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  • What does import Module from 'module' import when no default export is defined and why is it different from import * as Module?February 9

    I am pretty new to JavaScript and have been struggling with imports recently. There has been one thing I cannot wrap my head around. In older node modules (mostly those which came to see the light prior to ES6), which may be installed using the npm,

  • Is there a reason for not using JavaScript for direct database connections on a web site? February 8

    This question already has an answer here: Is there any reason not to go directly from client-side Javascript to a database? [duplicate] 11 answers I am thinking about using JavaScript for direct connection to our database server. I think I have solut

  • OpenLayers 3 - How to know if a map has specific custom control?January 29

    I created my own custom control for openlayers 3 as follows: window.app = window.app || {}; var app = window.app; /** * Control Creado para moverse por el mapa (quitar controles de dibujar...) */ app.Move = function(opt_options) { var options = opt_o

  • Getting all divisors from an integerJanuary 16

    I am using mod and my code works. I am wondering if there is a more efficient way to write a method that returns the total number of divisors for an integer. function getDivisorsCnt(n){ var divisors = 0; mod = n; while (mod > 0){ if(n % mod === 0){ d

  • Positioning transformed divs (grid system)January 10

    I am trying to position some diamond divs using some trigonometry in javascript but it seems my logic fails somewhere. You can see that I tried this formula: pos + trig * dimension. I hoped it would give me the right coordinates so that I can constru

  • How to get link from onclick event using Scrapy?January 9

    I've been using Scrapy for getting content but I am having some trouble getting links from this particular site:Taleo Site Clicking the title takes you to the job description. But the href is set to '#'. And the onclick event is: onclick="javascript:

  • How to combine 4 bytes into float value in JavascriptsJanuary 9

    I can send 4 bytes data to my javascript, var data = new Uint8Array(data); console.log('Data received: [' + d2h(data[0]) +', ' + d2h(data[1]) +', ' + d2h(data[2]) + ', ' + d2h(data[3]) + ']'); var hexvalue = ((d2h(data[4]) << 24) | (d2h(data[3]) <

  • Three.js: jsonLoader will not load textures no matter whatJanuary 6

    Help, I'm getting multiple brain spasms trying to figure this out. I'm using r74 the most recent version threejs and I've created a model in blender and exported it using the most recent plugin. When I run my program, it loads the 3d file just fine,

  • Rewrite a javascript function in a better wayDecember 9

    From the below array $data, I place price for each month for one category in first array. If no data is found for the particular category for a month, inset 0, another category in second array and finally place the arrays in a single array. The below

  • Express status 404 with react-routerDecember 6

    I have an express server that handles: 1 API route and rendering my initial index.html to include bundle.js holding my React/React-Router/Redux application. As it stands, it is impossible to 404 on my web page as I have a catch all: app.use(function

  • Returning value after async functionDecember 6

    I can't get my head around how to return the value from uniqueCheck() to isValid. I've added in a setTimeout to simulate the async operation. function isValid(data) { uniqueCheck(data, function(val) { return val; //true }); // need the value here } f

  • How to save a static variable with Javascript even when refreshing pageDecember 5

    In the following code, I would like to save chrono time even when i reload the page. The variable to save as static is "diff". Because i need my chrono to return me the las time saved when i redirect to the same page. this code is declared in th

  • Javascript ajax calls don't work inside of dynamically loaded HTMLDecember 5

    I'm trying to write a generic javascript script to facilitate clicking through <a href> links while only replacing the inner HTML instead of reloading the whole page. The strange thing is, it works, except on any link inside of freshly loaded HTML.

  • Uncaught TypeError: jQuery.noConflict is not a functionDecember 3

    i'm making and extension to reformat css styles of a website, then in the console sends this error log: Uncaught TypeError: jQuery.noConflict is not a function > script.onload @ main.js?738072580657899400:33. so i would like to somebody explain this

  • What JavaScript and or Html should engine I should use?November 24

    I took some classes on JavaScript and I know some html5. I took these classes so I can Learn Game Development!! I want to use JavaScript and not C# or C++ because I want easy cross platform with the browser. So do you guys know any good Java Game Eng

  • Javascript API for Office errorNovember 16

    I am trying to read from an excel file to use the data in SharePoint. I recently discovered the Javascript API for Office however I can't reference the library without an error. I use the following html reference: <script src="https://appsforoffic

  • Uncaught TypeError: fn is not a function in chart.js [on hold]November 14

    This is my first time usingchart.js to make line chat and it work on my localhost but when i uploaded it to a remote host i found out that the line chart was not showing so i inspected element and found this error in the console. please what could be

  • Select the second tab in a section of a pageNovember 12

    index.html#section navigates you to a certain section of a page. But I want to select the second tab in a section of a page. I don't know if it can be done without javascript but using Tab Content Script (v 2.2) with the method instance.expandit(tabi

  • How to Create Character Wheel like lottery number wheel?November 9

    I need a javascript to generate a word like character wheel generator. Here is the example. EX: [T][E][S][T][I][N][G] Each and Every Character should spin and finally is shows this word[TESTING]. just display a series of different letters in place un

  • Code to refresh this scriptNovember 8

    I am not very good with javascript or anything. What can I add to make this minecraft server query update every 10 seconds? At the moment it is a bit slow so it takes awhile to recognise players that are leaving or joining. Also how can I make this s

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