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Can I connect Android device (Galaxy Tab) to my iPhone to use its 3G data plan?

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I have two devices:

  1. iPhone with sim card, including data option
  2. Galaxy tab without sim card

As the iPhone always has an internet connection, I want to use it for the Galaxy Tab as well. Of course I could just swap the sim card, but I'm looking for a more elegant solution.

Beginning with IOS 4.3, the IPhone also has an option to create a personal hotspot to allow other devices to use its internet connection. Unfortunately, this only seems to work over Bluetooth or USB.

As USB is out of question, it looks like Bluetooth is my only hope. Therefore my question:

Is there any way to convince my Galaxy Tab to use a Bluetooth as "Internet connection" ? If not, is there any other way to achieve what I'm trying to do here?


MyWi for iphone will do it but may need to install wpa_supplicant.adhocfix on galaxy to accept adhoc network. I did this on my nook color and it works really well.

You dont need to connect via BT. You can do it via wifi. Turn on tethering on the iPhone. Go to wifi settings and ensure the iPhone is not connected to a wifi device. Then go to your tab and open wifi connection settings. Do a wifi search and it'll find the iPhone. Connect the tab wifi to the hotspot which is the iPhone.

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