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apache tomee ActiveMQ doesn't start

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I am trying to send email from java application and I used Apache Tomee 1.7.3 plus, when start it they doesn't start activemq broker. My friend were doing the same and they work well, and prints them in the console that is started and its address.

My conf of tomee.xml is

enter code here     <Resource id="MyJmsResourceAdapter" type="ActiveMQResourceAdapter">     BrokerXmlConfig =  broker:(tcp://localhost:61616)     ServerUrl       =  tcp://localhost:61616     DataSource      =  My Unmanaged DataSource </Resource>  <!-- # For more examples of database configuration see: # http://openejb.apache.org/containers-and-resources.html -->  <Resource id="My DataSource" type="DataSource">    JdbcDriver com.mysql.jdbc.Driver    JdbcUrl jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/database    UserName root    Password root    JtaManaged true </Resource>   <Resource id="My Unmanaged DataSource" type="DataSource">    JdbcDriver com.mysql.jdbc.Driver    JdbcUrl jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/database?autoReconnect=true    UserName root    Password root    JtaManaged false </Resource>  <Resource id="Mail" type="javax.mail.Session">    mail.smtp.host=smtp.gmail.com    mail.smtp.port=587    mail.transport.protocol=smtp    mail.smtp.auth=true    mail.smtp.starttls.enable=true    [email protected]    password=user </Resource>  <Resource id="MyJmsConnectionFactory" type="javax.jms.ConnectionFactory">    ResourceAdapter = MyJmsResourceAdapter  </Resource>    <Resource id="PaymentQueue" type="javax.jms.Queue">    destination=PaymentQueue </Resource> <!-- 

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