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  • Cannot access a certain URL, everything else works fine

    Cannot access a certain URL, everything else works fineMay 3

    I've been experiencing a weird issue with my network. Everything worked fine until three days ago where, for no particular reason, I stopped having access to only one, certain website. This is the url of the site. Every time I try to access it I get

  • how to specify machine name for connecting through routerMarch 4

    I have an ubuntu (14.04) desktop server that connects into a router, inside the router I have a static local ip assigned to the server ( The router provides me a static website asdf.com which is an interface to the router, to which I can

  • Removing "Network Device" which was manually added via script

    Removing "Network Device" which was manually added via scriptMarch 3

    I have a site on GoDaddy which uses the cpanel software as part of the hosting service. I downloaded their visual basic script to connect to a "Web disk" but now I want it removed. Anyone know how I can remove this? I'll take either a script or

  • multiple network adapters in virtual machinesFebruary 26

    I need to set up server infrastructure for a client with 20 virtual machines. There will be two SQL Clusters and other machines will be web servers and active directory. I have been suggested to use separate network adapters for the type of communica

  • How do I set up multiple displays for a single computer over ethernetFebruary 24

    Currently I have 4 computers in separate rooms, connected through ethernet. It is a dental clinic and those computers are used to plug in some equipment via usb. I was wondering if it would be possible to have just one computer, and multiple displays

  • Are there any specific tools for troubleshooting Domain Controller & Client connectivity?February 23

    I am setting up a test rig on Amazon Web Services comprising of 2 web servers, 1 database server and 1 domain controller. All the servers are Windows Server 2012. I have had random occurrences of the web servers losing trust with the domain controlle

  • WIFI controller not accessibleFebruary 21

    Network controller [0280]: Qualcomm Atheros Device [168c:0042] (rev 30) Recently Install ubunut 15.10 .. wifi is not showing no wireless connections ,,, reply as soon as possible with appropriate solution

  • How to list the ipaddress of hosts in a network?February 19

    I am using the educational institute internet service using Wifi as well as wired LAN. The basic setup what i understand is that whole institute is covered with wifi and there are multiple wifi access point with different names. There is a dedicated

  • mDNS in the context of a DNSJanuary 4

    Yesterday we have been discussing mDNS in the context of a lecture at the University. We did not exactly come to a result and I can't stop to think about it. The project in the lecture was about configuring a Unix (in this case OSX) system in order t

  • Can't port forward on my static public IP with my TD-W9980 router

    Can't port forward on my static public IP with my TD-W9980 routerJanuary 2

    I believe I have set up my port forwarding correctly. TPG (my internet provider) said port forwarding is possible with them and they don't block any ports. Multiple port checkers state the port is false, I've read lots of port forwarding port trouble

  • Why do I lose textarea content when going Back?January 2

    I run Gmail in "Basic HTML" mode and sometimes lose composed email because the network has disappeared for various reasons when I'm trying to send the message. To recreate: Switch Gmail to "Basic HTML" mode Compose an email Turn off Wi

  • ThinkPad L460 Wifi does not workDecember 29

    i want to apologize, but I have nerlay no knowledge of Linux/Ubuntu at all since this was my first try with it. I was trying to set my Thinkpad L460 up with Ubuntu 14.04. After somehow i magicly got the touchpad to work, i had serious issues with my

  • Upgraded to ubuntu 16.04 and cant get an internet connection [on hold]December 28

    I've upgraded my personal ubuntu server from 14.04 to 16.04(Development branch) but I don't seem to be able to connect to the internet after reboot. I've read some other similar cases, but don't seem to figure it out. I'm using a wired connection. Do

  • How to disable root privilege for SSH'ed users?December 26

    I want to setup a VPS that is is open to a few people for them to execute a program. They will connect via SSH. Is there a way for me to keep them from running root commands (sudo, su)? I tried installing Openssh-server on my laptop running ubuntu 14

  • internet cant be connected Disconnected you are now offline___pls help?November 25

    I am a very new user of ubuntu and booted my lenovo 3000 n500 laptop with ubuntu 14.04.4.....every time its displaying disconnected you are offline.But the same file is used for my friend's pc and that is flawless......pls help meeeeeeeeeee

  • Unable to connect Windows 8.1 to Ad-Hoc network created on Ubuntu 15.10November 24

    I followed the intstructions per this video mostly, without success. I browsed various other internet sources and i still can't connect. The problem is that although i create the adhoc network on my ubuntu machine, the wireless sidebar inteface of wi

  • Can't access a certain URL through my internet connection

    Can't access a certain URL through my internet connectionNovember 2

    Something really peculiar is happening. I'm trying to access a certain URL. This URL is just a simple greek web comic site. But since yesterday and for no reason whatsoever I can't seem to access it through my internet connection. The site is indeed

  • How to update the gateway with nmcliSeptember 24

    I'm using centos 7 and I setup a new connection with nmcli. I set the gateway but it doesnt seem it took. When I check the connection with nmcli con show conn-name the gateway is listed as: gw = I cant find how you add/modify the gateway with

  • Ubuntu Server 15.10 VirtualBox Bridged and NAT don't work togetherJuly 9

    I have installed and Ubuntu Server 15.10 as a VM and set up 2 network adapters - the default NAT + a Bridged on to connect to the VM. lspci among other thing brings 00:03.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82540EM Gigabit Ethernet Controller (r

  • Configure NIC as dedicated VPN interfaceJuly 7

    I have a setup with two ethernet connections. I'm trying to configure it so that one of the interfaces (eth1) is configured for use with OpenVPN and is not a default route for anything. (Connections to the VPN interface would be controlled by manuall

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