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Allow GeoServer WFS request by featureID

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I'm not able to use the featureID parameter in a WFS URL request for my dataset on GeoServer.



The above URL returns ONE feature because i have appended the &featureID=tasmania_roads.2

The featureID paramter works great with the topp:tasmania_roads dataset on the demo.opengeo.org geoserver and on my geoserver as well.

Howerver, It does NOT work on the layer I have published. And I cannot see any differences. My geoserver is internal so I regret that I cannot provide a URL. But this is how i'm constructing my URL (same way I did for tasmania_roads):

From the GetCapabilities:

... <FeatureType xmlns:catalog="http://mydomain.com/catalog">   <Name>catalog:myData</Name>   <Title>myData</Title> ... 

From the GetFeature:

... <gml:featureMembers>   <catalog:myData gml:id="myData.fid--57bd457b_134ae684781_8989">     <catalog:id>190004</catalog:id>     <catalog:type>SICD</catalog:type> ... 

So based on the above information my url should be:


But I get ZERO results.

I tried URLencoding, republishing and different namespace/feature type naming configurations, with no luck.

I'm thinking there must be a setting on GeoServer when publishing the dataset that I'm overlooking?


Your feature ID looks suspiciously random as in randomly generated by Geoserver. The reason for that is that Geoserver (GeoTools actually) cannot pick a unique identifier from the datastore.

This document, though vague, explains what GeoTools consider a fid:


Solution: if you are using postgis define a Primary Key (though I have not tried, you could get the same result with a unique index) on the table and recreate the layer.

On shapefiles this should not be necessary because GeoServer will use the position of the feature in the shapefile.

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