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Auto-delete certain file extensions on my phone?

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How do I make my phone automatically delete certain file extensions? I'm on ICS, rooted.

For example, after connecting my phone to my mac, it will leave a .trashes file and other "." folders on my SD card. I want to make it so that the phone checks regularly and removes those extensions that I define. Another use case scenario is when I'm using an emulator such as GameBoid. I accidentally click on the Quick Save option and now there's a rogue *.ss0 file on my SD card. I want them deleted too.

I just flashed a new rom to my phone so I haven't re-downloaded Tasker yet so I also wanted to know if there's already a working solution around.


I'm not sure about how to do it automatically. But I know an easier (than having to find files one-by-one and deleting them yourself) way you can do this manually.

Download this File Finder app. It lets you search files with any pattern you provide. So in your case, you can search for *.trashes and it will show you all .trashes files from your phone. You can select all files and delete them at once. Till the time you figure out how to to it automatically, I guess this should help you.

I wrote an app that removes it, called "Trashes".

It can be found on XDA.

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