• Deploying Openstack production setup through puppet modulesFebruary 25

    I have a puppet-foreman environment and want to deploy open-stack cloud setup through it. Any good reference? I have a rough idea of setting up foreman host-groups for each open-stack node types such as compute , network , and storage etc and grab th

  • Clustered - Image Server [on hold]February 25

    Till now, I never got deep into the media serving environment as I was always working on data servlets or web page servers not enought big to scale out from a server or relaying on external services. I got the following request from a client that wan

  • AWS Opsworks Chef 12 custom deployFebruary 25

    I'm currently trying to get my head around chef for use with AWS Opsworks. I've created a cookbook that successfully installs everything I need to configure my server (Apache, PHP etc.), but then when I come to deploy my app nothing gets deployed. I'

  • Hardware boot sequence [on hold]February 25

    Good day. Where can I find some information on hardware boot sequence (BIOS/UEFI level)? Is there any way to monitor this process? Thanks in advance.

  • OpenDNS: got insecure response; parent indicates it should be secureFebruary 25

    I'm using Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS on following system: [email protected]:~# uname -a Linux ubuntu-1gb-nyc2-01 3.13.0-77-generic #121-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jan 20 10:50:42 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux [email protected]:~# and I'm seeing a l

  • openvpn multiple bridged connectionsFebruary 25

    Have problem connecting several physical network segments using openvpn, please help. Have network that consists of 3 segments: First one: 172.16.2 with linux router that has an internet access and openvpn server installed. o

  • Remotely Connecting to RedshiftFebruary 25

    I'm trying to connect to Redshift from home using psql and am getting the "could not connect to server: Operation timed out" error. This only happens while I am away from the office (it works when I'm there). However, I'm connected to our VPN an

  • Using HAProxy on a single serverFebruary 25

    I'm trying to make my web app faster and planning to install HAProxy on same droplet. My current setup is : Laravel on Apache, MySQL, PHP 5.5.9, OpCache, PageSpeedMod. Installing and using HAProxy will improve my performance (speed or server load) ?

  • How do I set up multiple displays for a single computer over ethernetFebruary 24

    Currently I have 4 computers in separate rooms, connected through ethernet. It is a dental clinic and those computers are used to plug in some equipment via usb. I was wondering if it would be possible to have just one computer, and multiple displays

  • Docker and nested VolumesFebruary 24

    I am trying to dockerize a web-application. It requires PHP, thus I use richarvey/nginx-php-fpm As the web-app stores configuration data into the web-root, the web-root must be persistent. Thus, I opted to create a volume for the web-root: ./smartvis

  • SBS 2008 Bare Bone RestoreFebruary 24

    Trying to do a Mock restore for SBS on a test machine. The machine does not see the Western Digital Essentials hard drive as a valid restore. The Drive is seen if I try to Install the OS, so I know the drivers are loaded. Was the drive removed improp

  • Apache2 access logs suspicious, what kind of attack is thisFebruary 24

    Essentially I have a webcam set up at home to record movement, and I set up a basic Apache server so that I can externally access said videos stored. The server is running on my laptop and I have port fowarded the laptops ip to port 80, I then set up

  • nginx php-fpm7 - blank screenFebruary 24

    I try to setup nginx + php-fpm with this nginx.conf: http://pastebin.com/52pFEWqT But I see blank screen in browser and in php fpm outut - 20/Feb/2016:17:07:18 +0000 "- " 200 Can you help to fix it?

  • Server certificate verification fails only on UbuntuFebruary 24

    I just encountered a very strange problem. After installing a clean Debian and Ubuntu virtual machine, I tried to clone a git repo to it (not on Github or such). On Debian it works, but Ubuntu throws the following error: server certificate verificati

  • Owner of screen sessionFebruary 24

    When I logged in a server and issue a 'screen -list' commands it gives the following result - 31917.pts-5.office (Detached) 31844.pts-0.office (Detached) But it is sometimes important to know who has start the screen session - eg.- as system admin ma

  • SSH RDP Tunnel and Port ConnectionFebruary 24

    Tried doing some research but can't really figure out the solution (or how to troubleshoot further) for this problem. Objective and Reasoning for setting this up: SSH Tunnel RDP from work to home computer. At work, most ports are blocked, but I am ab

  • How to maintain ssh connection for multiple scp transfers?February 24

    I'm using the scp command to copy files from my local machine (ArchLinux) to my server (CentOS 6.5). But for each scp command a new connection is established and although I'm using SSH keys for authentication the proccess is taking to much time. So,

  • Postfix: How to check from what script the message has been sent?February 23

    Does postfix know the origin script that sent the email somehow? Is it possible to track the web scripts that sent the email? I am on a web farm having sites A, B, C. Site A has scripts a.php, site B has b.py, and site C has c.pl script. These script

  • snmpwalk not seeing mibsFebruary 23

    Having a strange problem using Ubuntu 15.10. Yesterday I had to do a reboot due to a system update, and after the reboot 2 of the MIBs I use - LM-SENSORS-MIB and UCD-DISKIO-MIB do not work in snmpwalk. I can still find the OID with snmptranslate, and

  • Are there any specific tools for troubleshooting Domain Controller & Client connectivity?February 23

    I am setting up a test rig on Amazon Web Services comprising of 2 web servers, 1 database server and 1 domain controller. All the servers are Windows Server 2012. I have had random occurrences of the web servers losing trust with the domain controlle

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