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  • Block specific email IDNovember 11

    I am sending an eamil to one account but that email is being sent to two id's.. eventhough i didnot write fro eamil to go fro second id, $mail2->AddAddress($leader_user[0]->email, ""); can anyone help me write a code so that emial will not

  • Laravel create method returning nullNovember 10

    I have this problem. I have a Group and Role models, with a Many-to-Many relationship setup. Group model public function roles() { return $this->belongsToMany('App\Role', 'group_roles'); } Role Model public function groups() { return $this->belongsT

  • Display text from post on WordPress loop without loosing the text formattingNovember 10

    I want to display text from content (only text) with the formating (paragraph, bold, italic.) on loop. When I am using this code: <?php echo mb_substr( strip_tags( get_the_excerpt() ),0,255); ?> or <?php the_excerpt(); ?> The text displayed wi

  • Getting all CS:GO items from steam APINovember 6

    I know steam API has an option to get 1 item by using something like this: http://steamcommunity.com/market/priceoverview/?appid=730&currency=3&market_hash_name=StatTrak%E2%84%A2%20M4A1-S%20|%20Hyper%20Beast%20(Minimal%20Wear) There is a way to ge

  • Is there ever a reason to use variable variables in PHP rather than an array?September 27

    Is there any situation where an array is not suitable but a variable variable is? I cannot think of one or find one on any Stack Programmer Q&A. <?php $foo = array(); for($i = 0;$i < 3; $i++){ $foo[$i] = "bar ".$i; } var_dump($foo); //

  • Expect PECL for PHP 7September 26

    I just upgraded to PHP 7.0.3, but there is no support for expect. Does anyone know if is it possible to bypass the installation issue? It says: [email protected]:/home# pecl install expect-0.3.3.tgz pecl/expect requires PHP (version >= 4.0.0, version <= 5

  • How do I redefine wm_navigation() or wp_logo() within a theme that uses hooks?September 19

    What I want to do: Move the title of my website from it's current location to be in the "menu" div so that it is to the left of the menu/page list. Demo page: http://aaronmoore.me/visartsassignments/ The theme I am working from: http://www.webma

  • Crippling TTFB/Wait times on Ajax call in WordPress [on hold]

    Crippling TTFB/Wait times on Ajax call in WordPress [on hold]September 18

    We are experiencing significant TTFB/Wait times on an ajax call that is effectively our entire site/proposition (it loads job listings on our job board). We are using a combination of WP Job Manager and Jobify - a well known and widely used combinati

  • Beginner PHP calculatorAugust 25

    I've spent the last few evenings learning PHP, CSS and HTML through Codecademy and now on Team Treehouse. My goal is to progress with PHP over the next year or two and perhaps obtain Zend cert. Anyway, I've worked on a simple calculator to test what

  • PHP within typescript fileAugust 17

    I need to populate some typescript arrays with PHP array values. Here is how I do it: Relevant portion of index.php: <? require 'scripts/back_end/database_connection.php'; require 'scripts/back_end/get_countries.php'; require 'scripts/back_end/views/

  • Apply PHP version with .htaccess on specific file onlyAugust 10

    I set new PHP7 version with .htaccess at root, but few files in subdirectories show errors and I want to set with .htaccess PHP v5.6 only for this files. Is this possible? Action application/x-httpd-php70 /cgi-sys/php70-fcgi-starter.fcgi AddType appl

  • apns push notification click checkAugust 8

    I have implemented a PHP server which sends push notifications to visitors of my site with the following code: $streamContext = stream_context_create(); stream_context_set_option($streamContext, 'ssl', 'local_cert', $apnsCert); stream_context_set_opt

  • AJAX Change functionAugust 7

    I have a AJAX change function in my code..which works fine..in local server..i.e WAMP...but doesn't execute on remote server...where might be the problem??? i checked the version of server php too... my code.. <script type="text/javascript" s

  • Kohana htaccess and index_file doesn't works as I expectAugust 6

    php 5.6.18 and apache 2.4.18 under freeBSD, trying to start kohana wellcome controller with user-friendly URLs. Kohana::init(array( 'base_url' => '/', 'index_file' => true, )); and standart htaccess file: # Turn on URL rewriting RewriteEngine On # I

  • Meta Box Plugin - Adding field value inside echoJuly 18

    I am using Meta Box Plugin to add some custom options to my Page Edit. I added a field to add an image background to the header which is working great. This image background has a parallax background effect. I have the following code: <div class="

  • Shortcode for Visual Composer Grid fails turning string to integerMay 14

    I am working in a shortcode for visual composer grid. I want to show the list of terms of a taxonomy (portfolio_tag) associated to a custom post type (portfolio). The shortcode gets the ID from the post correctly, but it is a string, not a number. Wh

  • Does wp_query and query_posts affect website performance? May 12

    This question already has an answer here: When should you use WP_Query vs query_posts() vs get_posts()? 7 answers I've been aware about the difference of wp_query and query_posts. I just want to know what impact does both query methods to the perform

  • wp_query (or hook) posts by date (id) in array then set post_typeMay 11

    Hi I am building a plugin and am not as familiar with wordpress hooks as I would like. The code would not be used to display on a page rather just setting in the database. I am looking for a hook or snippet that will help me do the following: grab al

  • WooCommerce - Customer Order History PaginationMay 10

    I'm trying to implement pagination into WC's customer order history that can be seen on the "My Account" page using woo_pagination(). https://docs.woothemes.com/document/woo_pagination/ The template file I'm trying to edit is - woocommerce/templ

  • I need help implement a Javascript code into the PHP fileMay 10

    I need help implementing a Javascript code into my PHP file that would replace the default search box with a new one. Do I have to use echo? How would it look like? Thanks in advance or your help, I've been trying for hours now. $(function () { $('a[

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