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  • Writable Atomic property - cannot pair a synthesized getter with a user defined setterJanuary 10

    I have defined an atomic attributed property in my application but now find a new to override the setter so as to update some UI element whenever it is changed. However, I get the aforementioned warning. Is there a way to nullify this warning or if n

  • custom delegate getting nil in swift , not getting call back [on hold]August 2

    I am trying to create a custom delegate using TLPhotoControllerDelegate in swift. However the doSomething method is not being called through callback. It seems that delegate?. TLPhotoControllerDelegate() does not fire to the class B TLPhotoController

  • UIControl - detect what type of action actually occurredFebruary 17

    I have a custom UIControl subclass with an action method callback. I want to display the value of the control element while it is being adjusted on a UILabel and then I want the label to become hidden when the user stops adjusted the control. Therefo

  • App crash during displaying remote notificationFebruary 17

    I am trying to display a banner using toast(https://github.com/scalessec/Toast) if the app receives a notification while its on the foreground. The simple case works fine without any problems.. - (void)application:(UIApplication *)application didRece

  • How to swizzle methods with identical names (NSNotificationCenter postNotificationName)?February 17

    I am fairly new to method swizzling, and I'd like to use it to troubleshoot a problem I am having that is likely the result of an errant call to NSNotificationCenter. To do this I want to swizzle to log out each call to NSNotificationCenter's postNot

  • Map not loading when using ViewDidAppear and didChangeAuthorizationStatusFebruary 17

    I'm getting the standard requestWhenInUseAuthorization error but the map loads if I take out the viewDidAppear method. And as you can see in the didChangeAuthorizationStatus method when the user refuses authorization I'm using an additional action bu

  • Obj-C function translation to Swift 2 functionFebruary 17

    I've done my best to transalte this code but something is still wrong. Can some please help and also explain which Obj-C code correlates to the Swift code? Thanks. Obj-C //NTRMainViewConroller.m - (IBAction)unwindFromModalViewController:(UIStoryboard

  • Objective C-OSX How to change color of NSTableViewCell when selecting?February 17

    there are 3 cell in my table view my table is view base table my requirement is when i select any cell(click on any row) text color and background color of that(selected cell) table view cell change --------------Solutions------------- A naive soluti

  • AVFoundation H.265 hardware encodingFebruary 17

    The WWDC 2014 session 'Direct Access to Video Encoding and Decoding' covers H.264 encoding using kCMVideoCodecType_H264, but looking at the CMFormatDescription docs, there doesn't appear to be an equivalent for H.265. Is it possible to encode to H.26

  • Int value not updating CALayerFebruary 17

    I have an int instance variable declared like this @interface myLayer : CALayer{ int compareValue; } Than in my layer's .m file I do -(void) drawInContext:(CGContextRef) context{ compareValue ++; NSLog(@"%i",compareValue); } However compareValue

  • Create cocoapod from existing project hosted Github (and locally)February 17

    Some weeks ago I've created an interactive transition in Objective-C. I've created a repository on GitHub and I've hosted a project which contains the transition classes and the example code to handle it. My routine is the following: Make changes loc

  • Programmatically open NSWindow in another Desktop (Space)February 17

    In my OSX Project I want to: identify the Desktop (one of the expose Spaces) where a NSWindow resides; open a NSWindow in a determined Space, not only on current Space. Is there a way to do these simple tasks? Exploring the documentation (NSWindowCon

  • Xcode Analyzer Leak Warning When Updating PropertyFebruary 17

    I have the below method that returns the NSFileWrapper for my NSDocument subclass. I am getting an Analyzer warning on image saying that the "allocated object is not referenced later in this execution path and has a retain count of". This is abs

  • Objective-C @strongify returns if self is nilFebruary 17

    I use weakify/strongify macros and I want to move next logic to the macros. @weakify(self); BOOL (^matchesFooOrBar)(id) = ^ BOOL (id obj){ @strongify(self); if (self == nil) return; // I want to move it to the macros strongify definition: #define str

  • How could I create a horizontal UIPickerView style control?

    How could I create a horizontal UIPickerView style control?February 17

    I want to create a custom UIView that would be equivalent to a horizontal UIPickerView. The data elements, such as "Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Santa Clara, San Jose" would move left to right. The view would be long and thin. 50px in he

  • How could I make an "iPod Wheel" type control on iPhone?

    How could I make an "iPod Wheel" type control on iPhone?February 17

    I want to create a sort of "iPod Wheel" control in a Swift project that I'm doing. I've got everything drawn out, but not it's time to actually make this thing work. What would be the best way to recognize "spinning" so to speak, or to

  • How Custom Cell arr data share UIActivityViewControllerFebruary 17

    custom cell data click to share button. all data share using UIActivityViewController. This code using array all data share. but i want only custom cell select data. -(IBAction)btnshare:(id)sender{ NSString *Number = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"Numb

  • saving paired video in Camera Roll iOS 9.1 failsFebruary 17

    I work on iOS 9.1 Xcode 7.1 I tried to save pair of live wallpaper using image (.jpg) with video (.MOV) video together (downloaded and saved in document directory), image saved successfully but video fails to save. Works perfectly if both are placed

  • Swift interoperability with Objective-CFebruary 17

    I've got a Swift struct called Card. I imported a library (by copy pasting the files of that library) in my Xcode project. In that library there is a Objective-C class named Card. Is there any sort of namespace for all object coming from Objective-C

  • Use SceneKit to render an CVOpenGLTextureRefFebruary 17

    I am using AVCaptureSession, and outputting a CVOpenGLTextureRef at 60fps, which I need to display using SceneKit. I'm fairly sure I should be using the SCNProgramDelegate method bindValueForSymbol: but can't quite figure out the mechanism to bind th

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