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  • Custom Form Processing IssueJanuary 31

    I have created a form on my wordpress site, a function to process the data located in functions.php, and an action php file. I have tested the processing function and know it works, but I'm having trouble getting everything to communicate with wordpr

  • PHP Basic template engineJanuary 17

    Basic template system for PHP, I wanted to know how I can improove it? mainly I want to look and speed and performance, but if theres any improovements please give a suggestion below, thank you to everyone who helps. <?php defined("SECURE") o

  • VirusTotal explanation needed [on hold]January 15

    I have done a virustotalscan on a custom PHP script that I've just purchased for quite a lot and it gets detected by Rising AV as "JS:Trojan.Nemucod!1.A420 [F]". I have tried to look up the rising antivirus to do a scan myself but it's unfortuna

  • Simple Cloud using PHP [on hold]January 12

    I am looking for a simple Cloud written in PHP. It should be possible to integrate it in a existing design. Also you should be able to create accounts for your clients, and put files into their folders so that only those clients can access the files

  • Auto System Backup and SiteMap Update not working in MagentoJanuary 8

    I have Magento I have configured SiteMap update and System Backup in Magento on the backend. I have also setup the cron job to run. The cron job does work because I see the cron_schedule table getting updated. +-------------+----------------

  • Net beans debugger on mac not working

    Net beans debugger on mac not workingJanuary 6

    my net beans debugger on my mac is not working and I am not sure why. This is the php.ini file on my MAMP. Its located in my php5.6.2. folder. [xdebug] zend_extension="/Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.6.2/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20131226/x

  • Test if fragment caching is workingDecember 19

    I had this fragment caching function added in the `function.php. it goes like this: function fragment_cache($key, $ttl, $function) { if ( is_user_logged_in() ) { call_user_func($function); return; } $key = apply_filters('fragment_cache_prefix','fragm

  • Display only text to WordPress loop without loosing the text formattingDecember 18

    I want to display text from content (only text) with the formating (paragraph, bold, italic.) on loop. When I am using this code: <?php echo mb_substr( strip_tags( get_the_excerpt() ),0,255); ?> or <?php the_excerpt(); ?> The text displayed wi

  • How would you connect to 100 different databases in wp-config.phpDecember 18

    We have a setup where we have 100 sites using exactly the same code base, and all files are stored on Amazon S3. But right now we are running 100 different WordPress installations. Now I was thinking just to change the settings in wp-config.php based

  • OPP Sign In/Out procedure in PHPDecember 9

    Preface As a self-taught student of Web-Development and Web Technologies, I created a simple sign in/out form in PHP, just for practice purposes and some fun! I read the O'reilly's book about PHP and I found one sentence there ( I really don't rememb

  • Getting Duplicate data in database table after executing the codeDecember 9

    Hi I am getting duplicate data in database table after executing the code.I am not able to find the reason. Please help me out $total_posts = array(); ini_set('display_errors', true); try { $stmt = $db->prepare("INSERT INTO timeline_row_wise (`fbn

  • PHP Configuration classDecember 9

    Created this little config class, any room for improvements? Think I have done an alright job but would like to know if any improovements could be made? <?php defined("SECURE") or exit('Please define SECURE keyword to continue.'); class confi

  • Copy File With PHP By copy() function so slowDecember 6

    I use windows 7 ultimate and xampp in my computer. I use copy() function to copy file with PHP. But, When I tested it with same device and same file, copy function from Windows Explorer Faster than when I copy file with php by copy() function. (525MB

  • tutorials or internet documentation for building a php website beginner project?December 5

    I have a year-end project to do , a website with PHP on the theme of Rail Check is a new travel company Focused on train tickets reservations. My problem is that I still have problem to start a brick by brick project, I do not know the exact way to b

  • how to customize article manager in Joomla administratorDecember 3

    i am not that much export in Joomla. and i stuck at one problem. i want to add some custome fields in article manager page when we add / edit article from admin side. just like wordpress when i add some function in function.php page it reflacts on wp

  • php json_encode returns blank for arrayDecember 2

    I am trying to return the result of a mysql query as json, but the json_encode function always returns a blank although the array contains elements. Here is the relevant code Retrieve the query and convert to php array: $sql = "blablabla"; $clie

  • When dropdown menu selected fill textbox with data from databaseDecember 2

    I have a problem with my code. I am trying to fill a textbox with data from the database. It needs to show the price of the selected item in my dropdownmenu. But it is not working. I can fill my dropdownmenu but when I select an item in it, my textbo

  • Need help to design PHP program architectureNovember 27

    I have a web application where users upload a text file. Application reads the text file and based on the file data, it has to perform 30 different tasks and show output to the user after few seconds. My approach is to write a php program which would

  • How to remove hidden code of PHP from websiteNovember 22

    guys I am facing the issue. I download WordPress temple from the web. but problem is that some hidden code is injected in top header section that hidden code is blow jobbing my full site ranking. My site is techmaniya

  • seo meta description issue in google searchNovember 20

    This is my first time to use Yoast SEO plugin in my website, I'm trying to add meta description to every pages and every post in my website. When I search it on google, seems like the meta description does not show at all, instead google take the con

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