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  • Ubuntu 14.04 blk_update_request I/O error on same sector across all drives with ZFS

    Ubuntu 14.04 blk_update_request I/O error on same sector across all drives with ZFSFebruary 26

    I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 with ZOL version v0.6.5.4: root@box ~# dmesg | egrep "SPL|ZFS" [ 34.430404] SPL: Loaded module v0.6.5.4-1~trusty [ 34.475743] ZFS: Loaded module v0.6.5.4-1~trusty, ZFS pool version 5000, ZFS filesystem version 5 ZFS is c

  • openvpn multiple bridged connectionsFebruary 25

    Have problem connecting several physical network segments using openvpn, please help. Have network that consists of 3 segments: First one: 172.16.2 with linux router that has an internet access and openvpn server installed. o

  • Owner of screen sessionFebruary 24

    When I logged in a server and issue a 'screen -list' commands it gives the following result - 31917.pts-5.office (Detached) 31844.pts-0.office (Detached) But it is sometimes important to know who has start the screen session - eg.- as system admin ma

  • Why doesn't `tar --exclude` take multiple options?February 7

    Looking at the man-page for tar it's stated that --exclude=PATTERN will " exclude files, given as a PATTERN ". I'm not sure if PATTERN is explained in more detail somewhere else, but why does the user have to supply a separate --exclude option f

  • What is the command for connecting to WiFi from the command line? [on hold]February 7

    What is an easy way to connect to a secured network from the command line in Arch Linux(without an X server)? I am looking for a command, or a sequence of commands that will allow me to connect to the network. Note: the computer already has the drive

  • Running Python Files on Fordham Linux Erdos Server [on hold]

    Running Python Files on Fordham Linux Erdos Server [on hold]February 5

    I am having trouble executing my python files on Fordham University's Linux Command Line (the Erdos Server). The url for the server is located at http://storm.cis.fordham.edu/desktop/desk.php. The server accepts my username, and password, and then di

  • autofs: how to check if a given directory is a mount trap, from userspace?February 4

    Mount traps are core elements of the implementation of autofs in Linux, and "any directory provided by a filesystem can be designated as a trap" (per autofs4.txt); from kernel space, one'd check if "a dentry has the DCACHE_NEED_AUTOMOUNT fl

  • What are the potential privacy issues in using a TPM chip with GNU/LinuxJanuary 24

    I'm planning to buy a TPM chip to bring more security in my system (GNU/Linux, dm-crypt/LUKS, SED) but I'm not sure with the big debate around it. What are the (possible) privacy concerns in using a TPM chip ? Can my keys or my datas be leaked to gov

  • How to use vga passthrough in Ubuntu 15.10 with two AMD graphic cards using the same driverJanuary 5

    I have a Ubuntu 15.10 based PC with two different ATI/AMD graphics cards (ATI Radeon 4650 and AMD 7970) I want to install Windows via qemu/kvm with vga passthrough. For this I have to blacklist the AMD 7970 card using the command blacklist radeon. Un

  • Dumping current .zshrc from terminalJanuary 4

    I've wanted to make quick edit in a .zshrc, but vim said that it can't be written or something. So I quit, with :q!. Then I wanted to reopen this file... and it was empty. I still have terminal open which works with previous configuration. How can I

  • Internet stops working after few minutesJanuary 4

    My internet stops working after few minutes and have to disconnect and then reconnect to wifi to make it work. This issue is only with my laptop other devices mobile/tablet/pc works fine with the same wifi My internet setup is like this MODEM ==> (vi

  • Unable to install Grub manually

    Unable to install Grub manuallyJanuary 2

    I sent as unable to install Grub It says that cannot find efi directory Please refer the image for error details I am installing it from live Kali linux --------------Solutions------------- Have you tried boot-repair yet? If not, open your favorite s

  • Apache on Last Logins listJanuary 1

    I have set the apache user to have /sbin/nologin as his shell, but still he appears many times in the list of last logins (last command) - probably by someone who I surely didn't want to do so. What am I missing here, what else can trigger an entry o

  • Spamassassin does not start on ubuntu serverDecember 31

    After installing Spamassassin on my Ubuntu server, it does not start and gives this error: : not found/spamassassin: 3: /etc/default/spamassassin: : not found/spamassassin: 6: /etc/default/spamassassin: : not found/spamassassin: 9: /etc/default/spama

  • HTTPS activated, how to refuse HTTP connections December 31

    This question already has an answer here: HowTo redirect HTTP to HTTPS on the same httpd? 2 answers I recently installed an SSL certificate on my server and now HTTPS seems to work for all the pages. However, the server is still accepting connections

  • Should I use OSX Server as replacement of CloudLinux? [on hold]December 30

    I have a MacPro and a rented CloudLinux dedicated server with +20 domains. My question is, is it wise to replace CloudLinux with the OSX Server app? My reasons Using MacPro more logically. She is wasting as an in-office server. I want to own my own d

  • Why there is a bridge concept over interface bonding?December 30

    I am confused with the network bridge concept over interface bonding. Network Bonding : used for aggregating multiple ports into one, for redundancy purpose. Network Bridge : used to bridge packets between 2 ports. Both concepts are different. But wh

  • Unable to boot to Solus

    Unable to boot to SolusDecember 22

    Regards, Recently I have downloaded Solus 1.0. While trying to boot following text appears on screen and hangs there, crtl+alt+del, esc, enter... they do not work, to restart I have to do it manually. Bootable usb drive was created in windows 10 usin

  • How bridge works on top of bond interface?December 21

    I am always confused in understanding network bonding and network bridging. Bridging is different and Bonding is different , I want to know how they work together. Thanks in advance.

  • How to log count(file and record) details into database table using shell script [on hold]December 21

    we are getting files on daily basis.we need to process these files. i need a unix shell script where we can count 1-The no of files processed 2-No of data/record processed for each files. The script should log these details into a database table. If

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