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  • LibGdx Tiled Map Rendering Problem

    LibGdx Tiled Map Rendering ProblemApril 17

    Im trying to study a book to learn LibGDX game engine but i have a problem with rendering tiled maps. i think i wrote the same code with book but i couldnt get the same result. its a simple game with a character and a map. When i rendered my characte

  • Cancelling job in ExecutorServiceMarch 19

    I wrote code which demonstrates how to cancel a job in Executor: ExecutorService executor = Executors.newFixedThreadPool(4); Future<Void> future = executor.submit(new Callable<Void>() { @Override public Void call() { // // do some long running

  • Why my equals method is returning true for some equivalent fractions and false for others?March 16

    So I have an overridden equals method, and a program where I allow the user to input multiple integer fractions, and then check to see if f1(f2 - f3) = f1f2 - f1f3 . This is a necessary truth, and comes back true for most valid inputs. Here is my equ

  • Run my mongodb command from java programMarch 15

    How to run multiple mongodb commands from a java code. I need the mongodb commands to get executed in background when i run the java program. This program throws some exception "Exception in thread "main" java.io.IOException: Cannot run pro

  • How to run/make spring cloned from Github in Intellij?March 14

    I'm new to spring and IntellIj IDEA, and I've been trying to learn new sample projects for spring mvc from github, spring-mvc-showcase. I've cloned it from github but cannot seems to run it in the browser. So how do I run it from IntellIJ, or do I ha

  • What's the difference between JdbcCursorItemReader and ItemReader/JdbcTemplate?March 11

    I want to confirm my understanding about the difference between JdbcCursorItemReader and a class that implements ItemReader that uses JdbcTemplate for querying the db. Is this the difference? Normally ItemReader finishes fetching everything before It

  • Create an Eclipse template to println a variable in scopeMarch 10

    In programming, I often have situations where I want to print a variable to the console. int myVar = 23; System.out.println("myVar" + myVar); I'd like to automate the task by outsourcing it to an Eclipse template. So far, this is the template I

  • Reverse number using only loops;no Arrays,convert to String just beginner-Bug:ZeroMarch 6

    first sorry about my English(not my native language). I am new in programming (currently learning Java) and just finishing lecture about looping. I had a task to reverse random number from 1 to 9999, and got stuck with a bug zero: example: 23100 outp

  • Deserialization of evolving modelFebruary 16

    I'm currently using XStream to serialize/deserialize the state of my model hierarchy and starting to have problems because the model is still evolving and the structure keeps changing. I'm searching for alternative: easy to use backward compatibility

  • parse xml conditional with JavaFebruary 16

    I'm trying to delete content in an xml file with elements like these; what I've been trying to do is delete every host with status.state="down" (there hundreds of those) and delete the content of the one tag names "output". <host co

  • Sorting arrays with different algorithmsJanuary 19

    I wrote some code to sort some arrays with a couple different algorithms. The code works, but I can't help but think I could combine the two sorting methods into a single, shorter method. import java.io.BufferedWriter; import java.io.File; import jav

  • Call instance method to updateValues based on fileJanuary 13

    I'm having trouble trying to get my program to have no error messages showing up in my IDE. The two problems I'm having is that I'm trying to read information from a file, use that information in an instance method to update the values (sum figures),

  • Session fixation when bean is defined in session scope in jsf facesConfig.xml;January 12

    In my application I have session fixation issues. I have done the fix in the following way: 1. request.getsession(false); 2. session.invalidate(); 3. request.getsession(true); I am able to create a new session after successful login. But the problem

  • apache tomee ActiveMQ doesn't startJanuary 11

    I am trying to send email from java application and I used Apache Tomee 1.7.3 plus, when start it they doesn't start activemq broker. My friend were doing the same and they work well, and prints them in the console that is started and its address. My

  • java.lang.ClassNotFoundException with glassfish in netbeansJanuary 11

    I am trying to create an OSGI bundle for client - server application using maven as a building tool in netbeans So I got an error while deploying the application in glassfish server and the error is : org.glassfish.deployment.common.DeploymentExcepti

  • How to start appium sever from the Java code in EclipseJanuary 10

    I'm trying to start the appium server programmatically from my test case code, but nothing helps. Console always give me "org.openqa.selenium.remote.UnreachableBrowserException: Could not start a new session. Possible causes are invalid address of th

  • Starting a program in another Desktop in Windows using Desktops Utility (Sysinternals)January 8

    Using the Desktops program provided by Windows, it is possible to create multiple Desktops to execute programs. For example 4 desktops can be created named Desktop (1,2,3,4) etc. I can switch between the desktops by hitting Alt+F1 or Alt+F2. I would

  • How to get the parent PID of the java application currently running January 3

    This question is an exact duplicate of: get current java PID using reflect api [duplicate] How to get the PID of the java program which invokes the shell program. The below getPID() method retrieves the PID of the process executed by java in the shel

  • Recieving errors without engaging in excessive communication when using socketsDecember 20

    I'm currently writing a program that communicates with a server over TCP sockets. I originally planned for the communication to include a message confirming successful communication at the end of correspondence. However, I later read that a first ste

  • edit text String value is not taken as an input from the userDecember 8

    Here is my code for the edit text and onclick listener though i have entered the value in the edit text field still it doesn't take thevalue which i have entered in it instead it is throwing the null pointer exception public void onCreate(Bundle save

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