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blue screen right after new xp install

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I just installed XP sp3 on my desktop machine. The installing process worked, but now when i try to start the system, after the windows loads it restarts itself.

How can I detect the reason of this self restart?

I get an error message with this error signature:

BCCode: 1000007f     BCP1: 0000000F     BCP2: 00000000     BCP3: 00000000 BCP4: 00000000     OSVer: 5_1_2600     SP: 3_0     Product: 256_1 

What can I do in order to detect and solve the problem?

Many thanks


It could be faulty RAM.

Download a toolkit CD such as Hiren's BootCD, burn it to a CD, boot off the CD, and run any of the memory diagnostic tools in there, such as MemTest+. (WARNING: Memory tests takes awhile, you might want to just switch RAM around).

I recommend these steps :

  1. Reset BIOS to "Fail-safe defaults" if you have such an option, if not defaults would do.
  2. Run memory test or alternate sticks of RAM if memory test takes too much time.
  3. If the memory test passes, test the hard disk.
  4. If all else fails, disassemble PC and reassemble PC - it might sound stupid, but it works pretty often for me.

Check to see if the bios has hard drive settings for AHCI? Change the hard drive to "Legacy" mode, and see if that resolves it. Windows XP (even SP 2) has issues with that...

SATA operations, SATA mode (as above said) generetes many problems. Try changing mode to 'native' 'ide' (in bios ofcourse)

Try to pull off and put again RAM, then test them (for ex. Windows Memory Diagnostic)

Boot from Hirens boot CD (bible for pc supporting!) and scan hdd (hdd regenerator for example)

Write what happens.

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