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  • AABB Collision Problems in SFML

    AABB Collision Problems in SFMLFebruary 15

    I have a problem with AABB collision. I am making a top down rougelike in SFML and my collision algorithm does't quite work properly. It mostly works, except for when you're against an edge of the block and hold the direction towards the block for a

  • Error handling in C++February 9

    So, in the recent weeks I delved into C++ programming, and I programmed some things in SDL. Doing so, you always have to deal with a lot of (ugly) C++ code, which looks more like C than C++. One thing I noticed I when programming with SDL as opposed

  • Cannot use SPEN SDK in Xamarin [on hold]February 9

    I have a problem with the SPEN SDK. I downloaded it from the Samsung page and wanted to create a bindings library as stated on the Xamarin Website. The SPEN SDK consists of an .aar and an .jar file. So I acted according to Xamarin website and when I

  • How to write this simple program? [on hold]January 16

    I'm learning c++, and looking to write a simple script that can automatically type stuff into Bing and search (in my absence). I'm thinking maybe it takes blocks of text from a pdf or text file I specify and just types them in then hits search. This

  • FindAllReferencesCommand 2.0

    FindAllReferencesCommand 2.0January 16

    Rubberduck 2.0 will feature a "Search Results" dockable toolwindow that will be used for displaying the results of Find all references, Find all implementations, and whatever else we need to find. It replaces the ugly 1.x "SimpleList"

  • Redirecting arriving customers to the nearest empty queueJanuary 16

    I have a task to make a checkout line controller. First it receives, as input, an amount of checkouts and commands. Then commands that are C for coming and L for leaving, and after those the number of the checkout they are coming/leaving. Also, if th

  • Timestamp function with millisecond precisionJanuary 16

    I want to be able to print timestamps with milliseconds precision and time_t doesn't provide this. I also want the code to be portable, so operating specific functions are out. ftime seems to be deprecated but there doesn't seem to be a general-purpo

  • DAL basic implementation using Entity framework 6 and AutofacJanuary 15

    Would like to ask for a code review for my DAL. I use Entity framework 6 and Autofac for dependency injection. All comments will be appreciated. public interface IBaseEntityObject { public int Id {get; set;} } public abstract class BaseEntityObject :

  • Exposing Iterators while Trully Hiding Their ImplementationJanuary 15

    While implementing classes composed of various collections, I've found that it's pretty hard to completely hide the type of collection used, while still allowing C++ style operations on iterators. For example, the following two classes allow the clie

  • UWP (C#) - View files in LocalFolderJanuary 9

    How can I view file created via ApplicationData.Current.LocalFolder.CreateFileAsync("...") operation? I remember Windows Phone Power Tools back in Windows Phone 8 days but is there any way to do this today? Thank you very much!

  • Zookeeper compiling error: syntax error in VERSION scriptJanuary 8

    I am trying to compile the C bindings for Zookeeper, but I am unable to do so. When I run make, I receive the following error: /usr/bin/ld:.libs/libzookeeper_st.ver:2: ignoring invalid character `\033' in script /usr/bin/ld:.libs/libzookeeper_st.ver:

  • C# Accessing controls from one form that is opened in another form that was opened by that formJanuary 7

    so I have looked this up so much and nothing fits exactly what I want. I have one form open called "Main" it has a button in it that opens up a form using the code AddModification modification = new AddModification(); Modification.Show(); Now th

  • Invalid Object name?? sqlJanuary 6

    This is my code. It should return a list of Objects with their properties populated depending on whats passed in. Im getting the exception on this line SqlDataReader DataReader = sqlCmd.ExecuteReader();However I know that my table exists and that it

  • Redeclared as different kind of symbol in c program

    Redeclared as different kind of symbol in c programJanuary 6

    I'm currently working on a program for school. I need to create a chart of temperature conversions given by the user of between 1 to 100. I keep getting the error "redeclared as different kind of symbol" and I'm not sure how to fix it. I also in

  • "ACM ICPC Team" challenge on HackerrankDecember 9

    ACM ICPC Team You are given a list of NN people who are attending ACM-ICPC World Finals. Each of them are either well versed in a topic or they are not. Find out the maximum number of topics a 2-person team can know. And also find out how many teams

  • Custom Memory Caching Allocator in CDecember 9

    Over the weekend I built a fairly simple allocator. struct FreeOnes { //data structure holding the pointers to free blocks int len; void** array; int capacity; }; void append(struct FreeOnes* f, void* what){ //add a free block to FreeOnes if (f->len

  • How to fix linker error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol and error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol [on hold]December 8

    I am new to visual studio. I am going to study libxml2 library. So my first example is parsing a xml file. I follow libxml2 official tutorial. http://xmlsoft.org/tutorial/ I set the additional include directory path suitably. But there are build erro

  • sqlconnection namespace not foundDecember 6

    Im building up a website using C#.net, whenever i try this SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection (); i get the error that sqlconnection namespace isnt found, but when i do this System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection con; it works. Tried to add reference

  • D3D11 Present hook not drawingDecember 5

    Introduction I'm fairly new to D3D programming, developing a custom game overlay for D3D11 driven games. I hook IDXGISwapChain::Present() function to draw my things on each frame. HRESULT WINAPI new_Present(IDXGISwapChain* pSwapChain, UINT SyncInterv

  • Beginner MVC 5. Showing Data?December 5

    i'm a beginner I have 2 Models, Students.cs and University.cs public class Student { public int Id { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } public int Age { get; set; } public University University { get; set; } public Language Language { get;

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