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  • Touch screen monitor is reverseredMay 4

    I have a DGM L-1935WD touch screen monitor i purchased second hand to use, but when i touch the monitor it comes up as if i am touching somewhere else. e.g if i click the windows button on my monitor i shows as if i am clicking the top right hand cor

  • Win7: How to pin batch file to quick launch sub-menu

    Win7: How to pin batch file to quick launch sub-menuMarch 28

    I've pinned MT PuTTY to my quick launch (QL) bar. I have an associated .cmd file (which sets up my keys using Pageant.exe) that I've been able to pin to the MT PuTTY icon in the QL bar, such that right clicking on the MT PuTTY icon shows me a sub-men

  • chkdisk on Windows7: MFT Bitmap Attribute is Incorrect

    chkdisk on Windows7: MFT Bitmap Attribute is IncorrectMarch 27

    I ran chkdisk on my misbehaving Dell Vostro Laptop's C: (NTFS) from the command line in Safe mode and it shows: The Master File Table's Bitmap Attribute is incorrect. The Volume Bitmap is incorrect. What do these usually mean? Are these signs of impe

  • Laptop unable to turn on screen from sleep modeMarch 3

    Laptop that is so problematic is Lenovo Ideapad 305 15IBD with Windows 7 (home premium). It contains two graphic cards one is integrated Intel VGA and the second one is AMD Radeon R5. As long as only one graphic card is enabled everything works good.

  • SSD shuts down while trying to write or read specific data from itMarch 2

    My Crucial M4 64 Gb SSD shuts down while trying to write or read specific data from it. It shuts down if set as system OS (win 7) disk in 3-5 minutes from start. It works fine with reading and writing small data portions (like 1-4 Gb) if set as addit

  • Windows explorer windows jumping aroundMarch 2

    Having a weird problem with my work computer. Have you ever noticed how sometimes explorer windows sometime seem to develop a preferred size shape and default opening location on your desktop? Well usually this works fairly well. I resize a common wi

  • How can I switch refresh rate with Safe mode?

    How can I switch refresh rate with Safe mode?March 1

    I accidentally switched the refresh rate from 90 Hz to 60 Hz. I can access safe mode but when I try to access Windows normally, my screen says "Out of Range". How can I switch the refresh rate back with safe mode? --------------Solutions--------

  • Trojans found in System32 when scanning my Windows 7 partition, what should I do? [on hold]February 19

    First off, sorry if I shouldn't post questions about Windows in askubuntu, if this is the case then could someone point me to where I should post this question? Today I was scanning my Windows 7 partition with ClamAV and I found a couple viruses, and

  • Program not starting from startup folderJanuary 5

    I have a lot of Windows 7 PCs with a lot of users each and UAC enabled, some administrators but most standard users. I have made a program in C# which I want to start on startup for all users. I have put the exe file in the All users folder but it do

  • Computer likes to trigger random keys while typingJanuary 3

    After running a hitman-pro, malwarebytes and Junkware removal tool, chrome browser started pressing random keys. Before running those programs, there were none of these symptoms. After running the programs, I opened chrome browser and I was logged ou

  • How to remove cryptowall encryption

    How to remove cryptowall encryptionJanuary 2

    Please help me urgently, Because My all files are encrypted by unknown virus named, 'CryptoWall encryption'. I attached one screenshot, which is provided by this virus.

  • MS-word 2007 help in different page margin in same documentDecember 1

    In MS-world-2007 I want to print on stamp paper so I was setting my first page from top margin 5 inch and second is normal 1 inch and continuous other page. Pls help me how it is possible or not

  • Cannot get past "Starting Windows-"November 29

    This morning, I received my new motherboard and CPU cooler and I decided to install them. I tried to be very careful during the installation and double checking most things. However, when I tried to boot up my computer, it stopped at the "Starting Wi

  • Can Only Print When Local AdminNovember 4

    We have a user on our domain that just of over a week ago that printing stopped working to our network printers. All other people can print to these printers without issue and if someone else logs onto their computer they can print too. Now the kicke

  • How to prevent the loss of Jumplist items when LibreOffice is upgraded?November 3

    Every time LibreOffice is upgraded, all the Jumplist items which were manually added for each application within the suite are deleted. The operating system is Windows 7 SP1. Is there a way to prevent the loss of all manually added Jumplist items whe

  • Win7 Dell Vostro Laptop that hangs / slows down after LoginNovember 1

    I have a Dell Vostro 2420 Laptop that has abruptly developed this weird problem: It will boot up, allow me to login and then hang / freeze. Details: It successfully draws the desktop and starts some of the startup processes etc. So HDD seems ok More

  • Windows 7: Access rights/group policy to prevent shadow copies from being deleted by user?October 29

    Is there a way to prevent shadow copies to be deleted by non-admin-users? The only thing I found right now were group policies which hide the tab in Windows explorer from the user (so that he can't see the copies and therefore can't restore/view/dele

  • Screen blinks after disconnecting projector/second screen and cursor jumps to center of screenJuly 2

    I have been looking all over but couldn't find a similar problem. Whenever I disconnect my projector or external monitor from my Laptop, the screen starts to blink exactly once every ~3sec; and the cursor is always back in the center of the screen af

  • Icon in my taskbar becomes corrupt on executionJuly 1

    I have a program that seems to have a valid icon in my task bar, but when I go to execute the program a bad/missing/corrupt (place holder) icon is displayed. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the program. I even tried to delete the local icon cache.

  • Change command prompt to only show current directory nameJune 30

    I was fiddling around with the prompt commando in cmd and was wondering whether there was a way to show the path like C:\..\dir4 instead of C:\dir1\dir2\dir3\dir4. I have searched around, and I can only find the most simple methods, like using prompt

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