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  • How to use vga passthrough in Ubuntu 15.10 with two AMD graphic cards using the same driverJanuary 5

    I have a Ubuntu 15.10 based PC with two different ATI/AMD graphics cards (ATI Radeon 4650 and AMD 7970) I want to install Windows via qemu/kvm with vga passthrough. For this I have to blacklist the AMD 7970 card using the command blacklist radeon. Un

  • Dumping current .zshrc from terminalJanuary 4

    I've wanted to make quick edit in a .zshrc, but vim said that it can't be written or something. So I quit, with :q!. Then I wanted to reopen this file... and it was empty. I still have terminal open which works with previous configuration. How can I

  • Internet stops working after few minutesJanuary 4

    My internet stops working after few minutes and have to disconnect and then reconnect to wifi to make it work. This issue is only with my laptop other devices mobile/tablet/pc works fine with the same wifi My internet setup is like this MODEM ==> (vi

  • Unable to install Grub manually

    Unable to install Grub manuallyJanuary 2

    I sent as unable to install Grub It says that cannot find efi directory Please refer the image for error details I am installing it from live Kali linux --------------Solutions------------- Have you tried boot-repair yet? If not, open your favorite s

  • Apache on Last Logins listJanuary 1

    I have set the apache user to have /sbin/nologin as his shell, but still he appears many times in the list of last logins (last command) - probably by someone who I surely didn't want to do so. What am I missing here, what else can trigger an entry o

  • Spamassassin does not start on ubuntu serverDecember 31

    After installing Spamassassin on my Ubuntu server, it does not start and gives this error: : not found/spamassassin: 3: /etc/default/spamassassin: : not found/spamassassin: 6: /etc/default/spamassassin: : not found/spamassassin: 9: /etc/default/spama

  • HTTPS activated, how to refuse HTTP connections December 31

    This question already has an answer here: HowTo redirect HTTP to HTTPS on the same httpd? 2 answers I recently installed an SSL certificate on my server and now HTTPS seems to work for all the pages. However, the server is still accepting connections

  • Should I use OSX Server as replacement of CloudLinux? [on hold]December 30

    I have a MacPro and a rented CloudLinux dedicated server with +20 domains. My question is, is it wise to replace CloudLinux with the OSX Server app? My reasons Using MacPro more logically. She is wasting as an in-office server. I want to own my own d

  • Why there is a bridge concept over interface bonding?December 30

    I am confused with the network bridge concept over interface bonding. Network Bonding : used for aggregating multiple ports into one, for redundancy purpose. Network Bridge : used to bridge packets between 2 ports. Both concepts are different. But wh

  • Unable to boot to Solus

    Unable to boot to SolusDecember 22

    Regards, Recently I have downloaded Solus 1.0. While trying to boot following text appears on screen and hangs there, crtl+alt+del, esc, enter... they do not work, to restart I have to do it manually. Bootable usb drive was created in windows 10 usin

  • How bridge works on top of bond interface?December 21

    I am always confused in understanding network bonding and network bridging. Bridging is different and Bonding is different , I want to know how they work together. Thanks in advance.

  • How to log count(file and record) details into database table using shell script [on hold]December 21

    we are getting files on daily basis.we need to process these files. i need a unix shell script where we can count 1-The no of files processed 2-No of data/record processed for each files. The script should log these details into a database table. If

  • How to install and boot 32-bit Ubuntu on 64-bit UEFI device with no legacy boot optionDecember 20

    Is there any way to install 64-bit UEFI Grub and use it to boot into a 32-bit Ubuntu install? How should the installation process take place? Switching to Legacy BIOS mode is not an option.

  • unable to understand expansion of heap memoryDecember 14

    heap may be expanded only if there is no other mapping in the requested address range !! What is the meaning of the above statement ?

  • Unable to install Grub loser manually

    Unable to install Grub loser manuallyNovember 30

    I sent as unable to install Grub It says that cannot find efi directory Please refer the image for error details I am installing it from live Kali linux

  • PPTP error 619 when accessed externallyNovember 29

    I set up a PPTPD server on Arch Linux. If I connect to the VPN using the server's local IP (, it works, but if I connect to the VPN using the external IP address, then the client results in error 619. Any help would be greatly appreciat

  • routing nginx request through index fileNovember 28

    I would like for nginx to process: http://dev.mydomain.com/about-us as http://dev.mydomain.com/index.cfm/about-us I have attempted to use try_files $uri $uri/ /index.cfm?$args; without luck. Any suggestions? I have also attempted to convert this apac

  • Do Linux servers using AD/Kerberos for authentication/authorization need computer accounts?November 28

    I am confused about whether Linux servers using Active Directory (AD) and Kerberos need computer accounts created? Does the Linux server as a machine need to join and AD domain and in doing so have a computer account to have authentication/authorizat

  • Is Basic Regular Expression same as pathname expansion in shell?November 22

    I'm learning about regular expression, and they are divided into basic and extended. Basic Regular Expression(BRE) uses meta-character [ ] ^ $ . *. It's works on grep command well. But, when we use ls, echo or something else command, it works well, t

  • Nested strings in bash commandNovember 22

    I am attempting to write a script to list all the shebang lines in python files. What I would like to do is sudo bash -c 'for logf in $(find / -name "*.py"); do fgrep '#!/usr/bin' "$logf"; done' This gives error bash: !/usr/bin': event

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