• Debian 8 - choppy soundMay 20

    I've installed both Debian 8 and Windows 7 on my pc. The thing is, Debian audio drivers produces really choppy sounds but Windows one. After trying some methods from google, I actually feel more frustrated. None of them works, just exactly like this

  • Audit source cant able to run auditdMay 19

    I have downloaded the audit-2.4.1-5.el7.src.rpm package, built, configured, performed make and make install steps. The auditd.service has been included in the systemd/system/ folder. Now, service auditd start service fails to start and throws an erro

  • Writing a content of a file to stdout from a different directoryMay 19

    I need to write the content of yourfile to stdout. The file is in a different directory that the current one. So lets say, right now I'm in a test1 directory and the yourfile is in ex1 directory. I need to write the content of yourfile to stdout. I t

  • Crontab task to execute every weekday from 22:00 to 0500May 19

    I have this listed in cron. */10 22-5 * * 1-5 /home/xfinity/Dropbox/take-pic.sh The script is ok. All permission. What could be wrong with it? --------------Solutions------------- Split the hour range to: */10 22-23,0-5 * * 1-5 /home/xfinity/Dropbox/

  • Physical location to another physical location [on hold]May 19

    I know the physical location of the data, now how to transfer this address to the storage device. --------------Solutions------------- Can you elaborate your concern ? If you want to move the data, you can use "mv" command in linux. check # man

  • Webdav access to /var/wwwMay 19

    Im trying to setup webdav to the /var/www directory on debian 8.4 I can setup webdav to access a subdirectory of /var/www such as /var/www/webdav but when i remove the directive from the apache conf file it doesnt seem to work. for example: Alias /we

  • Custom systemd process on debian slow to start upMay 19

    I'm setting up rtpproxy on a debian 8.3 server through the default package available in the repos. The package comes with the sysvinit script still, and I want to use a keepalive so I'm trying to set up a systemd service file. I'm borrowing from thei

  • Why is set-o errexit breaking this read/heredoc expression?May 19

    I have been using the pattern below for printing multiline messages to terminal in a bash script. read -d '' message <<- EOF this is a mulitline message EOF echo "$message" This has been working - until a couple of days ago the pattern jus

  • Does gotomeeting work with Ubuntu?May 19

    I have an interview in 2 days and I have been informed that the meeting will be through gotomeeting. I am using ubuntu 15.10, does it work ? or do I need to have the interview on a windows or a mac system.

  • Jre installation have no /usr/bin/java file?May 19

    I need to install a specific older version of JRE on a RedHat machine. So I downloaded jre-1_5_0_10-linux-i586.rpm and copied it into /opt/local. Then I ran sh ./jre-1_5_0_10-linux-i586-rpm.bin and finally I installed it using rpm -ivh jre-1_5_0_10-l

  • A loops that check if a file has odd linesMay 19

    So I need to do is make a for loop that loops through its command line argument treating them as names of files, and it would check that file and see if it has odd number of lines and if it does, it will output that file name. This is what I got so f

  • Java 1.6 despite installing Java 1.8May 19

    So, I downloaded and installed Eclipse C++ (Mars) on my Mac. When trying to run this application, I get a pop-up with the following message: Version 1.6 of the JVM is not suitable for this product. Required: JVM 1.7 or higher Ok, no problem. I have g

  • Connecting a keyboard and trackpad to iPad ProMay 18

    This might look like a weird question so let me explain properly first. I have built a special desk with a stand to hold an iPad Pro. My problem is that when the iPad is inside the stand, it is at a perfect angle for the user to watch the content on

  • Have VPN. Application routing Port on wrong IPMay 18

    Macbook Air 10.10.5 My Mac is connected via PureVPN client behind router. I do this simply because the application I use for work needs a port forwarding, and often times office network doesn't have port forwarding available for me (I travel to diffe

  • How to unlock my Apple ID account?May 18

    I was locked out of my Apple account for security reasons, but when I go to unlock m account via email I have no mail and it does not go through and it keeps asking me for my password. Help!

  • 2007 MacBook2 hard drive not workingMay 18

    I can't find a way to make my harddrive work on my MacBook it works with my toshiba. What could I be doing wrong?!?

  • Wrong Storage Space in ElCapitanMay 18

    I am running OS X EL Capitan (10.11.3) in my MBP and I have been trying to use BootCamp. Whenever I try to open the BootCamp it say you need at least 50GB free space. I have deleted many files (Emptied the Trash) but still the free space is same (43G

  • Disable Cmd + , in SafariMay 18

    I'm currently doing a lot of chemistry writing in Google Docs. Google Docs is great for it because Cmd + . formats as superscript and Cmd + , formats as subscript... both of which supersaturate chemical writings (fear not, that's my only pun). Supers

  • Hide Activate Plugin message until my condition is not trueMay 18

    Hi i am creating a custom plugin in which i am working on dependency. so i am using the following code . include_once(ABSPATH.'wp-admin/includes/plugin.php'); function sample_admin_notice__error() { $class = 'notice notice-error'; $message = __( 'Ins

  • Display Authors Selectively

    Display Authors SelectivelyMay 18

    can I check if it's possible to hide some of the authors and display them selectively? For example, I would like to display Jerrell Seah (no avatar shown) into one of the main 12 who have avatars. Thanks! p.s my code is below. global $wpdb; $authors

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