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  • How to count all indentical values in Column which belongs to Different Values in another columnFebruary 17

    I have a mysql database table which has 4 columns: ID, Date, SessionID, UserID(irrelevant here). Let's call them A, B, C, What I can't figure out is how to count how many sessions has been booked to specific date. For example something like this A |

  • 5 STAR rating system, changing from IP Address to SESSION userFebruary 17

    I have a system where i display video tutorials, and have added an additional function to be able to rate the videos with a 5 star system. The system I have rates based on the the IP address, however this is an issue as I want to be able to have mult

  • PHP sort multiple multidimensional arrays by array elementFebruary 17

    I've been trying to create a search for my website using Sphinx. I query multiple indexes since the type of data is totally different in each, but I need to sort all of that data by weight and display it. Here's the foreach loop that I use. All of th

  • laravel Lazy Eager Loading with orderBy related modelFebruary 17

    I need to lazy eager load some related models with custom order. Something like: $season->load(['championships' => function ($query) { $query->orderBy('country', 'desc'); }]); But the problem is that championships do not have country property. In

  • Tumblr API Console - Unauthorized 401 ErrorFebruary 17

    Tumblr API Console - Unauthorized 401 Error Hello, I am new here, I explain my problem, I am using the Tumblr API to create a small web app. I'm using the Tumblr API Console to verify the information I get. But when I try to obtain information from a

  • How to get the last ID of the tableFebruary 17

    I'm implementing a code like a pagination that gets the current ID and make previous and next button. The IDs are like 1,3,5,7 etc, not consecutive. I would like to know how to disable this when I reach the las ID in the table. <?php foreach($connect

  • Face Book Events Share CountFebruary 17

    does anyone know how to get the FB events share count in php. i get the share counts for all external links. but not for anyof the FB posts and events. big help thanks

  • Swiftmailer not flush emails on Symfony ControllerFebruary 17

    i had created a simple project for sending emails from swiftmailer, however, messages are delivered from console but not from Controller. My code is $message = \Swift_Message::newInstance('hello','test message', 'text/plain','Cp1252') ->setFrom('serv

  • Overriding the native PHP function file_get_contents to add profiling/loggingFebruary 17

    I'd like to wrap the native function file_get_contents to add completion time and URL logging for blocking calls. I currently override a WordPress class for doing this, but would like to take it to the next level and get closer to the metal. In any a

  • How can I use groups with preg_match?February 17

    I have some data that will be one of the following Word Number Word Number Word Number Word Word Number Word Word Number Word Number Word Word Number Word Word Number I would like to extract the Word(s) up until the numbers, and the numbers. Here is

  • PHP Associative array inserting as indexed arrayFebruary 17

    I need an associative array with this structure (keys are strings, values are indexed arrays), and I'm appending elements dynamically. Array( ["itemCategory"]=> Array("itemName", "itemName"...) ["itemCategory"]=&

  • PHP Slim 3 match file extensionFebruary 17

    I need to match a file extension in a route ie: .css I have tried the following, but with no success: $app->get('/api/{name}\.css', ... I can't seem to get the dot to match.

  • Uploading files through PHP only seems to work on my networkFebruary 17

    I have a script that is working on my PC and my phone but when I tried it from a laptop on another network, the files wouldn't upload. Anyone have any idea why this might be?

  • Error in json - php with spaces [on hold]February 17

    When I do json_decode with a content like this: [{"IdCode":"1","Name":"Jon Saavedra"},{"IdCode":"2","Name":"Sara Parker"}] I have a problem because the content have spaces. Is

  • Trying to insert image path into a database withPDOFebruary 17

    I'm new to PDO. I'm attempting to create a profile image uploader that allows the currently sign in user to add a picture to their profile. I'm stuck with a syntax error "SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in yo

  • Send hosted images in HTML email with PHP

    Send hosted images in HTML email with PHPFebruary 17

    I have created an application using PHP mailer lclass that allows a user to upload a zip files with an HTML document and email it to a list of recipients as HTML email. I'm trying to take the next step and allow also images to be uploaded and hosted.

  • Get values from in_array statementFebruary 17

    I have an array filled with the result of a query which is as follows: $ticket[] = array( 'ticket_id' => $row->ticket_id, 'user_id' => $row->user_id, 'raffle_ticket_num' => $row->raffle_ticket_num ); Now, in a while loop, I check in all

  • Load files from Plugins directoryFebruary 17

    I need to load index.php file from each of the plugins' folders. There is the main folder "plugins" and inside there are, sub folders (plugins) e.g blog, members etc. Inside each plugin folder there is an index.php file which i need to load. How

  • Laravel Mailer - PHPUnit Testing - Mocking not workingFebruary 17

    I am trying to unit test some events that fire emails. In particular, I want to test the emails are being sent. The error is that getTransport() doesn't exist on the mocked object. I added shouldReceive('getTransport') but then I'd have to mock what

  • How can you get the contents of a SVG from a changing URL?February 17

    I'm still learning a lot of terminology with php, so I find it hard to find some answer in similar questions. I'm looking to print a custom url into a PHP statement so I can print the contents of an .svg file. I'm using drupal 7. Below are some examp

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