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  • Before validation on nested modelJanuary 9

    I have a nested model items and I am trying to multiply two columns together cost and quantity to set the last column price. I need to set the column price before the form is saved and i need to also validate the model. The before_validation call bac

  • Field Validation Rule for LocationMarch 23

    How to Lock Location Field on a Custom Object Country. The requirements are to be able to create NEW LOCATION field or Populate the Location if it's NULL upon creation the FORM. But wouldn't be able to Modify the Location field after it's ADDED or Po

  • laravel 5 ckeditor implementation server side validationFebruary 17

    I apologize if a question like this has already been asked. I couldn't find one. So basically, I am using ckeditor(the basic version) and laravel 5.1. I had no problem implementing it, I am just ultra paranoid about validating the information server

  • How to validate relationship has-one data field in laravelFebruary 17

    on $order I have defined a relations has_one - offer .In offer table I have offer amount which I would like validator to validate as numeric. But if I specify in Order Model $rule array , It doesn't recognize it at all. Can someone share how validate

  • My form is not repopulated when validation failsFebruary 17

    I have a simple page with a firstName field and a lastName field both of which are required. When I only enter one field I get the correct error message but I lose the value I have entered. I do have getters and setters for the fields and the page us

  • Append query failing due to validation errors when no validation rules exist (Access)February 16

    I am trying to append data from one table to another in Access 2013. The destination table, [ActionItems], has no records yet. The source table, [Students], has the necessary columns: [AutoID] (Autonumber), [Action Status] (Short text), [Action Statu

  • Valdition Column Formula for Choices (Compelted, Not started, Inprogress)

    Valdition Column Formula for Choices (Compelted, Not started, Inprogress)February 16

    In my Task list I got a column named "Status" with 5 different choices, Not Started In Progress Deferred Waiting on someone else Completed In my task, when it is set to Completed I want the Column status to show a picture. I've uploaded the pict

  • Larval 5.2: Defining Custom Error Messages in ControllerFebruary 15

    I need to do validation in one of my controllers - I can't use a request class for this particular issue - so I'm trying to figure out how to define custom validation messages in the controller. I've looked all over and can't find anything that sugge

  • Laravel - How to handle errors on PUT form?February 15

    I am working with laravel 5.2 and want to validate some data in an edit form. I goal should be to display the errors and keep the wrong data in the input fields. My issue is that the input is validated by ContentRequest and the FormRequest returns $t

  • Overriding validations in Rails Single Table Inhertiance modelsFebruary 13

    Let's say I have two models using Rails Single Table Inheritance. I can easily add validations in child model to make certain field required. But what if I want change validations making fields optional in Child model or have different criteria (like

  • Angularjs async validator How can I get custom error message to displayFebruary 12

    I am trying to display an error message generated on the server to display after returning to an angular async validator. Here is my validator: (function () { var asyncValidatorTest = function ($http, $q) { return { restrict: "A", require: "

  • How to provide value validation at abstract class level?February 12

    I have an ABC BaseAbstract class with several getter/setter properties defined. I want to require that the value to be set is an int and from 0 - 15. @luminance.setter @abstractproperty @ValidateProperty(Exception, types=(int,), valid=lambda x: True

  • Dice Class sides from 3-100February 11

    Say I have a class called Dice written in java //instance variables private int numSides; //Class variables public final int MIN_VALUE = 3; public final int MAX_VALUE = 100; //construct die public Dice(int sides){ setSides(a); } //set sides public vo

  • Input field still accepts digits in JavascriptFebruary 11

    My code problem is that the input field for user name still accepts digits . I tried to validate it with match() and (else if) but still not working. The execution jumps to the (else) line. please any help will be appreciated. <!doctype html> <ht

  • valueChangeListener not invoked when input validation failsFebruary 11

    In selectOneMenu when validation fails against f:validator,f:attribute, the valueChangeListener is not getting invoked ,I tried immediate="true" also but it didn't work out. Any help will be highly appreciated.Thanks. Below is the code snippet:

  • Extbase disjunction validation syntaxFebruary 10

    I have a User model with a email property: /** * email * * @var string */ protected $email = ''; I could not find any docs related to the disjunction validator annotation syntax, other than this cheat sheet: http://www.lobacher.de/files/cs/ExtbaseFlu

  • ESAPI input validationFebruary 10

    can someone explain me how to do input validation using ESAPI validator. I have gone through several sites but didnt find the practical code implementation. Suppose I have a field called as CUSTOMER NAME in string so how can i validate it using ESAPI

  • Validate a date on liferayFebruary 9

    What is the best way to validate a date input which can be changed with text? I've tried with aui:validator with no success, when I click on the datepicker, the onSelect doesn't update the value and my custom validation recieves the old value from th

  • i want to export data to pdf that are geez character using jasper how could do using java eeFebruary 9

    how to export data using java enterprise edition in PDF format that are geez character from database using jasper report

  • best way for bulk insertion validation laravel 5February 9

    i have problem validating a bulk insertion in laravel 5 the scenario that i have is as following : a model called department that has many employees when i save a department it may have several employee belongs to it , I'm currently loops the entire

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