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  • bandwidth throttle for individual websitesMarch 29

    hi, is it possible to limit a website's traffic from within ispconfig? i don't want to suspend the site after reaching the limit, just limit the bandwidth it gets. or at least split the available bandwidth equally between all the websites on the serv

  • Exim and DKIM on debianMarch 29

    I have been following a tutorial : iodigitalsec.com/exim-dkim-and-debian-configuration/ to configure DKIM on debian. At the end I could verify my record with the command Code: [email protected]:/etc/exim4# host -t txt 27564764._domainkey.yourdomain.com which wo

  • 403 - Forbidden / client deniedJanuary 5

    Hi, I created a webroot configuration for letsencrypt with this configuration Alias /.well-known "/var/www/letsencrypt/.well-known" <IfModule mod_headers.c> <LocationMatch "/.well-known/acme-challenge/*"> Header set Content

  • How to configure DNS?

    How to configure DNS?January 5

    I want to configure my server as a primary DNS for my super-domain.com The server's IP is and it has domain it's own domain: ns308.ip-149-202-149.eu (given by the company where I bought this dedicated server- OVH). The secondary DNS se

  • The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 15.10 nginx, MySQL, PHP, Postfix, BIND, Dovecot, Pure-FTPD and ISPConfigDecember 2

    Thanks so much. I was looking for its installation steps.......I want to switch to Linux --------------Solutions------------- yup, I am fed up of Windows........ recently it was infected by malware which I had installed accidentally. although I tried

  • ISPConfig 3 over Centos 7 old nginx version. Tutorial or optiosn for use newer version?December 2

    Hi. I like compiling Pagespeed, but I see a very older version on ISPConfig 3 on Centos 7. Version it's 1.6.3, and latest stable it's 1.8.1 Anyboy knows any tutorial for compiling or download rpm src or special issues for this acction? Apreciate help

  • Ispconfig show "ftp is offline" + can't access to website on port 443 (https)December 1

    Hi! I'm using debian jessie + the last ispconfig. Here is the logs : Code: ##### SERVER ##### IP-address (as per hostname): ***.***.***.*** IP-address(es) (as per ifconfig): ***.***.***.*** [INFO] ISPConfig is installed. ##### ISPCONFIG ##### ISPConf

  • Tabs, left menu, and main screen out of sync.December 1

    I have ISPconfig 3 installed for about 6 months. After login, the tabs on the top still say login, but I see the logout button at the top of the screen. If I do a refresh, i will get the tabs, and sometimes the dashboard. Hit it again, and i loose th

  • After upgrade to Jessie: (host[] said: 451 4.5.0 id=09291-02-5 - Temporary MTA faDecember 1

    After I upgraded one of my servers to Jessie, mail stopped routing. Postqueue -p shows: (host[] said: 451 4.5.0 id=09291-02-5 - Temporary MTA failure on relaying, From MTA() during fwd-connect (No greeting, dt: 16.491 s): id=09291-

  • Docker: How to use it in a practical way

    Docker: How to use it in a practical wayAugust 19

    Part 2: Docker installation and service management. Preface In the first part, I presented the fundamental ideas behind Docker containers and how exactly they work. In this second part, we will proceed with the installation of Docker and its manageme

  • How to fix mixed language problem when logged in as admin?

    How to fix mixed language problem when logged in as admin?August 12

    Hey everyone been a long-time lurker, so this is my first post. I'm a huge fan of ISPConfig, though, so thanks for your work and all the forum help everyone has contributed. I have had a minor issue that has been around since my original squeeze inst

  • Gmail mark all emails as spam sent by postfixAugust 12

    I have small server hosting with few domains. I am useing ispconfig with postfix. When I send mail from my server (nevermind from which domain) to gmail message is marked as spam. Domain: coolschool[dot]com[dot]pl or flyot[dot]com Address IP: 195.191

  • An introduction to Linux activity/event trackers

    An introduction to Linux activity/event trackersFebruary 25

    Most modern GNU/Linux distributions use some kind of a software service that tracks the user activities and events. These events can be anything, from the opening of a document file, to the chat conversation. This isn't happening for the purpose to m

  • You will need a new app to open this ms-windows-store in Window 10

    You will need a new app to open this ms-windows-store in Window 10February 25

    I tried and solutions Right-click the start button, select "Command prompt (Admin)" and type powershell. Then type: Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted And then Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register

  • Postfix/Dovecot ISPConfig - All incoming mail missing for some reasonFebruary 20

    So this has given me...the largest of migraines over the last few days. I have an ISPConfig3 - CentOS 7 based server and I'm trying to allow for email communication. Specifically, email piping into a piece of PHP software I use. Now, here's my proble

  • ISPConfig UI issuesFebruary 20

    Hi all, Firstly, I'm not expert but I have been running a home server for a good few years now (Owncloud/Emails/Website/IPTV/Plex). I had a MYSQL database failure last week (Wife turned the power off to the server by mistake) and had to do a full reb

  • How i can merge 3 ISPConfig Servers to one?February 20

    dear community, i have currently 2 webservers running. both on the current ISPConfig 3 version. the only difference between both hosts: one ISPConfig runs on debian 6, the other one on debian 7.8. i have installed the new server (7.8) becaus the upgr

  • blacklist a complete tld range in ispconfig mail configFebruary 20

    Hi, since a few days, I receive a lot of spam, all coming from email addresses with the tld .xyz. Is it possible to add a blacklisting rule to block all emails with a domain name ending in .xyz (or any other tld) I send the htf report I generated a f

  • ispconfig_update.sh quits without error

    ispconfig_update.sh quits without errorFebruary 20

    Hello folks, I´m facing a problem whenever I tried to update my ispconfig 3 server as follows: [email protected]:/var/log/ispconfig# /etc/init.d/cron stop [ ok ] Stopping periodic command scheduler: cron. [email protected]:/var/log/ispconfig# ispconfig_update.sh -

  • Problem with multiple PHP versionsFebruary 19

    I installed a new clean "Perfect server" based on Debian Jessie in a openvz vps on my own local home server. After that went well i installed multiple php versions Latest php 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 fpm and cgi. Wen i test those 3 cgi versions they all th

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