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  • Build a vbo once every secondApril 17

    I have a VBO storing some data in my game. The thing is, the data can change at a rate of about a second. The data is not fixed size, meaning that some objects will sometimes be visible, sometimes invisible and could even have a different polygon cou

  • Why won't my triangle render in DirectX11?April 17

    I am very new to the rendering API and I have been following a couple of YouTube tutorials. The file is being read I know that. I am very sure that I got all of the code down, but I could be wrong. So I will show you my main file where I am doing eve

  • 2D arrays in C++ Programming [on hold]April 13

    so i'm using Microsoft Visual Studio and trying to make a console application. And I have to Create a program that declares a 2d array to store short data types. Make the array size 3 * 3. Ask the user to enter 9 numbers and fill the array across eac

  • Why the need to use the volatile keyword on global variables when handling interrupts in Arduino? April 4

    I am familiar with the keyword Volatile being used to declare variables that are shared among multiple threads on a software application (basically on a multithreaded application). But why do I need to declare a variable as Volatile when running the

  • Simple class for 2D - 1D array index conversionMarch 20

    I made a class to convert the index between 2D and 1D arrays. For example, between {1,3,5,7,9,11} and {{1,3},{5,7},{9,11}} When i is 0, xy should be (0,0) When i is 1, xy should be (0,1) When i is 2, xy should be (1,0) And so on... I would be able to

  • C++ class for disjoint-set/union-find on integersMarch 19

    I have implemented the disjoint-set data structure. The purpose is to group integers together. For example, if I want to find out the groups of integers where each adjacent neighbors are same: vector<vector<int>> test = { {1,0,0,1}, {0,0,0,1},

  • malloc'd C string created in c file being lost when bridging to swift file on specific inputMarch 15

    I am making a dictionary application written in swift and c. I am using c, .h and .c, to search the dictionary text file that I have for specific traits, determined by what the user inputs into what I call the DictionaryViewController. The method of

  • Statement using selected Item from dropdown MVCMarch 15

    I create a selected dropdown from my controller and correctly sended to my view and my dropdown list is filled correctly what im trying to archive now is to get the selected item the user choose from my dropdown and use it in a If satement on my cont

  • boost::shared_ptr does not have a class typeMarch 13

    I have implemented a tcp client and tcp server using boost asio. The code is given below. (test.cpp, test.hpp and makefile) The executable can be run as (server side) $ ./client_server 1 5005 (client side) $ ./client_server 0 5005 tcp_sever uses a ho

  • Trouble adding to back of doubly linked listMarch 9

    void SinglyLinkedList::addFront(const Bike& e) { Node* temp = new Node; // Create new node. temp->bike = e; // Store data. temp->next = head; temp->prev = NULL; // Current head is now next of our new node. head = temp; // Our new node is now

  • Inverse transform of an object which transform is relative to its place in a scenegraph SFMLFebruary 21

    I'm using a SceneGraph for the entities in my game, and the transform is passed down through the sf::RenderStates of the SceneGraph's draw() function when called. To my understanding (which I'm not very sure is actually correct) the sf::Sprite's of e

  • Let Xamarin clients listen when server send an API

    Let Xamarin clients listen when server send an APIFebruary 15

    My situation I will make a Xamarin application for Android that can access an ASP.NET MVC webserver with API's. The problem is when I'll send an API to the server, all the connected clients must receive an API with the changes that happens by client

  • MSD radix sort in C++January 19

    I have this MSD radix sort in C++: #ifndef RADIXSORT_H #define RADIXSORT_H #include <algorithm> #include <type_traits> static constexpr size_t BITS_PER_BYTE = 8; static constexpr size_t BUCKET_AMOUNT = 256; static constexpr size_t QUICKSORT_TH

  • ArrayList implementationJanuary 19

    Can someone help me optimize speed for my code? I tested it via stopwatch in milliseconds. I've implemented my own ArrayList and I would like to improve its speed without using C# built-in structures. Mylist.cs using System; using System.Collections;

  • Linear Interpolation C++January 19

    I have to write a collection of methods for performing linear, bilinear and trilinear interpolation. I have also to write some tests to show that interpolation is exact fot polynomials (which should be the case using these interpolation methods). I e

  • MVC API controller processing POST requestJanuary 18

    Do I need to restructure for readability? public HttpResponseMessage Post([FromBody]BoatProperties props) { // model validation if(ModelState.IsValid) { // check if guid is set, else set it; don't set when user is admin if(props.Guid == null && !U

  • Searching Subdirectories of a Subdirectory for Registry Keys to DeleteJanuary 18

    Please let me know if I can improve my question in any way I build/maintain an IT Support Self-Help App and recently had the need to include some registry key manipulation when users experience certain issues. I create the Reggie class to handle the

  • Closing SQL connection for async operationsJanuary 18

    The following code executes asynchron on the SQL database. Is the closing of the connection implemented in the right way? Are there any missing features regarding connection handling which need to be added? public void deleteData(Node node, User user

  • What actually affects compiled C code performance? [on hold]January 9

    I hate to ask such a general question, but unfortunately existing questions and other internet resources all either avoid the specific issues I'm wondering about or disagree, and are glutted with unhelpful 'just let the compiler handle everything' re

  • List of properties to anonymous TypeJanuary 9

    Say I have some type: public class General { public int Id; public string Name; public DateTime modified } Say I want some function filter to Anonymous: public void DoWorkOnSubset(List<General> generals, params Func<general, object> properties

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