have the key to decrypt our messages and photos sent through viber? They claim that they use The state of art encryption and messages are secured. Also they says that when ever we send photos through the app, once they are downloaded to th

  • How to concatenate a range of cellsMarch 28

    In Excel 2003, is there a way to combine values in a cell range, with a comma separator in between, without typing the individual cell references for example concatenate A86:A90 and concatenate A193:A198 with comma separator between each individual c

  • Combine many txt files to 1 txt file containing each file name at the end of each data content of each fileMarch 28

    I have many files in .txt, and each file contains many data in the same format. In each file, each data are separated by "enter". I want to combine all txt file into one file with each file name at the end of each data. Example: if I have below

  • Win7: How to pin batch file to quick launch sub-menu

    Win7: How to pin batch file to quick launch sub-menuMarch 28

    I've pinned MT PuTTY to my quick launch (QL) bar. I have an associated .cmd file (which sets up my keys using Pageant.exe) that I've been able to pin to the MT PuTTY icon in the QL bar, such that right clicking on the MT PuTTY icon shows me a sub-men

  • how many times HDD can be formatted?March 28

    MY friend told me that even when you format a HDD some file still remains there in compressed form in the heap . So, eventually at one point our memory gets full with those compressed file. I don't understand??? But if I guess then ,How a recovery to

  • Backpack for the Asus ROG G752VTMarch 28

    First of, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, if it isn't, please let me know in which StackExchange site it should go. I'm trying to get a bag for my Asus ROG G752VT laptop, and from what I read online, these two bags would work: h

  • upgrade controller to SATA 3March 27

    my laptop (Dell 5537) has one SATA-3 connection and a SATA-2 DVD reader/writer. I've removed the DVD and placed an extra HDD in its place. So now I have a SSD in SATA-3 port and a HDD in SATA-2 DVD port (using an adapter of course). Is there any chan

  • How to run .jar fileMarch 27

    I am currently running Windows 10 and am trying to open several installer .jar files for a game. In order to open the, I downloaded Java as that seems to be the most straight-forward way to do so. However, I am unable to actually "open" Java, I

  • Possible that a USB hub with a power adapter can't use a (2-TB) external hdd?March 27

    According to a review on Newegg, a HooToo USB 3.0, 7 Port Hub with 2 Smart Charging Ports is not able to power an external 2-TB WD My Passport 0748 hdd. That hub has a 12V/5A Power Adapter!!! what the heck? If a USB Hub has a power adapter, is there

  • Safety of local network over VPNMarch 27

    I have a Linux machine in a local network that uses an OpenVPN connection to reach the outside world. However, I know nothing about the VPN server itself and therefore I assume that whoever operates it can have malicious intentions. The Linux machine

  • chkdisk on Windows7: MFT Bitmap Attribute is Incorrect

    chkdisk on Windows7: MFT Bitmap Attribute is IncorrectMarch 27

    I ran chkdisk on my misbehaving Dell Vostro Laptop's C: (NTFS) from the command line in Safe mode and it shows: The Master File Table's Bitmap Attribute is incorrect. The Volume Bitmap is incorrect. What do these usually mean? Are these signs of impe

  • How do I map the keys on a USB audio device to volume controls?March 27

    I don't have PulseAudio. I've been learning/tinkering with Alsa to setup USB device and effectively replace Pulseaudio with the configs. When the USB device is connected and I want to play through it, a run a little script that writes the following l

  • Is virtualbox a virus? March 27

    This question already has an answer here: Can a virus from a VirtualBox VM affect the host computer? 7 answers I know a lot of people have asked this before, but I just wanted to clarify, because when I was in my virtual desktop, and I went on a site

  • How to configure HAProxy on Amazon Linux AMI with SSL/TLS PassthroughMarch 27

    I'm trying to configure an Amazon Linux AMI instance that has an Elastic IP to act as Proxy to a standalone backend server. I'm trying to do HTTPS TCP Passthrough only but I can't get it to work! ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED! defaults mode tcp log global

  • arguments print after logging in vis SSHMarch 27

    I just setup my old home computer as a server via ubuntu. When I SSH into it I get these logs that print. These don't exist in my ~/.bashrc file and I don't know how to get rid of them. Any thoughts? Thanks. Last login: Sat Feb 20 23:19:48 2016 from

  • Awstats showing my own ipMarch 26

    My eCommerce Website Awstats showing my own IP Address with 3500 Hits. and i never visited my own website 4-5 times a day. how is that possible what issue i need to check and how to solve this. I have updated antivirus installed on my system

  • Getting SSL to work on Django projectMarch 26

    I'm trying to get my Django website to move entirely to https (currently it's solely http). The webserver is nginx (reverse proxy) and gunicorn. However, even after correctly installing SSL, opening port 443 and tweaking my nginx virtual host file, I

  • Trying to execute a script with pam authenticationMarch 26

    I want to be able to execute a custom script when pam does the authentication but I get an error out that I can't seem to pass: Feb 20 17:39:47 DC03R07DS25-08 sockd[2874]: pam_exec(sockd:auth): send password to child Feb 20 17:39:47 DC03R07DS25-08 so

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