• Normalisation to 3NF

    Normalisation to 3NFJune 19

    I've been learning how to normalise data into a normalisation table and I'm struggling to get my head around this example question. I have this 'clinical record' card: Would anyone able to explain to me as to how to convert this into UNF and then to

  • The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object xp_availablemedia

    The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object xp_availablemediaJune 19

    One of my colleagues has Public role on SQL Management Studio but db_owner on a couple of DB. While trying to CREATE back-up, the following message pops up I have now added db_backupoperator on the DB, still the following error --------------Solution

  • Business Intelligence Development Studio installation for Visual studio 2010 problem

    Business Intelligence Development Studio installation for Visual studio 2010 problemJune 19

    I want to install Business intelligence Development studio for doing report in vs2010. However in my installation process, I cannot find BIDS in the feature selection. What I have done is; installed Visual studio 2010 upgrade Visual Studio 2010 to VS

  • what is correct way of adding a user in admin with role userAdminAnyDatabase doing upgrade to 2.6June 18

    Actually , I am running a mongodb 2.4 with auth enabled and wants to upgrade to 2.6 well instructions in upgarde 2.6 says.. that Before beginning the upgrade process for a deployment that uses authentication and authorization: Ensure that at least on

  • Calculate Total Visits

    Calculate Total VisitsJune 18

    I am trying to write a query where I have to calculate number of visits for a customer by taking care of overlapping days. Suppose for itemID 2009 start date is 23rd and end date is 26th therefore item 20010 is between these days we will not add this

  • Problem seeing Table Diagrams after Downloading SQL Server 2014. Default Status?

    Problem seeing Table Diagrams after Downloading SQL Server 2014. Default Status? June 18

    I have recently set up SSDT for our developers to use. We enforce changes to our dev databases are made through SSDT by limiting the permissions that each developers has when connected to the server (db_datareader, db_datawriter). Within SSDT we publ

  • SharePoint 2013 - Opening files while Web App is in Strict ModeJune 18

    My organization requires that SharePoint be in Strict mode for "Browser File Handling". However, there are a few file types that are allowed to be open directly. Is there a command that I can run to allow certain file types to be open directly f

  • How to Access Provider-Hosted App programmaticlyJune 18

    I have a (working) provider hosted app that mainly acts as a REST-Service (MVC5). I want to unit test my Rest-Controllers but can't find out how to give the right credentials. I already got the URL including crucial parameters the following way: priv

  • Sharepoint Workflow Email NotificationJune 18

    Am unable to insert a table and border to it into a sharepoint workflow body..When i try to do that the format of the table is changing.Is there a way to solve this? Thanks in advance

  • How to recover List Items from Recycle bin using Powershell by having item GuidJune 18

    With following code I have recycled list items and have stored item GUID in $DeletedItem: for($i=$ListItems.Count-1; $i -ge 0; $i--) { write-host "Deleted List Item with ID:$($ListItems[$i].ID)" $DeletedItem= $ListItems[$i].recycle() } I want to

  • changing width of text box in edit formJune 18

    I am using SP2013 & I am trying to create a new edit form using SharePoint designer 2013 in which I have tried to change the width of the textbox in which we enter the data to display such as title , description etc. but I am not able to change the w

  • Iterate through list items stored in array JavaScript

    Iterate through list items stored in array JavaScriptJune 18

    I am currently using SharePoint 2013 Online and I have some code which I am running to retrieve list items. I can successfully get the list items and store them in an array however I then need to iterate through each item in the array whilst at the s

  • Deploy a css file on {SharePointRoot}\Template\LAYOUTS\ using modulesJune 18

    I created a feature that contains a module and in the module I want to put a custom css file that will be deployed to the theme file in: {SharePointRoot}\Template\LAYOUTS\mytheme\css When I deploy the application I get an error because it will be dep

  • moving Pages Library items to arraylist or any collectionJune 17

    I want to move my pages library items to any collection e.g, Arraylist or any other collection, Is that possible? i want to do this because i want to delete and add again same CT (that pages library items are using ) from Pages Library, for this i wa

  • Web part with buttons like a listJune 17

    Using a web part to mimic a list, how do I create buttons New item and edit in a web part? These buttons should look and work exactly like in a list.

  • Web Part with New Item and Edit buttons like a listJune 17

    I am trying to build a visual web part that looks and behave like a list. A list with data is connected to the web part. So I need to display the data in the list and create the new item and edit buttons. The display part is done using gird view to d

  • update the attachment in the document library programaticallyJune 17

    i have A list and B document library . in the A list i have attachment field and once user adds an attachment it should go to the B document library . how can i do that . and i want to do it in my event receiver . using (SPSite SPSite = new SPSite(Co

  • SharePoint 2013 hiding ribbon control

    SharePoint 2013 hiding ribbon controlJune 17

    I have a requirement to hide the ribbon control from edit.aspx of a list. The control is the code i used in designer is $('#Ribbon\\.EditingTools\\.CPInsert\\.Media').hide(); asa first statement after document.ready. but this doesnt hide the control.

  • 'Working on it..' message displayed for several seconds after Modify View is clicked on lists and document libraries that were migrated via PowershellJune 17

    getting this error in our test environment after a site collection migration from dev to test via PowerShell. All servers are SharePoint 2013 on premise. Any help is much appreciated: 'Working on it..' message displayed for several seconds after Modi

  • Query Rule to promote SharePoint Sites in search result

    Query Rule to promote SharePoint Sites in search resultJune 17

    I'd like to promote sites in my search results, preferably using a query rule as described in this post https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/tothesharepoint/2013/10/03/how-to-change-the-order-in-which-search-results-are-displayed-in-sharepoint-server-

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