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  • Plupload chunk upload failed, but on resume it continue combining chunksFebruary 17

    I'm using chunked upload with Plupload and Laravel, and if file upload fails, and user refresh page and try once again, resulting file will be bigger than original. So it looks like chunks are getting combined again instead of starting new file, any

  • typeahead using ajax not refreshing on updated inputFebruary 17

    I try to use ajax for my typeahead. It does not work, the ajax return only in the list the first 10 results from the database and it does not requery based on the input (as if the json file was static). My example is based on this website http://myco

  • find space in a mysql database calendar for new appointmentFebruary 17

    Completely lost here. I have a mysql database with an appointment table. The important for this is that is has a start_date and end_date Suppose I need to find the next available 30 minute slot. Need to stat Mon-Fri and 7am to 7 pm Basically I need a

  • How to configure Yii2 i18n for storing messages in database instead of files?February 17

    I find Yii2 documentation seriously lacking in documentation about i18n, particularly about using database instead of files for the translation messages. I see documentation mentions the DbMessageSource class and somewhere else I found that the db ta

  • Laravel submitting blank formFebruary 17

    I'm receiving the following error when submitting a blank form in Laravel 4. Undefined index: fields There are currently no issues outside of Laravel. Users should be able to submit the form even without selections. I can certainly check if isset and

  • Reference of a MongoDB database objectFebruary 17

    I want to collect the names of the databases that a MongoDB instances sees. I am using the following in this effort: Thread Safety enabled in PHP7 PHP 7.0.2 (cli) (built: Jan 6 2016 13:00:05) ( ZTS ) MongoDB shell version: 3.2.1 MongoDB PHP Library 1

  • How to upload to a different drive in PHP?February 17

    I have a php page that lets you upload files, and the files just get uploaded to my computer, but I need them to be uploaded to a different hard drive. I need them to be uploaded to "D:\uploads". I know there are some other problems with this co

  • PHP display a slideshow of images from array?February 17

    How do I make a one image stay for a few seconds and then move to the next? all I get is one image being displayed? $test = array( ); $test[0] = 'http://images.clipartpanda.com/spin-clipart-basketball-spinning-3539099.jpg' ; $test[0] = 'http://www.cl

  • Doctrine 2 - iterate() - white screen errorFebruary 17

    I'm trying to get a lot of records from a database (about 30 000 results) with Symfony 2. In the Symfony there is a Doctrine database layer (Doctrine ORM & Doctrine DBAL). I would need to export these records into a Excel sheet file. I tried to do th

  • PHP Contact Form - Posting to a send script, on validation fail, return to contact form & page anchorFebruary 17

    my first post so be gentle... I have a PHP contact form where on a php page (contact.php) <form id="contact" method="post" action="send.php"> On clicking the send button the data goes to the send.php script to be valida

  • Node.js vs PHP which one should I start learning currently?February 17

    I want to learn a suitable backend language. I came to the point where i asked myself whether currently PHP7 or Node.js has more future potential. (Currently doing the Free Code Camp Certification and in the Backend Section this question came up: "Wh

  • PHP MySqli INNER JOIN User ID ErrorFebruary 17

    I'm trying to grab a message in then show it under my notification tab, but it don't show the message I'm trying to do a INNER JOIN from two table members table and notifications table this is how my table structure is set up. Members Table memberID,

  • wsdl error: XML error parsing WSDLFebruary 17

    I try to send information from client side to web service. But it shows me this error.. Error encontrado:wsdl error: XML error parsing WSDL from http://cfd.sicofi.com.mx/SicofiWS/CFD.asmx?wsdl on line 5: EntityRef: expecting ';' and my php code $serv

  • d3 - Uncaught TypeError: data.forEach is not a functionFebruary 17

    I am working with a scatter plot in d3. I am successfully connected to my database with the php script below but when I run my d3 code I get the error: Uncaught TypeError: data.forEach is not a function On the connection call to the php script in my

  • PHP $_SESSION variable undefined using SlimFebruary 17

    I'm trying to set a session variable in php using Slim. I want the users id to be stored as a variable to use elsewhere. I think I have the syntax or order wrong in my functions. Here is my function to set the variable: function loadAdmin() { //Set n

  • How to use OAuth 2.0 just for authorization client application in my APIFebruary 17

    I have API in my site, and need to use access token for every request from client application. I don't have a user for authentification. I have client id in db of my site and client app will have that client id too. What stages I need to do using OAu

  • Creating PHP date variable from MySQL DatabaseFebruary 17

    I'm very new to PHP, and I am having an issue with prepared statements. I need to retrieve a date from a MySQL table and store it into an array. Here are my prepared statements: // Get name for selected team $queryTeam = 'SELECT * FROM teams WHERE te

  • Change background color of different website in single iframeFebruary 17

    In parent frame, there are three links (of different website - subdomains) and one button which opens a modal window. iframe has a default website, but the website changes whenever any link is clicked. I want to change the background color in iframe

  • How to host mySQL server on other system on LAN?February 17

    Okay, so I have an mySQL server running on NUE-1-5 ( I have phpMyAdmin being hosted on this system too so I can easily manage the sql remotely. I have another server called NUE-1-6 ( hosting an altis life server for arma

  • How to return custom API response for "No query results for model", Laravel

    How to return custom API response for "No query results for model", LaravelFebruary 17

    I am building an RESTful API in Laravel 5.2. In my resource controllers I want to use implicit model binding to show resources. e.g. public function show(User $users) { return $this->respond($this->userTransformer->transform($users)); } When a re

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