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Add email attachments by URL in CodeIgniter

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I tried this code to attach a file in CI. This is working:

$this->load->library('email'); $this->email->from([email protected]', 'vignesh'); $this->email->subject('Email Test with attachment'); $this->email->message('Testing the email class IN CODEIGNITER'); $this->email->attach('/path/to/attachment1.jpg'); $this->email->send(); 

But I want to attach a file from an external URL:



No, it isn't possible, you'll need to download the file first. Using Phil Sturgeon's cURL library for CodeIgniter you should be able to get the file

$img = $this->curl->simple_get('http://mydomain.in/path/to/attachment1.jpg');
$filename = basename($img);
write_file("./upload/path/" . $filename, $img);

and then include it


You could later build in caching to check if the file was already downloaded / exists so it doesn't need to fetch it again.

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