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  • Using Parse after Installing Parse ServerJanuary 9

    If I follow the directions and install the Parse server via Heroku and MongoDB, will I then be able to continue to use Parse commands in my code for current and new apps? That is, will following these instructions allow me to continue using Parse for

  • Changing the Parse SDK version from Parse-1.8.0 to Parse-1.13.0February 17

    I have recently started working on migrating my Parse service to Azure service. I have all the steps done already, but now struggling with updating Parse SDK in my Android app to link to the Azure server. I used to have Parse-1.8.0 version SDK in my

  • Make directory executable in terminal

    Make directory executable in terminalFebruary 17

    I'm trying to install my cloud code from my old parse server onto my new ec2 instance server using Parse's server api. Everything works great but im hung up on one side note: changing the server instance's code through amazons eb cli. The very last p

  • Not receiving Parse push notifications for Android (works for iOS)February 15

    I am coding the android version of an application that already exists for iOS. The iOS push notifications (served by Parse) have been working fine from the beginning. However, I have not yet been able to get pushes to be received by the android app.

  • PARSE automatic row creation in another class upon adding row to one classFebruary 15

    Simply put: is there a way of setting read/write permissions in PARSE on columns instead of whole classes? Below is what I am trying to do. I am trying to create a separate class on PARSE that would have two main columns: Ids of items that are locate

  • How do you get a parse account now? [on hold]February 15

    Parse doesn't allow me to get a new account because parse is closing in about a year! What is an alternative? --------------Solutions------------- Create your own server using this guide or move to another BaaS provider.

  • Parse Server : cloud code : req.user have null value [on hold]February 13

    I have deployed Parse server to heroku. after calling getProfile function from android app with valid login session, user have null value. but same function run on parse hosted server user return ParseUser object. s This is cloud function: Parse.Clou

  • Configure iOS Watchkit/Extension for Parse iOS SDKFebruary 11

    I have deployed own Parse server on Scalingo following below link of Parse example server. https://github.com/ParsePlatform/parse-server-example Now I am developing a iOS watch app for what I was following This Link from Parse to share PFUser credent

  • Parse migration error, and now?

    Parse migration error, and now?February 10

    I was migrating my app in Parse.com to Heroku+mongolab, but at the end something happend and now all I see is this: Do you know what to do then? Who can I contact? Thanks Edit 1 So, I clicked on App Settings > General and this is what appears: If the

  • Parse deploy not working "EOF" error

    Parse deploy not working "EOF" errorFebruary 8

    I have near 1700 lines of code in my main.js file. It takes almost 10 to 15 minutes to respond. Don't know what to do ?

  • Query another app from cloud codeFebruary 8

    I have multiple apps hosted on parse.com, each with their own cloudcode. Since the cloudcode is deployed using the Parse command line tool, I don't need to set up the requests with any App keys. Is it possible to query, post, or otherwise from one ap

  • Having trouble creating a data model design in ParseFebruary 7

    I'm having trouble figuring out a data model for my project. I'm using Parse as the backend. I intend to have users who are in groups, and the groups have text posts. What should be classes, and what should be rows in those classes. I'm guessing a go

  • Error: unknown command "jssdk" for "parse"February 7

    I'm trying to change the Parse JavaScript SDK that my project runs under. The command for this is parse jssdk, using the Parse CLI tool. When I run this command inside my Parse project directory, I get the following error: $ parse jssdk Error: unknow

  • Parse Image + Parse httpRequest replacements - migrating from Parse Cloud Code to Parse Server on Node (Heroku / AWS / DO)February 6

    I found that when using the parse-node package, you can no longer use Parse.Cloud.httpRequest. I also know that Parse's Image object won't be available. So far, I've been able to replace some Parse promises with native ones and use axios to make netw

  • Migrate from parse to backendlessFebruary 2

    i want to install backendless with terminal in my ubuntu 14.04 server at home and i don't have a clue. Also after migrating from parse to backendless, do i need to change my parse client sdk ? Thank you. --------------Solutions------------- I think y

  • Changing the class order in ParseFebruary 1

    I created an iphone app using parse as the database. The first array is created by the number of classes in parse. Problem is they are coming up in the wrong order. Is there a way to change this class order other than deleting the classes and re-crea

  • Running into request limit trying to upload files via parse deployFebruary 1

    I'm trying to upload the stripe node module which includes a lot of files and I'm running into "This application performed N requests within the past minute, and exceeded its request limit. Please retry in one minute or raise your request limit."

  • How to connect to a mongodb Parse-Server with the PHP Parse SDK?February 1

    I have a Parse server running and working well with my Swift code. Now, I would like to connect this MongoDB server to my PHP code. But I can't find any documentation on how to do that. For the moment, I have this code : ParseClient::initialize( $app

  • How can you mix Parse.Promise with other forms of Promise, e.g. Bluebird / ES6 native Promises?January 31

    I want to run some of my Parse Cloud Code on Heroku (Node) to kick start the migration process out of Parse's hosted Cloud Code. One of the differences between the two environments is the fact that Parse SDK you use is different too. On node, I found

  • Error with Facebook login with parse (swift 2)

    Error with Facebook login with parse (swift 2)January 31

    Ive been following the tutorial for logging in using Facebook. My code (below) gives no errors until I attempt to run it. When i run the code in the simulator it compiles "Successfully". When i click on the button however i get the "Thread

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