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  • Are Robots.txt and metadata tags enough to stop search engines to index dynamic pages that are dependent of $_GET variables?February 23

    I created a php page that is only accessible by means of token/pass received through $_GET Therefore if you go to the following url you'll get a generic or blank page http://fakepage11.com/secret_page.php However if you used the link with the token i

  • Memcached problems on my Mac OSFebruary 23

    I just installed memcached on my Mac OS. It installed perfectly and when I type in memcached in Terminal I get this: failed to listen on TCP port 11211 tcp listen: Address already in use And I have a script in my localhost that contains this: $memcac

  • Display related data Yii 1February 22

    I have this in my model: public function relations() { return array( 'role' => array(self::BELONGS_TO, 'MedRoles', 'role_id'), ); } Also I have this in my controller: public function actionIndex() { $criteria = new CDbCriteria; $criteria->join = &qu

  • Strange thing with Google nocaptchaFebruary 22

    I have a strange problem with Google Captcha. I've tried all kinds of php codes from different tutorials, but the result is exactly the same every time... The problem is this: it shows up correctly if you check the box, it works correctly if you then

  • Modx plugin resource returnFebruary 18

    I need to return to user whole resource in his own template via plugin, which handles on OnPageNotFound event. It can be diifferent pages, depends on link. I will parse it and get resource needed. How can i do it?

  • Redirect to Specific Artile when user login Joomla 3.4.1February 18

    I want to redirect a specific user in a specific article in Joomla 3.4.* I tried in controller like this templates/html/com_login/controller.php public function login() { // Check for request forgeries. JSession::checkToken('request') or jexit(JText:

  • Crawl from another site (php)February 18

    I usally download from a gaming site some replays, but their filter sucks, because there are two versions of the game and both are mixed. I want only all the information for one game(newer version). Is it possible to crawl this page and get only the

  • PHP upload file on server not workingFebruary 18

    I made a webpage based on HTML,JS,CSS,PHP and MYSQL. When i open the site local on my Mac, everything seems fine. Now i tried uploading it to a webserver with the newest php version. The site is working except the uploading. Its a shoe shop, and i as

  • Can PHP modify apache's headers?February 18

    So my headers are appearing as they should when I open index.html, but when I open index.php I get a completely different set of headers. Specifically I am looking for Content-Encoding: gzip using mod_deflate, but only index.html is sending these hea

  • Error Unexpected token "operator" of value "%" in twigFebruary 18

    Im trying to do a simple for loop in twig: {{% for category in ['Action','Drama','Comedy','Anime','Adults','Science fiction'] %}} <p class="lead"><a href="">{{category}}</a></p> {{% endfor %}} but twig is giving

  • Execute php with onclick in d3February 18

    I am working with a d3 scatterplot that displays papers as dots on the graph. It is connected to a database with multiple tables. What I want to do is when I click on one of the dots on the graph I want the papers that it cites to appear on the graph

  • Translate a PHP curl to a bash cURL callFebruary 17

    I have this PHP code that makes a curl call: $postData['api_user'] = 'username'; $postData['api_key'] = 'password!'; $ch = curl_init('https://api.example.com/send.json'); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, 0); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRA

  • Reporting w/ Bing Ads API & PHP Client Library "Bad Request' ErrorFebruary 17

    I'm trying to pull a keyword report from my account using the PHP client library. I'm getting a bad request error and the report doesn't download. Below is the value of $e with my credentials replaced with generic names. This is version 9 of the Bing

  • Symfony: Form that embeds one object of Collection for OneToMany relationFebruary 17

    I using Symfony 2.8 with Doctrine. And I have some trouble with form. I think I understand how to create a form that embeds a single object or a collection of forms. But I want to create a form that embeds just one object of collection. Because the e

  • How do I use microtime() profiling results with usleep() for performance?February 17

    I'm devising a server-access queuing system, and I'm wondering if the average time a script takes is a good 'sleep' time for the other instances of the same script to wait until they can check if the previous instance is done. I only have two scripts

  • preg_match_all multibyte equivalent?February 17

    I am trying to find a function or an algorithm that does the same as preg_match_all in multibyte strings (not only UTF-8). I tried a bit to figure out the behaviour of the mb_ereg* functions: <?php echo 'mb_regex_options:' . PHP_EOL; var_dump(mb_rege

  • i'm trying pull information from switchvox and load it in the databaseFebruary 17

    I'm trying to pull data from switchvox and load it in a database table called info. what should i do ? should i make an api call ? i'm using php programming language please help me out , i'm just a beginner

  • Contact forms, what is the best and safest approach?February 17

    I want a very simple contact form on my website, Name, E-mail of sender and Message. And obviously a "send" button. I have little to no experience in making php forms, and I'm worried about spam and stuff like that.. What is the best, easiest an

  • load js scripts in php shortcode function onceFebruary 17

    i have a shortcode which loads in a button. When the button is clicked a modal window launches with a form in it. [mkto_form_btn id = "123"] I'm trying to set the shortcode function to support multiple buttons/forms on one page. As the same form

  • Amazon ec2 ubuntu and issue to connect in a remote smtpFebruary 17

    Well i'm using amazon ec2 to host files and using a remote smtp to send emails ... i can connect from anywhere in this remote smtp but inside the amazon ec2 when i try to connect it show: SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host. very strange, mayb

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