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Can RAM and ROM be increased after rooting a device?

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How can I increase RAM and ROM after rooting my Lenovo A269I running Android 2.3.6? After rooting an Android would the RAM and ROM be increased?

I have not rooted my device yet. But I want to do so.


You can't make your phone "faster", expand storage or upgrade other hardware by rooting your device.

However, you can remove some unwanted system apps when you are rooted, and that should give you some more storage space on your phone.

I suggest you to use Titanium Backup to remove some unwanted apps. Be carefull, because if you remove the wrong apps, your device might not boot anymore.

It can be possible by upgrading Hardware only. But the existing memory can be used wisely by rooting your device.

For example, to get some free space,

  • ROM (can remove unwanted System apps)
  • RAM (can swap some of your unused app memory from RAM to secondary storage (SD card); try out RAM Expander for instance )

Note: we cannot expect the same hardware's performance while swapping RAM.

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