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  • making dynamic tables with JSON - angular2April 6

    Okay, so simple enough task - I'm using Ionic/Angular2 to develop an auditing app. Using angular I can map Objects into the DOM rather easily, so what I need to do is create an object - but I would like some suggestions or advice on how I can do this

  • how do i attach array value to current positionApril 3

    <img src="img.jpg" id="try" width="200px" height="100px" alt="Loading"> <input type="radio" name="round" value=0 > <input type="radio" name="round" va

  • Firebase Import Array Issue

    Firebase Import Array IssueApril 3

    Hey guys I just have a question about why my script might be formatting into Firebase the way that it is. First of all I have this code: <script> /* Declaring my Firebase */ var rootRef = new Firebase('https://vivid-torch-0000.firebaseio.com/'); /*

  • how to move selected item in a list using up and down arrow keys in javascript?April 2

    I am trying to implement make up and down arrow buttons work for a list in HTML. the up arrow moves the selected list element of list upwards and the down arrow moves the selected list element downwards. I tried this code, but not working :: function

  • Custom noUiSlider Fixed stepsApril 1

    I m trying to create custom slider with fixed steps. I want to define steps like following. range: {20, 50, 100, 200, 250, 450, 800, 1000} Here is the demo url jsFiddle

  • Do I need to escape dash character in regex?March 31

    I'm trying to understand dash character - needs to escape using backslash in regex? Consider this: var url = '/user/1234-username'; var pattern = /\/(\d+)\-/; var match = pattern.exec(url); var id = match[1]; // 1234 As you see in the above regex, I'

  • Trying to make different hover animations for multiple images in cssMarch 30

    So i have a few images in HTML like this <div class="thumb"> <a href="website1"><img src="image1.jpg" alt="name1"></a> <a href="website2"><img src="image2.jpg" al

  • PHP refreshing using jQuery doesn't work in IEMarch 29

    I wanted to create a function in javascript/jQuery, that uses php script to refresh some data on my website. I'm using it like this: function aval() { ... $("#dost").load("readadmin.php?date="+dzien+"&diff="+diff+"&a

  • Knowing if map has specific custom control in OpenLayers 3?March 16

    I created my own custom control for openlayers 3 as follows: window.app = window.app || {}; var app = window.app; /** * Control Creado para moverse por el mapa (quitar controles de dibujar...) */ app.Move = function(opt_options) { var options = opt_o

  • How to use react router (createBrowserHisroty) on Microsoft IIS to make routing working?March 7

    I am using react-router (createBrowserHistory) for my react app. Below is my code of var ReactDOM = require('react-dom') ; var ReactRouter = require('react-router'); var Router = ReactRouter.Router; var Route = ReactRouter.Route; var Link = ReactRout

  • ionic2 + Angular2 selection of listMarch 6

    http://ionicframework.com/docs/v2/components/#select I'm trying to show select option and capture the selection. I have tried from method, onChanges and even on putting inline on click, but nothing works. <ion-list> <ion-item> <ion-label>

  • jQuery get text include single quote using text() doesn't show properlyMarch 5

    So I want to show div's text to input value if button clicked. But if the text includes single quote, It doesn't show properly. <div id="content_comment">It's Yours!</div> <button id="btn_comment_edit">Edit</button

  • Pulling radio button values with Javascript February 22

    I have a form on my webpage that looks like this: <form id="numberForm"> <input type="radio" name="number" value="singular"> singular <br> <input type="radio" name="number" v

  • What does import Module from 'module' import when no default export is defined and why is it different from import * as Module?February 9

    I am pretty new to JavaScript and have been struggling with imports recently. There has been one thing I cannot wrap my head around. In older node modules (mostly those which came to see the light prior to ES6), which may be installed using the npm,

  • Is there a reason for not using JavaScript for direct database connections on a web site? February 8

    This question already has an answer here: Is there any reason not to go directly from client-side Javascript to a database? [duplicate] 11 answers I am thinking about using JavaScript for direct connection to our database server. I think I have solut

  • OpenLayers 3 - How to know if a map has specific custom control?January 29

    I created my own custom control for openlayers 3 as follows: window.app = window.app || {}; var app = window.app; /** * Control Creado para moverse por el mapa (quitar controles de dibujar...) */ app.Move = function(opt_options) { var options = opt_o

  • Getting all divisors from an integerJanuary 16

    I am using mod and my code works. I am wondering if there is a more efficient way to write a method that returns the total number of divisors for an integer. function getDivisorsCnt(n){ var divisors = 0; mod = n; while (mod > 0){ if(n % mod === 0){ d

  • Positioning transformed divs (grid system)January 10

    I am trying to position some diamond divs using some trigonometry in javascript but it seems my logic fails somewhere. You can see that I tried this formula: pos + trig * dimension. I hoped it would give me the right coordinates so that I can constru

  • How to get link from onclick event using Scrapy?January 9

    I've been using Scrapy for getting content but I am having some trouble getting links from this particular site:Taleo Site Clicking the title takes you to the job description. But the href is set to '#'. And the onclick event is: onclick="javascript:

  • How to combine 4 bytes into float value in JavascriptsJanuary 9

    I can send 4 bytes data to my javascript, var data = new Uint8Array(data); console.log('Data received: [' + d2h(data[0]) +', ' + d2h(data[1]) +', ' + d2h(data[2]) + ', ' + d2h(data[3]) + ']'); var hexvalue = ((d2h(data[4]) << 24) | (d2h(data[3]) <

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