• Using \foreach inside a draw command using TIKZ

    Using \foreach inside a draw command using TIKZSeptember 29

    I'm brand new to using \foreach but not coding in general. Following the code in answer number 40 of this example: How to draw tangent line of an arbitrary point on a path in TikZ How can I properly condense the tangent=0.x, list in the draw statemen

  • Chamfered Rectangle and Minimum Text Height

    Chamfered Rectangle and Minimum Text HeightSeptember 29

    pgf/tikz: I am trying to create a hexagon with a fixed height . Using the chamfered Rectangle. I can turn the rectangle into a hexagon, but when I try to apply the minimum height option it seems to interfere with setting the xsep. Does anyone know a

  • CV Address with Photo alignment

    CV Address with Photo alignmentSeptember 29

    I have a problem regarding to my resume alignment. I want to show my address at top left of the CV and at top right show my photo. Here is a code snippet: \begin{document} \thispagestyle{empty} % this page has no header \name{john smith\\[12pt]} \vsp

  • Beamer : several \input filesSeptember 28

    A would like to make several lectures, and I had organized the main file as follow : %\includeonlylecture{gestion} %\includeonlylecture{gerer} %\includeonlylecture{tech_agri} I had commented all the lines here above. \begin{document} \lecture [La lég

  • Is there a way to render the name of a part on both sides of the page for the book documentclass?

    Is there a way to render the name of a part on both sides of the page for the book documentclass?September 28

    Is there a way to render the name of a part on both sides of a page for the book documentclass? Essentially, rather than displaying the inserted page for the part title with a blank back, I would prefer that both the front and back of this page are i

  • Why this table does not appear centered?

    Why this table does not appear centered?September 28

    \documentclass[landscape]{scrartcl} \usepackage{booktabs,array,enumitem,ragged2e} \newcommand{\tablistcommand}{% \leavevmode\par\vspace{-\baselineskip}% } \newlist{tabitemize}{itemize}{1} \setlist[tabitemize]{% leftmargin = * , label = \textbullet ,

  • \section*[toc]{normal section title} not working for me

    \section*[toc]{normal section title} not working for meSeptember 28

    for my thesis I want to have a section appear differently in the ToC than in the text. After googling a bit, I found \section[short]{long} as a proposed answer, but this does not seem to work for me. Here is a MnotWE: \documentclass[12pt,a4paper,reqn

  • Assign custom fontfamily to setmonofont

    Assign custom fontfamily to setmonofontSeptember 28

    Is there an easier way instead of writing those commands twice? \newfontfamily\codefont[ Scale=MatchLowercase, Path = fonts/] {Inconsolata-dz} \setmonofont[ Scale=MatchLowercase, Path = fonts/] {Inconsolata-dz} I'm having something like \setmonofont{

  • Using syscalls to read files - is this bad?September 28

    I have some (presumably stable) legacy C code that uses POSIX system calls to read binary files. It's nothing more than creat(), read(), and write(). The program doesn't sit close to the metal at all (it loads string data into memory), so it seems wr

  • ruby on rails running the rails consoleSeptember 28

    I am very new to using ruby on rails. I am following the Hartl tutorial and I'm trying to run the rails console, but when I type $ rails console I get a bunch of writing talking about gems and railties. I'm using the cloud IDE

  • How to implement a (truly) global variable in a Rails appSeptember 28

    How can I best implement a global counter in a Rails API app? (A central component in a system with several.) Basically I have a transaction id I need to increment and roll over past a maximum value. So it has some custom logic attached and needs to

  • How do you handle sequentiallity in API's?September 28

    Consider a use case of the form: The system shows a list of potential filters (by name, by creation time...). User chooses a filter and supplies necessary parameters. System shows a list of potential objects. User chooses a single object. System retu

  • Directly editing HTML on Wordpress theme [on hold]September 27

    I cannot figure out how to directly edit the code of wordpress theme. Can someone please give me step by step directions to do so.

  • Writing extensible versus deletable codeSeptember 27

    I know this might just be semantics, but reading the article titled Write code that is easy to delete, not easy to extend made me think that perhaps it is more or less along the same lines of creating code that is easy to maintain. Now whether it is

  • Easy web builders to write to tables in Cassandra [on hold]September 27

    I am new to programming. I have Cassandra tables set up and I needed advice from experts: what is the easiest (free) way to build a web page where user will input data and this will write to tables in Cassandra? If you could give me a list of web sit

  • Is there ever a reason to use variable variables in PHP rather than an array?September 27

    Is there any situation where an array is not suitable but a variable variable is? I cannot think of one or find one on any Stack Programmer Q&A. <?php $foo = array(); for($i = 0;$i < 3; $i++){ $foo[$i] = "bar ".$i; } var_dump($foo); //

  • Possible ways to return a new DataView object as a result of applying row filter criteria on an existing DataView objectSeptember 27

    Is it possible to filter rows on a DataView and have it return another DataView object instead of affecting the current DataView? Currently the RowFilter method filters the current DataView object and I can't get to the rows that were eliminated unti

  • Is there a reason for not using Javascript for direct database connection on a web site?September 27

    I am thinking about using Javascript for direct connection to our database server. I think I have solutions to all the possible problems about it. Security: Modern DB management systems support SSL connections (e.g. PostgreSQL). We can securely conne

  • What is the importance of WS-Addressing in SOAP?September 27

    I'm learning Web Services Addressing and SOAP, but I can't get the importance of WS-Addressing in SOAP. This is quoted from Wikipedia "standardized way of including message routing data within SOAP headers". As far as I understand that message r

  • Boolean flags in Presenters to control flow of executionSeptember 27

    I can see people use boolean flags, especially in Controllers / Presenters, to control the flow of execution. For example, public void onButtonClicked() { hasButtonClicked=true // code here } Then later, in an unrelated method, but still of the same

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