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  • Update grep on UbuntuApril 25

    I currently have grep version 2.21 on my system and I would like to upgrade to version >= 2.5. Other than installing grep through source code, is there a method to update grep using Ubuntu (apt) package manager?

  • Ensure that no console sessions are left logged in (Linux)April 25

    On a Linux system with bash as a default shell, I want to configure automatic logout with the following criteria: Console sessions (VGA, serial, remote KVM, etc.) are logged out after a specified period of time Console sessions are logged out even wh

  • CentOS 6.7 HA Cluster with 2 Nodes, No shared storage, No physical fence deviceApril 24

    My attempts in realizing the setup in the question didnt produce any results over 3 full days' of research and trying. The HA services necessary are Apache which serves numerous virtual hosts each from its own user account, MySQL which serves in the

  • ESXI 6.0 system disk boot failureApril 24

    My Poweredge 2950 running esxi 6.0 has worked for a long time. Running raid5 on 4 2TB disks. And one 1TB for system and VM. First I notised that I could't open console on my VM's. After a reboot some VM's did not start. Datastore1 (1TB system disk) w

  • How can I check the first process that is run? I can see both init and linuxrc in root folderApril 10

    I get a modified Linux installation on QNAP x86 based NAS. In the initrd image file, I noticed there are both a init script /initand a symbolic link that points to a different program(busybox): linuxrc ->/bin/busybox. How can I figure out which one i

  • Why should one bother encrypting the harddisk in linux if one can easily recover the root password?April 1

    If you have physical access to a machine, it's pretty straightforward to recover the root password thereby skipping the whole point of having an encrypted drive. Am I missing something here? EDIT: It seems that I was mistaken in a fundamental concept

  • Software for a private blog with access controlMarch 17

    I've resorted to writing some web code to get the functionality I want, but it's taking a long time and meanwhile it would be nice to start blogging. I looked for similar posts here on softwarerecs.stackexchange.com, and read these similar ones, but

  • Create directory in local machine(Linux) by using sftpMarch 15

    I need to create a directory in my local machine from the sftp. What I need to do is to create a directory in my local machine automatically when I downloaded files from sftp. I want to do this task by using linux shell script but I have no idea on h

  • Low level command to find supported screen resolutionMarch 8

    I am trying to figure out what is wrong with a cheap VGA+USB KVM. It is supposed to support a max resolution of 1920 x 1080, however when I plug it (single PC connecter, the other usb/vga ports are left unplugged for demo), I can never select this re

  • Is there a cross platform XMPP client for windows to Linux jabber serverMarch 8

    I installed a ejabberd server on oracle Linux 6. I also installed pidgin client to run on linux. This works fine. My question is: is there a client that i can install on windows to access the jabber server running on a Linux box. Right now I have pid

  • How Can I List Which Processes are Using a Specific Disk in Ubuntu?March 5

    How can I list which process(es) are using a specific disk in Linux? I'm trying to track down what is writing to my hard drive, because I'd like to move the process's stuff to my SSD so that my hard drive can go into sleep mode.

  • Server adding extra slash in php ftp_putMarch 3

    I have a simple script to upload an image via FTP to another server. This is on CentOS and the user was created in cpanel. $ftp_server = "SERVERIP"; $ftp_conn = ftp_connect($ftp_server) or die("Could not connect to $ftp_server"); ftp_l

  • IP Tables, does it really need those rules?February 28

    I am just starting with IPTables, and I am wondering if I really have to create so many rules for a simple setup: DMZ (Reverse Proxy) port 80 + 443 Frontend Subnet: Apache Webserver The Reverse Proxy should be available on Port 80 Reverse Proxy outbo

  • How to install Build-tools and APIs from Android SDK by terminal?February 15

    My problem is that I have to install android-sdk in a linux server but I can't access to the linux server only by terminal mode. I downloaded android-sdk, I extracted it and I set ANDROID_HOME on ~/.bashrc file but when I insert this command (to inst

  • Script not working (shell) [on hold]February 13

    i tried to setup a new server on a new root (debian 8) right now and noticed that my sh scripts arent working? start.sh: #!/bin/sh screen -S Minecraft ./rstart.sh rstart.sh: #!/bin/sh while true do java -server -Xms10G -Xmx10G -XX:MaxPermSize=128M -j

  • A452 Linux help! [on hold]February 13

    I have managed to complete all of the tasks other than question thirteen: Linux enables tasks which are regularly carried out to be automated through the use of shell scripts. Plan, write and test a shell script that could automate the task of creati

  • Typing the '@' character on MacBook Pro keyboard with the German keyboard LayoutFebruary 11

    Is there any way to type a @ on a MacBook Pro's keyboard using the actual Mac keyboard layout (using Linux)? All combinations I tried for the "L" - button didn't work (often doing something else, invoking commands etc.)

  • Unix - simple calclator using shell scrptingJanuary 13

    I just start to write a simple script using shell in Unix OS, check the code for further info echo "+------------------+" echo "| Simple Claculate |" echo "+------------------+" echo "This simple shell is a simple calcul

  • how to grant execute permission without read permission?January 4

    I want to grant execute permission for a script, but not read permission since I do not want user to read the content for the script. But it seems not working, I post what I am doing and seeking for advice, sub-directory demo is owned by root user an

  • Determine NFS usage based on clientJanuary 2

    We have big NFS server (~50TB of data, millions of files). 12x 6TB SATA disks w/ SSD cache (MegaRAID CacheCade). CentOS 7. 1x Xeon E5-2620 Our problem is that we have ~100 processes from 6 servers connected to this NFS server causing a lot of load. M

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