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  • Installing Unity 3D on Linux Mint 17.3 CinnamonJune 1

    ref: http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/unity/#build-nux While trying to install the build dependencies, I get: "E: You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list" Anyone know how to resolve this issue?

  • Encrypt files in LinuxMay 30

    I am not sure the subject of this post is even correct or not. What I trying to do is, I have a bash script,Suppose if some one( the ones they have access to the system) opened this bash script file, they don't want to understand whats code I have wr

  • Is there any way to send the output of a linux command to graphite (monitoring tool)?May 29

    I want to send the output of a linux command to graphite. I tried using collectd exec plugin but that doesn't seem to work.

  • Crontab task to execute every weekday from 22:00 to 0500May 19

    I have this listed in cron. */10 22-5 * * 1-5 /home/xfinity/Dropbox/take-pic.sh The script is ok. All permission. What could be wrong with it? --------------Solutions------------- Split the hour range to: */10 22-23,0-5 * * 1-5 /home/xfinity/Dropbox/

  • Physical location to another physical location [on hold]May 19

    I know the physical location of the data, now how to transfer this address to the storage device. --------------Solutions------------- Can you elaborate your concern ? If you want to move the data, you can use "mv" command in linux. check # man

  • Cut partial element from specific column in print outputMay 4

    For a while now I've been using a simple command to extract data from netstat to show how many connections to a server are coming from a specific IP. I'm now trying to migrate that command, while adding a bit more detail, using ss but I'm getting a b

  • Webmin for Linux RedHat 5 - printer setup issueMay 3

    I install webmin 1.7.x for RedHat Linux server that is used for Oracle Application. I need it mainly for printer administration works. The print banner option cannot be saved in any printer setup. I can change it to (Optional) but after I save it, it

  • Virtual Machine add increased disk space as new partition ubuntu

    Virtual Machine add increased disk space as new partition ubuntuApril 29

    I work inside a VM which runs ubuntu. As I was running out of space, I asked my System Admin to increase the space of the VM which he did and asked me to add the increased space as a new partition. Here is the output of lsblk command listing the driv

  • Where is log of Wine?April 29

    Where I using Windows, I play League of Legends portable, just execute and play I'm trying play this game in Linux, I'm using Metamorphose Linux, is a debian base distrution. I'm try execute using Wine, is not working, but where can I find Wine erro

  • pass du (disk usage) result to a numeric variableApril 29

    In a shell script, I'm looking for a way to pass the du (disk usage) result to a numeric variable, so that I cantie the execution of a shell script to the size of a specific folder. I've tried something like size=$(du -sh /folder) but this passes an

  • How to create a Ubuntu live usb with more than 4gb of persistanceApril 26

    I have looked this up a few times and they are all telling me the same thing that doesn't seem to work. Here are some specks: Toshiba satellite, Ubuntu 15.1, 2 USBs (one 2.0 the other 3.0), and I'm using Ubuntu startup disk creator and GParted partio

  • Recovering data from parts of partition which were not overwrittenApril 26

    I was running Xubuntu in a VMware virtual machine, with a 40GB virtual hard drive. I accidentally overwrote the first 8GB with a Raspberry Pi image. I would like to recover files (text files, images, PDFs) from the remaining 32GB. I tried PhotoRec, b

  • Can ISIC Malformed packets be routed through an ILO or IDRAC Management portApril 26

    ISIC generates random IPs so it is possible for malformed packets to be routed through the management port and out into the private and / or public network. If I disable the management port and use either ILO or IDRAC instead, is there anyway the ran

  • Update grep on UbuntuApril 25

    I currently have grep version 2.21 on my system and I would like to upgrade to version >= 2.5. Other than installing grep through source code, is there a method to update grep using Ubuntu (apt) package manager?

  • Ensure that no console sessions are left logged in (Linux)April 25

    On a Linux system with bash as a default shell, I want to configure automatic logout with the following criteria: Console sessions (VGA, serial, remote KVM, etc.) are logged out after a specified period of time Console sessions are logged out even wh

  • CentOS 6.7 HA Cluster with 2 Nodes, No shared storage, No physical fence deviceApril 24

    My attempts in realizing the setup in the question didnt produce any results over 3 full days' of research and trying. The HA services necessary are Apache which serves numerous virtual hosts each from its own user account, MySQL which serves in the

  • ESXI 6.0 system disk boot failureApril 24

    My Poweredge 2950 running esxi 6.0 has worked for a long time. Running raid5 on 4 2TB disks. And one 1TB for system and VM. First I notised that I could't open console on my VM's. After a reboot some VM's did not start. Datastore1 (1TB system disk) w

  • How can I check the first process that is run? I can see both init and linuxrc in root folderApril 10

    I get a modified Linux installation on QNAP x86 based NAS. In the initrd image file, I noticed there are both a init script /initand a symbolic link that points to a different program(busybox): linuxrc ->/bin/busybox. How can I figure out which one i

  • Why should one bother encrypting the harddisk in linux if one can easily recover the root password?April 1

    If you have physical access to a machine, it's pretty straightforward to recover the root password thereby skipping the whole point of having an encrypted drive. Am I missing something here? EDIT: It seems that I was mistaken in a fundamental concept

  • Software for a private blog with access controlMarch 17

    I've resorted to writing some web code to get the functionality I want, but it's taking a long time and meanwhile it would be nice to start blogging. I looked for similar posts here on softwarerecs.stackexchange.com, and read these similar ones, but

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