• creating a prepared statement to save values to a databaseOctober 23

    Im trying to create a prepared statement so that when i click a button it saves a users username and password to a database for them to be able to login. But i have no idea how to do this. Any pointers? Below is my code: public class Register extends

  • ZeroMQ Subscriber filtering on multipart messagesOctober 23

    With ZeroMQ pubsub model, is it possible for a subscriber to filter based on contents of more than just the first frame? For example, if we have a multi-frame message that contains three frames 1) data type, 2) instrument, and then 3) the actual data

  • C# mydiv.InnetHTML="dd" workd perfrctlly fine- however when include JQuery is does NOT PLEASE?October 23

    simple code like : ... divpp.InnerHtml = "ss"; } I can see that on view page source BUT when Include the JQuery files ( JS) I cant see that!!! PLEASE ANYONE CAN HELP with no java script ?

  • How to run number statements as sequence with javascript?October 23

    I am trying to running some statements as sequence with javascript and wrote this codes but did not work.Please advice clearInterval(r3).done(function() { document.getElementsByClassName("progress-bar")[0].style.display = "none"; docum

  • How to pick the item that has been selected from an array?October 23

    So I have this website that has a live search that displays different shoes from tag names. I wanted to put it so that when I click on one shoe it shows a certain division on the right side of the screen of the shoe category. But because there will b

  • dictionary.Add gives me a riplicate of the last object added C#October 23

    i'm trying to add an object type data to my dictionary but in the end i find only riplicat of a single object here is my code while (!rst.EOF) { Data d = Read(rst) as Data; MapToObject.Add(d.Id, d); rst.MoveNext(); } at the end MapToObject contains a

  • IE8 page error is triggered when clicking selectBooleanCheckboxOctober 23

    I get this error in the bottom bar of the IE8 page: Message: Unexpected Call To Method Or Property Access Line: 25 Character: 53945 Code: 0 URI:

  • how to use a button for mdal and onclickOctober 23

    i have a button and i want when i click it open modal and do something, my aspx page: <asp:Button ID="btnshow" runat="server" data-toggle="modal" data-target="#myModalRapidAdd" Text="show" OnClick="

  • Why does the diagram show 2 link between LAN switches

    Why does the diagram show 2 link between LAN switchesOctober 23

    The diagram below shows a typical enterprise LAN using ethernet and wireless LAN access points. Each LAN switch on each floor connects to a centralized distribution switch. The question is why are there 2 links between each switch and the SWD.

  • WebSphere Liberty reports that it is already running when I try to start it, but it is reporting that it is stopped when I try to stop itOctober 22

    Virtual machine with WebSphere Liberty was restarted while serverX created on that WebSphere Liberty was still running. After machine was restarted serverX was not turned on. So it is definitely not working. There are no logs and appl

  • Laravel Elixir - Gulp watch not finishing until terminal gets focusOctober 22

    I am using Laravel Elix and Gulp (on Windows 8) to combine and compile my Angular.js and SCSS files. Se the code bellow: var elixir = require('laravel-elixir'); require('./tasks/angular.task.js'); require('./tasks/bower.task.js'); require('laravel-el

  • Entity Framwork {"Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.\r\nParameter name: name"}October 22

    HI I am getting error when i try to save data to the table [ir].[InspectionQCExceptionRuleConfig] {"Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.\r\nParameter name: name"} I am not sure why, i have been trying to save data. but i am a

  • Translate SQL to LINQ, using CASE WHEN with SUM Inside and also using LEFT OUTER JOINOctober 22

    Hello i need translate the SQL query to Linq, using CASE WHEN and SUM with LEFT OUTER JOIN also, but i have problems =s, code below: SELECT IOP.Numero_OP, IOP.Tarefa, IOP.Identificação, IOP.codpro,dbo.[Produtos em Estoque].Descri ,IOP.Patrimônio, IOP

  • Unfortunately App stopeed in androidOctober 22

    I have created app and that's running well. All the Activity is working fine.But at the last I am adding SplashActivity , LoginActivity and RegisterActivity. that will give me below , I search question on SO. But nothing work for me. The Error occure

  • Chrome Web Dev Tools not showing up on Mac OXS 10.11.2October 22

    Since two days the Chrome Dev Tools stopped working. I opened/closed Chrome. I restarted my MacBook but nothing worked. I tried to open the Chrome Dev Tools and no window is opening. I tried to solve it with the following trick: [1] but I don't have

  • How to Create java annotation methods in latest cordova version (above 5.0.0)October 22

    How to create JavaScript Annotation methods in java in Cordova latest version, How to access these methods in javascript @JavascriptInterface public String getservice_id() { String service_id= mGap.getString(R.string.service_id); return service_id; }

  • Why cannot I cast com object in c#?October 22

    The source code: IMoniker moniker; int hresult = NativeMethods.CreateFileMoniker(kFileName, out moniker); IBindCtx pbc; NativeMethods.CreateBindCtx(0, out pbc); Object obj; Guid guid = new Guid(); guid = typeof(GraphicsLibrary.IPolyline).GUID; monike

  • Custom Google MakersOctober 21

    not the best coder in the world but Im currently have an Issue getting google markers to display custom images depending on the type. I have had it working in the past that only had one image for all the markers. map.php var map, infoWindow = new goo

  • Add pin(not marker) to google map Android

    Add pin(not marker) to google map AndroidOctober 21

    How to add a pin(not a marker)to the google map in android? I know how to add a marker, something like this: map.addMarker(new MarkerOptions() .position(new LatLng(lastLocation.getLatitude(), lastLocation.getLongitude())) .title(getString(R.string.st

  • my textarea doesn't return to an TinyMCE editor MVCOctober 21

    I have installed tinyMCE in my MVC project. After upgrade tinyMCE to 4.3.4 it doesn't transform my textarea into TinyMCE editor field. My View @Html.TextAreaFor(model => model.ArticleContent) My class [AllowHtml] [UIHint("tinymce_full_compressed&q

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