• IPv6 DNS Connectivity through IPv6April 25

    My clients are using IPv4 in the USA. Their ISP is not ready for IPv6 yet. My public web server is on only IPv6. It is registered with a DNS Provider(GoDaddy) that is IPv4 and IPv6 enabled. Can my customers reach my web server? --------------Solution

  • PackageKit version issue after upgrading from fc21 - fc22 - fc23April 25

    I'm trying to build a package using jhbuild and when I run sysdeps --install it runs through and tries to install things using PackageKit. When it does this it shows for example, llvm-devel;3.5.0-6.fc21;x86_64;updates, but I'm no longer on fc21 and i

  • Getting 404 error with a new CNAME RRApril 25

    Our server is authoritative for "example.com". If someone puts in example.com in a web browser, we need it to redirect to domain2.com. Since you cant have a CNAME RR for the root zone name, I tried to point www for example.com to domain2.com, as

  • Raspberry Pi iptables not working without active eth0 April 25

    I just work on a AcessPoint, hosted from my Raspberry Pi B+. When a cable is plugged in on the eth0 adapter it all works fine. If someone connect to my AP, they will be redirected to the webserver, like a captive portal. If they want to go to a websi

  • equivalent to "Cloud Services" in new Azure portal?April 25

    I am really confused about how you can create the equivalent to "Cloud Services" in the new Azure Portal? In my understanding, Cloud Services is only a "Classic" feature now. In the new Azure Portal, I want to create a virtual network

  • Update grep on UbuntuApril 25

    I currently have grep version 2.21 on my system and I would like to upgrade to version >= 2.5. Other than installing grep through source code, is there a method to update grep using Ubuntu (apt) package manager?

  • Ensure that no console sessions are left logged in (Linux)April 25

    On a Linux system with bash as a default shell, I want to configure automatic logout with the following criteria: Console sessions (VGA, serial, remote KVM, etc.) are logged out after a specified period of time Console sessions are logged out even wh

  • letting anonymous users use a form to send emails as if it is from their own mailboxes without getting flagged as spamApril 25

    I am working on a project for an environmental NGO. They want to let users use a form on their website, provide their name, their email address and select certain emails from a list to send complaints or other contents to city council members or clea

  • Cannot open config file when installing nagiosApril 24

    When trying to setup nagios, I'm running into some errors. Error: Cannot open config file '/usr/local/nagios/etc/hosts.cfg ;new file added ' for reading: No such file or directory Error processing object config files! One or more problems was encount

  • CentOS 6.7 HA Cluster with 2 Nodes, No shared storage, No physical fence deviceApril 24

    My attempts in realizing the setup in the question didnt produce any results over 3 full days' of research and trying. The HA services necessary are Apache which serves numerous virtual hosts each from its own user account, MySQL which serves in the

  • pass du (disk usage) result to a numeric variable [on hold]April 24

    In a shell script, I'm looking for a way to pass the du (disk usage) result to a numeric variable, so that I tie the execution of a shell script to the size of a specific folder. I've tried something like size=$(du -sh /folder) but this passes an alp

  • Is it possible to split an active subnet in aws?April 24

    I created a VPC thinking I wouldn't need subnets. I just gave the vpc a CIDR range like I then created a subnet which matches that exactly. Low and behold RDS requires it's own subnet. What happens if I delete the existing subnet and r

  • Software load balancer times out connection to upstream servers, refuses to failover?April 24

    We have two software load balancers (using keepalived 1.2.13 and a virtual ip to failover between the two), proxying traffic via nginx 1.8.1 to three upstream app servers (each hosting a nodejs web application that runs continuously as an upstart job

  • ran out of tcp udp portsApril 24

    How to resolve a Windows or Linux system that runs of tcp/udp ports on a single server? I have over around 65000 tcp/udp ports being used on a single server as a result of SQL connections, user connections for users to connect to the internet, and ac

  • How to setup nmap ping count?April 24

    I need an arp-ping tool for windows Tried arp-ping http://www.elifulkerson.com/projects/arp-ping.php. Source address specification did not work in this tool. Then I came across nmap. -PR option suits my needs and it works. My arp ping example command

  • How do I load VMDK backups into a VMWare server?April 24

    It's a long story, but one of my VMs ended up not being backed up through Veeam, but we DO have the raw nvram, vm*, and log files. It appears that I need to load it onto our ESXi server's datastore. However, I've not been able to find a way with vSph

  • ESXI 6.0 system disk boot failureApril 24

    My Poweredge 2950 running esxi 6.0 has worked for a long time. Running raid5 on 4 2TB disks. And one 1TB for system and VM. First I notised that I could't open console on my VM's. After a reboot some VM's did not start. Datastore1 (1TB system disk) w

  • ansible not running handlers from included rolesApril 24

    I'm trying to run notify on a handler in the same role and that role is being included as a dependency. Here's my playbook [email protected]:/etc/ansible# cat monitor.yml --- - hosts: local connection: local become: yes become_user: root roles: - common -

  • MS Active Directory with Google AuthenticatorApril 23

    I am currently designing our new internal IT services, including IAM and e-mail. We currently use more or less no IAM or single sign-on solution. We have a WordPress based website, postfix + dovecot based mail server with separate MySQL user database

  • Why does it take so long to install the openSuse operating system?April 23

    I'm investigating the logistics of migrating to another production server using a new operating system (currently on CentOS). The candidates are Debian, Ubuntu, and openSuse. Virtualbox was used to test the install and a windows manager wasn't instal

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