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  • Windows program to fix imbalanced M4A/AAC audio filesMarch 17

    I have an M4A file (with an AAC codec) that is presumably stereo, and that only has sound on the right side, as if all the sound is focused on one side. Is it at all possible to balance the sound out in any way, or to replicate the sound on the right

  • Windows program that will trim M4A/AAC files without any lossMarch 17

    I have some M4A audio files (with an AAC codec) that I need to perform basic trimming operations on. The problem is that, to my understanding, the few programs that support M4A/AAC files trim the files lossily. Some research came up with a few progra

  • HP hq tre71004 Windows 10 does not recognize its plugged inMarch 6

    I have an HP HQ TRE71004 with Windows 10. When I plug the charger in, the light on the side of the computer that shows the computer is plugged in. However, windows will not regonize that the charger is plugged in (just shows its running off of the ba

  • Do I have to update Windows 7 if all I use it for is Steam?March 6

    I am mostly an Ubuntu user, I have a Windows 7 Home partition for nothing except: Steam and GOG games Updating the BIOS (if I have to and cannot do so from Ubuntu) Presumably I do not need to keep an antivirus running. But should I still update Windo

  • Ntfs Error 55 without DriveName or DeviceName?March 5

    Today I noticed on System logs an entry originating from Ntfs, with id #55 notifying that a corruption was discovered on volume "??" (question marks) and the exact nature of the corruption is unknown. I filtered the logs for event #55 and notice

  • High performance user accountMarch 4

    My pc has 2GB RAM and I am working with windows 8.1. When running little bit larger programs it becomes very harder to work as the less space of RAM. Recently I got an idea that help me to overcome that problem. I am going to make a new user account

  • IIS using only one processor on a dual CPU server?March 2

    We are running an HP ProLiant Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and IIS 7.5 on a dual CPU Xeon system (16 cores per CPU). The web site is a ASP.NET 4.5 running in a App-pool using a a classic managed pipeline. When I load test our application only one CPU i

  • Duplicate mysql datadir on WindowsMarch 1

    I have a development server running Mysql 5.1 (together with other services). During an urgent cleanup I found, using SequoiaView, two identical mysql data folders. C:\ProgramData\MySQL\etc.... is the directory referenced by my.ini C:\Users\All Users

  • Unexpected attachment inside PDFFebruary 1

    I have a PDF file that I downloaded in august last year. At that time, I opened it using Adobe Reader and didn't notice anything suspicious. Only today when I opened it in SumatraPDF did I notice that there was an additional last bookmark called "fol

  • Are we anonymous when not connected to internet on windows?February 1

    When we don't use internet on windows, can windows or any Laptop vendor can access our Laptop (similar as connected to internet ). If yes, then How ? --------------Solutions------------- Are we anonymous when not connected to internet on windows? It

  • Gratis PPPoe server for testing purposesJanuary 15

    I am developing an app which has to communicate over PPPoE. I am looking for a gratis PPPoE server with which my client can communicate. Windows or Android, please. MUST be free for commercial use. If Windows, it should be portable as I don't have ad

  • How do I totally reset the Krita GUI to factory defaults?January 15

    My Krita interface is all messed up; the dockers are not where they should be, some of them are closed, some aren't, and I don't know what should go where. I want to completely reset my Krita interface so the correct, default dockers are open, in the

  • What's the windows 10 equivalent of "Command `" on a macJanuary 4

    For those who don't use a mac, command ` cycles between windows of the same application just like alt tab. I was wondering if there is a windows 10 equivalent ? --------------Solutions------------- Well you could use CTRL + TAB when the window is in

  • Windows Networking: Prompt For Unique Credentials, On Multiple Network Shares, Without MappingJanuary 4

    I have several folders shared on a Windows 10 PC. Each has a different user name and password. I would like to have the clients prompted for credentials when they attempt to open the share in the network explorer. I found that disabling the guest acc

  • Can't run a program through a link?

    Can't run a program through a link?January 3

    I'm working on a Windows 8.1 machine, fully patched, except for the Get Windows X malware. I have Android's SDK installed at C:\android-sdk, but its not on-path. I'm trying to avoid putting 2 SDK directories and 1 NDK directory on-path since it inclu

  • zpanel Windws quotas for users, changing destinationJanuary 3

    I installed zpanel 10.1.0 on win server 2012. Accidentally I installed it on my C: drive instead of space from disk array. Is there a way to move it into another drive? Or can I somehow change in options, that new databases will be placed on differen

  • What personal information, if any, can be gleaned from a Microsoft APPCRASH problem signature?December 7

    I am trying to debug an "APPCRASH" problem event for a program running on Microsoft Windows 7. When this happens a problem signature is presented, like this example from SuperUser: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: SkypeSetupFull.ex

  • Gratis PPPoe server for testing porpoisesOctober 25

    I am developing an app which has to communicate over PPPoE, which is a new one for me. I am looking for a gratis PPPoE server, with which my client can communicate. Windows or Android, please. MUST be free for commercial use. If Windows, it should be

  • Which file is the stubOctober 16

    Is eventvwr.exe a stub for eventvwr.msc which opnes in mmc.exe? How about defrag.exe, dfrgntfs.exe/dfrgfat.exe and dfrg.exe? or how about control.exe or start menu > control panel. I need to know in order to find where certain processes originate - b

  • Server 2012 R2 - Can't access remote 2012 server in "all servers"

    Server 2012 R2 - Can't access remote 2012 server in "all servers"October 14

    This is a scenario set up for MCSA training in my homelab, not an enterprise environment. I'm trying to make changes to add roles to a virtual machine (VM workstation) Server 2012 R2 (running in bridged mode, meaning it gets dynamic IP from physical

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