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  • Submitting a Google Review via google sign in api for iosJanuary 10

    I am using the https://developers.google.com/identity/sign-in/ios/ to allow a user to sign into their google account into my application. I would like to then allow that user to write & submit a review for my business. Is there an api or guide that s

  • How to bring a CGRect to front with Swift?January 9

    I'm using the iOS MaterialKit to create a button on my view. The sample code they give is: let button = MKButton(frame: CGRect(x: 10, y: 10, width: 100, height: 35)) button.maskEnabled = true button.rippleLocation = .TapLocation button.rippleLayerCol

  • iOS - UINavigationController is reloaded after dismissing viewJanuary 8

    I have a UINavigationController. In my app, I navigate (push) through 3 view controllers. At this point I want to temporarily present a view controller, instead of pushing it. self.presentViewController(imagePicker, animated: true, completion: nil) O

  • iOS simulator always saves images on desktopDecember 19

    When pressed Command-S, the iOS simulator always saves screenshots on Desktop. How can I tell it to save it somewhere else?

  • Delete tableview cell crash swiftNovember 10

    Hello i wanna delete tableview cell following error occur Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'Invalid update: invalid number of sections. The number of sections contained in the table view after the

  • dynamic cells in UICollectionView keep rearrangingNovember 8

    I am using CHTCollectionviewFlowOut. Everything I code is fine but while scrolling collection view, changes cell size and content sometimes. I am using custom collection cell class to display labels and images. Cell size depends on size of image whic

  • Convert Unix (Epoch) time to local timeNovember 7

    The API I'm using returns time as Unix time (1424952512) So far I can convert the unix time to NSDate using func timeStamp(unixTime: Double)-> NSDate { let interval:NSTimeInterval = unixTime let date:NSDate = NSDate(timeIntervalSince1970: interval) p

  • How to to create app for someone else [on hold]September 20

    I haven't found any quite or site where is information how I can make app for someone else, I just make it, they publish. What information I must take care so our team is just developer ?

  • iOS Universal Links for a Seamless App User Experience

    iOS Universal Links for a Seamless App User ExperienceAugust 19

    One of the more interesting features introduced with iOS 9 was Universal Links. Supporting this feature in your app allows any links to content on the web to be seamlessly opened in the app itself. If it isn't present on the device, the system falls

  • xcode ui test: staticTexts start withAugust 10

    i want to check if an element on my ui which start with a prefix is present. How is it possible to implement it in Xcode7 UI Tests? app.tables["AAA"].staticTexts["Fax: 0049XXXXXXXX"].exists I have three element into a tableview cell an

  • A Japanese language app for iOS with this particular quality(please read the description)?August 4

    You see, it MUST have this particular quality: sometimes I see a kanji that I don't know the meaning of,unfortunately there isn't any kana/furigana therefore I don't know how to spell it and since I don't know the spelling I can't/don't know how to t

  • Difference between iOS developer and iPhone developerMay 27

    I am going to be an internship in iOS. I have questions. Is there any difference between iOS developer and iPhone developer? If yes then ..What's? And what to be choice for my better career. (in iOS/iPhone or any related to iOS)

  • How do I disable double-vibration when I dock my iPhone?May 19

    How do I disable double-vibration when I dock my iPhone (6plus)? I am running latest version of iOS, sometimes even the beta one and using Cydia is not an option.

  • Block apps from sending SMS notifications

    Block apps from sending SMS notificationsMay 18

    Today the only two games I have on my iphone started two send notifications via SMS. Every time my friends does something in the game I'm receiving the notification!!! How should I disable this? This is very annoying! P.S. I'm sure my friend isn't se

  • How do i use iBooks or an alternative app across my devices for PDF annotationsMay 15

    I've never been able to get this to work so must be doing something wrong. I'm trying to read this PDF(The link is at the bottom of the page) and be able to add notes on my iPad say, but then be able to read it on my iPhone and see the notes/add more

  • iPhone 6s restore [on hold]May 14

    I just bought a week's subscription to Xfinity wifi to complete the restore process which is still NOT complete since the upgrade from a 4 on Jan. 1. Nothing is happening. (Photos stagnant) I've shut it down while connected and rebooted but I cannot

  • Reliable tote taking iOS appMarch 3

    Recently my Evernote yerly subscription ended and I have decided not to buy another year, because I would rather pay once (doesn't have to be free, but a one time purchase, not subscription based, I would pay up to 10-50$ for a good app) for an app l

  • How to make the uitextfield in the search controller, not to allign vertical center when i change the frame heightFebruary 25

    Now i am creating custom search bar, i am intend to add one more textfield (extra filter textfield), when the user begin edit the textfield text. So in order to achieve it, i create a new cocoa class which is uisearchbar and the following code overri

  • Xcode UI Testing - Assert dynamic labelsFebruary 21

    I implementing UI testing for my iOS 9 application. In my app there are several labels that get populated after a API call. Is there a way to get the value of the label and assert if it has correctly generated. From the answers provided here, seems i

  • Can views be animated to oscillate alpha without additional frameworks?February 18

    I am experimenting with animations for a UIImageView and have noticed that it is trivial to animate repeated movement but apparently not so for shifting alpha up and down indefinitely. I am using this line currently: UIView.animateWithDuration(0.5, d

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