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Android Cardboard Activity not rendering when launched again from MainActivity

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I am trying to develop a cardboard app. I have created a MainActivity and a CardboardAcivity using RajawaliCardboardVR (Its an API at https://github.com/ejeinc/RajawaliCardboardExample).

MainActivity is a menu, which open same CardboardActivity (for now). Problem is when i first open the activity, it works, but when i press back (i don't exit the app) and then open activity again, it shows black screen. When app is closed and restart, it works again but only once and problem repeats. I have tried manually restarting the app when back button is pressed, but didn't work. Does anyone have any clue what am i doing wrong here?

Rajawali API basically uses OpenGL so i think problem is in OpenGL. But i cant find a way to solve it.

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