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Bluetooth attack against Android phone - could be successful?

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Couple of days ago I attended a political demonstration. Amateur mistake, I know but I left my Bluetooth set to discoverable. I have a LG G2 running Android 5.0. Once during the demonstration I saw that I had one unsuccessful file transfer from another device. It was a file called [something].sqlite

Although it was unsuccessful, hearing about these new hair-raising vulnerabilities like Heartbleed and Shellshock, I wouldn't be surprised if an "unsuccessful" file transfer could infect a phone. Especially performed by a government agency...

Is it possible that they infected my phone? Thanks for the answers!


I don't know what makes you think that a file that couldn't get into your phone would attack you. If you got a "file transfer unsuccessful" or similar message, it clearly means that the file isn't received. So, no worries. SQLite is a database that is used in android. Even if you had received the file, it should be executed by a program, your or a third party who can physically access your phone. Which didn't happen. Also, you would need root permissions to allow other apps to make something to execute. So, basically, don't worry on it and don't keep the Bluetooth to discoverable mode to avoid such surprises.

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