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  • WP Media Uploader modal conflicts with Bootstrap modalApril 16

    I was creating a form in a Bootstrap Modal to allow users to create new posts from the frontend. Everything seemed alright until I wanted to upload a file to the media library or choose one already uploaded: This opens another modal using JS from the

  • Introjs highlighted area css issue

    Introjs highlighted area css issueMarch 30

    I am using your introjs plugin but I have faced some issues. The highlighted area becomes completely white. I am guessing that this is some CSS conflict because I am also using bootstrap. What can I do to determine the cause of this problem?

  • how to make drag and drop jquery?March 29

    I've been wondering how to make drag and drop with jQuery, because it is difficult to use the javascript drag and drop, and I prefer to use jQuery instead of javascript. Here is my code, and the image is only draggable. HTML: <div id="div1" c

  • jquery filer adding existing images to the list on page loadJanuary 10

    JQUERY Filler creates image boxes upon selection of each image. However i need to create those boxes from array of image names which i receive from php on page load. So user can add some more images or remove the existing ones. Here I receive the ima

  • JQuery change text inside span tagDecember 4

    I am running AddThis social media follow widget. After each of the following three icons the name appears in text (via their JS) which I wish to remove. <span class="addthis_follow_label">Facebook</span> <span class="addthis_

  • jQuery UI Datepicker - Keyboard Navigation Event?December 4

    In order to make the jQuery UI Datepicker accessible to screen readers, I'm required to populate a hidden div with the current date that is being highlighted. The problem is that there isn't an event that is associated with keyboard navigation (CTRL

  • Ajax Data is not coming in my view laravel 5November 9

    I am trying to filter data using ajax, when I debug using var_dump, I can see data is coming from database but it's not coming into my views. please help i'm struggling `<script> `$(function(){` `$('.click').click(function(){` `alert($(this).attr('h

  • Update div data with AJAX every secondFebruary 21

    I have used Ajax to fetch the data for the div every second in case there is new inserted data but this causes the server to crash in about 10 seconds. How can I write a script to refresh div every second without it using so much resources.

  • Responsive height of a div using jquery .cssFebruary 18

    Hello guys this is my first question here and it's about how to make my div with a responsive height usiing jquery. This is the funcion I've used to try it: $(document).ready(function(){ $(".panel").css("height: $('window').height();")

  • How can I add Sound Buttons in Wordpress?February 18

    I am trying to add on-click or hover sound buttons on a Wordpress pages like this website: http://sites.la.utexas.edu/persian_online_resources/the-writing-system/the-basic-alphabet/ How can I do this? I couldn't find a plugin. There are lots of audio

  • How can I stop/resume jquery .animate() exactly where I left it?February 17

    I'd like to stop a jQuery animation on mouseover and resume it on mouseout. I thought to use the Pause plugin but it jumps to the next step of the animation. How can I do this? Here's my code: var animation_hamburger = function() { $('#inicio #logo .

  • show form on modal bootstrap

    show form on modal bootstrapFebruary 17

    I get show modal when I press an anchor. Inside modal I would like to create a form. But I don't get it. below modal body I have a div with a hidden class as the example below <div id="modal-body-content"> <div class="hidden"

  • How to convert "jquery code" on "angular code"?February 17

    How to convert "jquery code" on "angular code"? I'm using the "sb-admin-2 bootstrap "template, in "AngularJS Fullstack" with "Grunt" (grunt serve). I'm learning and I am self-taught. I have trouble underst

  • Create Netsuite workflow condition that evaluates item fieldFebruary 17

    Create Netsuite workflow condition that evaluates item field. Example Condition: if Product Field 1 = A, then set Product Field 2 = B. Sorry for the vague question. Just getting started in NS workflows.

  • jQuery script won't work on CSS tab menu

    jQuery script won't work on CSS tab menuFebruary 17

    I was just about to try out a CSS tab menu working with jQuery. Since I'm a beginner in JavaScript/jQuery, but having experience in PHP and stuff, I took the code off of this tutorial page. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to work properly - since all

  • What do the jQuery AJAX with Rails parameters mean?February 17

    I know that for ajax you use : $.ajax({ url: '/home/index', data: {params1: "", params2: ""}, success: function(response) { // code to be executed } }); but what are the data params, and the function response. Ive looked everywhere and

  • bootstrap-datepicker disable next month view in current monthFebruary 17

    I am using Bootstrap date picker Bootstrap Date Picker I want to hide next month dates showing in current month screen, i.e. February have 29 days. so calendar just display Feb month from 01 till 29, don't display march few dates See the Screen this

  • $().html appends to shadow DOM instead of replaceFebruary 17

    I have a page with one or more <article>s that each contain a <nav> and a <section class='app-content'> hosting a shadow DOM. I want to programmatically load one of several templates to the <section> when a user clicks an element i

  • Socket.io chat error net::ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLEFebruary 17

    currently i am making a chat using socket.io and im having a few problems... i get the following error GET net::ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE my code in index.js is as following var express

  • bxslider: can't get startSlide to do what I wantFebruary 17

    Here's my problem: a page presents N alternatives to the current product (other colors, let's say). The currently-selected product may appear anywhere in the list; I do not have control of the ordering. I can easily identify the index of that current

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