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Board to board connections

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I am looking for connecters to connect two PCB boards together for prototyping. Can anyone recommend any models in particular.

Features I am looking for are decent price available from some where like Farnell or RS Components in Australia 3 wire mainly doesn't need speacilized tools to make the connects standard pin spacing for prototyping board Also up to 10+ connections

I have looked my self but there is hundreds of models and it's hard to work out how they make there connects

Anyone recommend any models that they use?


I use these with standard headers for stacking boards. I buy the longer ones and cut them to size.

For wire connections between boards I use these connectors with these terminals and these housings. The crimp tool is quite cheap.

I use these, I had the same issue looking for PCB connectors, then I found these and they work great. Board to board connections

I bought them from adafruit - product page

Uh, what's wrong with using bog standard 0.1" headers? There's tons of models because EVERYBODY uses them and they are a commodity product.

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