• How to assign elevation values to contours derived from a raster elevation file

    How to assign elevation values to contours derived from a raster elevation fileDecember 12

    I extracted contours from a raster elevation file (SRTM). The contour layer does not contain elevation values. How can I use qgis to assign elevation values to the contour layer? Is there a better way to obtain contours with elevation values? I perfo

  • parsing html code with python December 12

    I have many rows in a database that contains xml and I'm trying to write a Python script that will go through those rows and count how many instances of a particular node attribute show up. For instance, my tree looks like: <foo> <bar> <typ

  • Creating DEM from las file without using Lastools

    Creating DEM from las file without using LastoolsDecember 12

    I want to create a ground model from a *.las file. The LAStools are available in QGIS but limited in use (generation of black diagonal in result file), so I can't use this. In the GRASS tools I can find the tools v.lidar.edgedetection, v.lidar.growin

  • Downloading NOAA AVHRR NDVI using RDecember 12

    I am using this code to automatically download NDVI data from 1981-2013.The code is provided here Gimmis packageThe data is available here NDVI Data. However after running it shows that data has been downloaded but nothing in the download folder. Wha

  • Connecting dbf to shp

    Connecting dbf to shpDecember 12

    How to join and display .shp lines with values in .dbf I've got a shapefile lines with ID attribute and .dbf with values which corresponds do ID. Every value in dbf is in different record. I want to style lines and display label using these values fr

  • How To save Geo-Tiff image in PostgresSQL?December 12

    I have a Geotiff image, which I want to load into a PostgreSQL database. Currently I am using the command line code : raster2pgsql -I -C -e -Y -F -s 26986 -t 128x128 -l 2,4 C:\Users\Digital-Globe-Quickbird\pyramids_geotiff.tif public.boston | psql -U

  • QGIS 2.12.3. What is the best way to show antenna symbols on the map: symbols or features (polygones)

    QGIS 2.12.3. What is the best way to show antenna symbols on the map: symbols or features (polygones)December 12

    I want to show the cellular network on the map. Input data is scv file where each string is cellular sector. The attributes are: sector id, its coordinates, its azimuth and an angle of antenna beamwidth. Antenna beamwidth values is in range of 30 to

  • Deleting Oracle SDE features classes properlyDecember 12

    I have got a few feature classes in an SDE connection. This is the situation: a) They are listed in ArcCatalog, but the open fails. The message says: 'Error opening feature class, DBMS table not found [ORA-04043: object XXX does not exist]' b) Obviou

  • 500 Internal Server Error:System.InvalidOperationException: Missing parameter: settlementlocationcodeDecember 12

    Here I'm trying to bind the data from database to table for selected features within the user entered buffer distance. This is working for simple query, but it doesn't work for query using PostGIS function it shows the error: likeSystem.InvalidOperat

  • Unable to connect ArcGIS Server - Error: Proxy server got bad address from remote server

    Unable to connect ArcGIS Server - Error: Proxy server got bad address from remote serverDecember 11

    This is my problem. anybody know how to solve this? We were unable to connect to ... Error: Proxy server got bad address from remote server (verify ther server is running).

  • Using polygons made by Generate Service Areas as input feature class in ModelBuilder?December 11

    In ModelBuilder, I used "generate service areas" tool and made service area polygons. I want to use them as input feature and connect to other geoproccessing tool, but I cannot. Service area polygons remains as white and I get: Error Message 000

  • how to stop the marker from dragging?December 11

    i'm making a form that read the data from the map and put it in an input field to be inserted to database , the latitude and longitude were taken perfectly and inserted will but my problem is with the address , my code is like that the script : <scri

  • Import vector PDF into MapInfoDecember 11

    Is it possible to import a PDF with vector layers into MapInfo as vector layers? If yes, how would I go about doing this? --------------Solutions------------- Well, not directly but it could be done with some workarounds in terms of format conversion

  • Printing MXD files name using ArcPy gives AssertionError: Invalid MXD filename?December 11

    I try to print all the MXD files name. The MXD files located in one directory (which is divided into folders and sub folders). Also in the sub folders there are MXD files. I work with this code: import arcpy,os,sys,fnmatch from arcpy import env rootP

  • Wiring of a USB Y-ConnectorDecember 11

    Recently I bought an LG External DVD Writer that is TV compatible. But after a couple of times it stopped working on my Sony LED TV. It would start spinning, but stop after two seconds. This would go on and on. I assumed that it wasn't receiving enou

  • 48-bit memory in flat/matrix organization

    48-bit memory in flat/matrix organizationDecember 11

    I have received an assignment for a computer systems course to design a 48 bit memory with 3-bit words, 16 words, 4 address bits in flat design and 2 in matrix design) with the use of D-flip flops. I'm trying to figure out how to do the flat design b

  • Phase noise measurement with IQ mixer

    Phase noise measurement with IQ mixerDecember 11

    I have a question regarding a measurement scheme of phase noise that I'm trying to implement. The idea is that I have two identical signal generators (I actually do) that generate a sinusoidal voltage signal, say $$V(t) = V_a(t) cos(2 \pi \nu + \phi(

  • Order analysis, need helpDecember 11

    Hi fellow electronics enthusiasts. I'm currently working on vibration detection machine used to detect unbalance from a rotating shaft, rotating from 300-2500 Hz. I have both the tacho signal ( 1 PPR ) and the vibration from transducer. Now I'm reall

  • LT3845 SHDN pin behaviour

    LT3845 SHDN pin behaviourDecember 11

    I am understanding the working of a buck regulator LT3845 from linear tech. The datasheet is - here. My doubt pertains to the SHDN pin on the IC. The SHDN pin is connected to the Vcc via a voltage divider and requires approx 1.2-1.3V to turn the IC o

  • Running 3.3V MCU from LIR2032 Lithium-ion button cellDecember 11

    Background I wish to power my circuit with a Lithium-ion battery LIR2032 (around 40 mAh capacity). These batteries have a voltage that goes from 4.2V to 3V typically during their discharge cycle. My circuit (running at 3.3V) has a maximum current req

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