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  • Normalisation to 3NF

    Normalisation to 3NFJune 19

    I've been learning how to normalise data into a normalisation table and I'm struggling to get my head around this example question. I have this 'clinical record' card: Would anyone able to explain to me as to how to convert this into UNF and then to

  • How would I go about not having duplicate data with the following schemeJanuary 30

    So I have the tables below with their properties. I left out the one/many to many relation ship tables. But basically clusters have many servers and applications are able to have clusters and servers. Does any one have a good idea on how to keep appl

  • Database design for doctor's clinic appointment booking systemNovember 5

    In a simple system where there are few doctors and one assistant booking the appointments for them. RDBMS could easily represent it, so can a document database. What would be a better choice RDBMS or NoSQL database and why, the language to develop th

  • Modeling a product database and dealing with inheritance

    Modeling a product database and dealing with inheritanceSeptember 26

    So, to get better at designing databases, I'm attempting to model a database system after the AR15 Builder. Here is what I have so far: While it makes sense logically, I'm afraid there may be too much inheritance... Might there be a better way to han

  • Database design for flights, airlines and aviatorsSeptember 5

    I created two tables Airline(airline_id, name) Flight (flight_id, airline_id) - airline_id contains id of airline which perform flight and I want to create third one Aviator But I can not just create table Aviator(aviator_id, airline_id) and add colu

  • How to store 1:n self reference (dependencies) in relational databaseFebruary 9

    What is a clean way to store items that reference multiple other items of the same type in a relational database? Say I have a list of jar files and their dependencies: package1 depends on package2,package3 package2 depends on package3 package2 depen

  • Database design, 1-to-many or many-to-many?September 6

    just a little background information pertaining to the question at hand. I'm developing an application for users to be able to log the work they have been doing hourly, to be compiled into a weekly log. This work is unimportant to the question, so th

  • 3rd Party Platform Unique Identifier for Joins vs Internal IdentifiersSeptember 5

    What is the general practice when it comes to choosing a unique identifier? In my case I have the option to use the eBay unique listing ID (Item ID) or my own internal ID for use in table joins and general identification. The argument could be made t

  • Does my m2n-table need a primary key?July 26

    Two tables called Chip and Dale have m2n-relations to each other. I am used to build a link table called CHIP2DALE (or Dale2Chip) containing id NUMBER UNIQUE NOT NULL chip_id NUMBER NOT NULL dale_id NUMBER NOT NULL and an UNIQUE INDEX CHIP2DALE_UQ ON

  • What is good technique to prepare accountant statement by using PHP without storing all values in tables? [on hold]July 25

    I'm using LARAVEL5 to build a financial system with MySQL storage database. I'm very concerned with database structures. I have many reports to do and for this task I have a calculation module used to calculate some values like totalProfit, totalCost

  • That is good technique to prepare accountant statement by using PHP without store all value in the tables?April 11

    I'm using LARAVEL5 to build financial system with MYSQL storage database. But I'm very concern with database structures I have much report to do and for this task I have a calculate module used to calculate some value for report like totalProfit ,tot

  • Advice on Measures that have properties on their ownApril 10

    I'm looking for advice on how to model a database when the measures have an increasing number of properties - the values of which could be considered dimensions in their own right. In a simplified case, let's say I have StateId and Sales: StateId Sal

  • Internal Online Store Database Design IssueApril 8

    I am trying to create a database for an internal store that we are developing to manage our internal items (like phones, computers, office equipment, etc). The issue Ive run into is that they want each item to be able to support add-ons. The only iss

  • Review Database for 3NF ViolationsFebruary 17

    I have database that I am developing and must demonstrate that my relations are in at least 3rd normal form (3NF). I have already normalized up to 2NF and I think I have them all in 3NF but I'm hoping for some verification. (I am not looking for answ

  • What are some examples of open-source projects with good database schemas?February 17

    I am in the process of setting up a web app on PostgreSQL. I am making the database schema structure right now. I am curious to know if there any open-source projects out there that serve as good examples of how to structure database schemas? Somethi

  • How to model A Shop Database

    How to model A Shop DatabaseFebruary 16

    I want to draw the ER model of a store which The scenario is like this: They have list of Goods and Some Seller which sells them to customers they want to know how much they get profit from their selling and also how Much money they have From Selling

  • Loking for a database to store big data with 64 dimensions [on hold]February 15

    I'm looking for a database to save extracted (akaze-)features for an image analysis project. One feature can be describe by a vector of 64 integers in the range [0,254]. Now I have more than features. With this data I must perform a k n

  • One-to-many relationship with "default" child instance

    One-to-many relationship with "default" child instanceFebruary 15

    (I'm having a bit of a brain-fart and I can't remember the name of this problem-class, because I've seen solutions to this before on SO, so please mark this as a duplicate of another question if you find a better answer on here from before). Imagine

  • Two tables with same fieldFebruary 13

    QUESTION: I have QUOTATION table and SOA table quotation - table is for pending and not approve quotation. SOA- table for approve quotation. i will just transfer the data from quotation table to soa once it is approve, the difference is in soa it has

  • Review this ER Diagram?

    Review this ER Diagram?February 12

    Is my ER Diagram correct? Should WeekDay be an entity? Why or Why not? If not, what should be the appropriate solution? Why? Should Undergraduate Student and Graduate Student be separate entities? Why or Why not?

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