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Base URL in VF Component

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I am creating a vf component and was stuck to add a base url to href.

 <apex:component controller="OpportunityReminder_cls" access="global" rendered="{!NOT(Isnull(FLstWrapperString))}"> <apex:attribute name="ownerId" type="Id" description="Id of the opportunity" assignTo="{!UserId}"/> <table class="textContainer"><tr><td class="textContainer"> <!--{!$Label.OppTemp1}--> </td></tr></table>  <table>     <tr>         <th>Action</th>         <th>Opportunity Name</th>                                 <!-- <th class="header">Amount</th> -->          <th class="header">Stage</th>          <!-- <th class="header">Stage Duration</th> -->         <th class="header">Close Date</th>         <th class="header">Age</th>     </tr>      <apex:repeat value="{!FLstWrapperString}" var="o"  >                    <tr>         <td class="center"><apex:outputLink value="{!URLFOR($Action.Opportunity.Edit)}">Edit</apex:outputLink></td>         <td><a href="https://cs14.salesforce.com/{!o.id}">{!o.Name}</a></td>         <!-- <td class="center"><apex:outputText rendered="{!NOT(ISBLANK(o.Amount))}" value="{!o.CurrencyIsoCode} "/>{!o.Amount}</td> -->         <td class="center">{!o.StageName}</td>         <!-- <td>{!o.Stage_C_Duration__c}</td> -->         <td class="center"><apex:outputText value="{0,date,dd.MM.yyyy}"><apex:Param value="{!o.CloseDate }" /></apex:outputText></td>                     <td class="center">{!o.Age}</td>     </tr>     </apex:repeat>  


This results an error:

Error occurred trying to load the template for preview: List index out of bounds: 0. Please try editing your markup to correct the problem.

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