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  • Symfony: Form that embeds one object of Collection for OneToMany relationFebruary 17

    I using Symfony 2.8 with Doctrine. And I have some trouble with form. I think I understand how to create a form that embeds a single object or a collection of forms. But I want to create a form that embeds just one object of collection. Because the e

  • How do I use microtime() profiling results with usleep() for performance?February 17

    I'm devising a server-access queuing system, and I'm wondering if the average time a script takes is a good 'sleep' time for the other instances of the same script to wait until they can check if the previous instance is done. I only have two scripts

  • preg_match_all multibyte equivalent?February 17

    I am trying to find a function or an algorithm that does the same as preg_match_all in multibyte strings (not only UTF-8). I tried a bit to figure out the behaviour of the mb_ereg* functions: <?php echo 'mb_regex_options:' . PHP_EOL; var_dump(mb_rege

  • i'm trying pull information from switchvox and load it in the databaseFebruary 17

    I'm trying to pull data from switchvox and load it in a database table called info. what should i do ? should i make an api call ? i'm using php programming language please help me out , i'm just a beginner

  • Contact forms, what is the best and safest approach?February 17

    I want a very simple contact form on my website, Name, E-mail of sender and Message. And obviously a "send" button. I have little to no experience in making php forms, and I'm worried about spam and stuff like that.. What is the best, easiest an

  • load js scripts in php shortcode function onceFebruary 17

    i have a shortcode which loads in a button. When the button is clicked a modal window launches with a form in it. [mkto_form_btn id = "123"] I'm trying to set the shortcode function to support multiple buttons/forms on one page. As the same form

  • Amazon ec2 ubuntu and issue to connect in a remote smtpFebruary 17

    Well i'm using amazon ec2 to host files and using a remote smtp to send emails ... i can connect from anywhere in this remote smtp but inside the amazon ec2 when i try to connect it show: SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host. very strange, mayb

  • How to count all indentical values in Column which belongs to Different Values in another columnFebruary 17

    I have a mysql database table which has 4 columns: ID, Date, SessionID, UserID(irrelevant here). Let's call them A, B, C, What I can't figure out is how to count how many sessions has been booked to specific date. For example something like this A |

  • 5 STAR rating system, changing from IP Address to SESSION userFebruary 17

    I have a system where i display video tutorials, and have added an additional function to be able to rate the videos with a 5 star system. The system I have rates based on the the IP address, however this is an issue as I want to be able to have mult

  • PHP sort multiple multidimensional arrays by array elementFebruary 17

    I've been trying to create a search for my website using Sphinx. I query multiple indexes since the type of data is totally different in each, but I need to sort all of that data by weight and display it. Here's the foreach loop that I use. All of th

  • laravel Lazy Eager Loading with orderBy related modelFebruary 17

    I need to lazy eager load some related models with custom order. Something like: $season->load(['championships' => function ($query) { $query->orderBy('country', 'desc'); }]); But the problem is that championships do not have country property. In

  • Tumblr API Console - Unauthorized 401 ErrorFebruary 17

    Tumblr API Console - Unauthorized 401 Error Hello, I am new here, I explain my problem, I am using the Tumblr API to create a small web app. I'm using the Tumblr API Console to verify the information I get. But when I try to obtain information from a

  • How to get the last ID of the tableFebruary 17

    I'm implementing a code like a pagination that gets the current ID and make previous and next button. The IDs are like 1,3,5,7 etc, not consecutive. I would like to know how to disable this when I reach the las ID in the table. <?php foreach($connect

  • Face Book Events Share CountFebruary 17

    does anyone know how to get the FB events share count in php. i get the share counts for all external links. but not for anyof the FB posts and events. big help thanks

  • Swiftmailer not flush emails on Symfony ControllerFebruary 17

    i had created a simple project for sending emails from swiftmailer, however, messages are delivered from console but not from Controller. My code is $message = \Swift_Message::newInstance('hello','test message', 'text/plain','Cp1252') ->setFrom('serv

  • Overriding the native PHP function file_get_contents to add profiling/loggingFebruary 17

    I'd like to wrap the native function file_get_contents to add completion time and URL logging for blocking calls. I currently override a WordPress class for doing this, but would like to take it to the next level and get closer to the metal. In any a

  • How can I use groups with preg_match?February 17

    I have some data that will be one of the following Word Number Word Number Word Number Word Word Number Word Word Number Word Number Word Word Number Word Word Number I would like to extract the Word(s) up until the numbers, and the numbers. Here is

  • PHP Associative array inserting as indexed arrayFebruary 17

    I need an associative array with this structure (keys are strings, values are indexed arrays), and I'm appending elements dynamically. Array( ["itemCategory"]=> Array("itemName", "itemName"...) ["itemCategory"]=&

  • PHP Slim 3 match file extensionFebruary 17

    I need to match a file extension in a route ie: .css I have tried the following, but with no success: $app->get('/api/{name}\.css', ... I can't seem to get the dot to match.

  • Uploading files through PHP only seems to work on my networkFebruary 17

    I have a script that is working on my PC and my phone but when I tried it from a laptop on another network, the files wouldn't upload. Anyone have any idea why this might be?

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