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  • Creating my own repository on debian based linuxApril 19

    I want to create my repository on my debian based machine! so: $ touch /etc/apt/myown.list urls: http://www.domain.ext/path/to/repository smb: smb://path/to/repository ftp: ftp://ftp.domain.ext/path/to/repository Right? So how can I put nfs and cd-ro

  • ziping all files in a folder without all directoriesApril 19

    I used this command to zip all files in a folder : zip -r fixedrom.zip /sdcard/dbtools/zipfix/fix/ ; It works fine but the zip should be like this : Meta-inf Recovery System Boot.IMG Etc... But after unziping its like this Sdcard>dbtools>zipfix>f

  • How can i install Avro for linux 17.3 (rosa)?April 18

    I can not install avro in my linux pc 17.3 (rosa).If anyone know the process please share it. Thank you.

  • Safety of local network over VPNMarch 27

    I have a Linux machine in a local network that uses an OpenVPN connection to reach the outside world. However, I know nothing about the VPN server itself and therefore I assume that whoever operates it can have malicious intentions. The Linux machine

  • How do I map the keys on a USB audio device to volume controls?March 27

    I don't have PulseAudio. I've been learning/tinkering with Alsa to setup USB device and effectively replace Pulseaudio with the configs. When the USB device is connected and I want to play through it, a run a little script that writes the following l

  • When is `irqbalance` needed in a Linux VM under VMware?March 20

    I have a Linux farm in VMware Enterprise 5.5. They are (mostly) 64-bit amd64 Debian Jessie servers with SysVinit and not systemd. I paravirtualized their Ethernet cards and disk controllers. The VMs have open-vm-tools installed. Paravirtual drivers a

  • Set Locales on UbuntuMarch 4

    Greetings: I want to set locales in Ubuntu. It currently has en_US.UTF-8 and want to change it to es_ES.ISO-8859-1. I added the locale by entering the command sudo locale-gen "es_ES.ISO-8859-1" When i execute the following command, it says, amon

  • Linix Mint Live CD: DNS not working, but will ping out fine

    Linix Mint Live CD: DNS not working, but will ping out fineMarch 3

    I am running a Mint (Cinnamon) 64-bit Live CD with VirtualBox on my Windows 8.1 Host computer. The guest can ping (Google) just fine, but cannot access the web. I tried changing the DNS from 'automatic' to, and to the defau

  • USB3 HDD on Ubuntu doesn't work until re-attachingMarch 2

    I have a 5 TB USB3 HDD, and since getting a new host for the drive I have encountered issues - at first I suspected the drive was failing and tried to run through some checks. After re-attaching the drive however it mounts and responds normally for s

  • Installing skype on Debian removes KDE and a bunch of other packagesMarch 1

    On Debian 8 with KDE plasma Looking here it recommends running these commands: sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 sudo aptitude update sudo aptitude install libc6:i386 libqt4-dbus:i386 libqt4-network:i386 libqt4-xml:i386 libqtcore4:i386 libqtgui4:i386

  • Firefox doesn't ask me for a certificate when visiting a site that needs oneMarch 1

    I use Firefox 44.0.2 on a Linux Xubuntu system. I'm trying to access a company website that requires a certificate. I can confirm I have the correct certificate in Preferences->Advanced->Certificates->View Certifacates->Your Certificates It's

  • No internet connection after rebootFebruary 28

    I rebooted my vServer (Debian 8) and it doesn't came back up. Well, I used the rescue console on my server and the server seems to be running fine, except the network was broken. So I tried 'ifconfig' but nothing came up. So I tried to enable my inte

  • Multiline Search and Replace in LinuxFebruary 28

    Tried this with vim, but open to other ideas/suggestions. Would like to perform a search and replace in a file with 12000 lines. Specifically, if an occurrence of "^ SetFontSize 28" exists after a "^Hide" definition and before the next

  • Linux Maldetect Not Sending Email ReportsFebruary 27

    I've set Linux Malware Detect to send me emails of the reports it generates, but haven't received a single one even though it has produced several reports. Relevant maldet settings /usr/local/maldetect/conf.maldet include: email_alert="1" email_

  • making sda1 bigger - and why is it so smallFebruary 27

    Hi I'm working with a cloud service and when I clone a VM (This is for Google) I type lsblk after I ssh into it and I don't see why the partition sda1 is only 10 GB which is only 10% of what I paid for. I am not a linux admin at all and I really don;

  • Ubuntu 14.04 blk_update_request I/O error on same sector across all drives with ZFS

    Ubuntu 14.04 blk_update_request I/O error on same sector across all drives with ZFSFebruary 26

    I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 with ZOL version v0.6.5.4: [email protected] ~# dmesg | egrep "SPL|ZFS" [ 34.430404] SPL: Loaded module v0.6.5.4-1~trusty [ 34.475743] ZFS: Loaded module v0.6.5.4-1~trusty, ZFS pool version 5000, ZFS filesystem version 5 ZFS is c

  • openvpn multiple bridged connectionsFebruary 25

    Have problem connecting several physical network segments using openvpn, please help. Have network that consists of 3 segments: First one: 172.16.2 with linux router that has an internet access and openvpn server installed. o

  • Owner of screen sessionFebruary 24

    When I logged in a server and issue a 'screen -list' commands it gives the following result - 31917.pts-5.office (Detached) 31844.pts-0.office (Detached) But it is sometimes important to know who has start the screen session - eg.- as system admin ma

  • Why doesn't `tar --exclude` take multiple options?February 7

    Looking at the man-page for tar it's stated that --exclude=PATTERN will " exclude files, given as a PATTERN ". I'm not sure if PATTERN is explained in more detail somewhere else, but why does the user have to supply a separate --exclude option f

  • What is the command for connecting to WiFi from the command line? [on hold]February 7

    What is an easy way to connect to a secured network from the command line in Arch Linux(without an X server)? I am looking for a command, or a sequence of commands that will allow me to connect to the network. Note: the computer already has the drive

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