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  • XAMPP: running index.php leads to error (Win/Linux)February 17

    I used to use XAMPP on a Windows Computer to see how my homepage (php) works. Everything works fine without any issues. I now installed XAMPP on my Notebook which runs on Linux. Installation went fine without any problems. When I open http://localhos

  • Event-driven job schedulingJanuary 15

    I am looking for a event driven job scheduling. I have found some vendors. Do you have a check-list to facilitate the choice please ? Thank you !

  • Graphic Editing Framework, C++ WindowsJanuary 12

    Hi I need a framework for creating very simple diagrams by the user . Like putting objects on grid, moving them and resizing them. something like Visio but more lightweight? Preferably open source but it is not a must.

  • What are some C/C++ static analysis tools for finding dependencies in code?January 12

    I am looking for a tool that would analyze C/C++ code on windows and should be able capture reads and writes to variables by different functions. For example: //in file1.c extern int a; write_to_a(){ a = 1; } // in file2.c extern int a; write_to_a_ag

  • Software to access windows hardrive from android phone via USBJanuary 12

    When I plug my phone into my Windows 7 laptop, it automatically lets me access the phone's SD card. What I want to do is the reverse: when I plug in via USB, let me access the PC's files via usb on the phone's file manager (I use ES explorer, but any

  • Get specific content from a website (software shopping)January 12

    I need to get some content from a website. The problem is, when I use HTTrack Website Copier I get only the HTML. But the content I want is requested in PHP. Is there some tool which visits each link and can save the content (or the whole page, I can

  • Apple earbuds' microphone on windowsJanuary 5

    I want to use the microphone from my apple iphone 5 earbuds as a recording device on my windows pc. I know that the apple earbuds need an adapter, like in this in order to use audio and recording on my windows pc; but I do not care about the audio ou

  • Windows Server 2012 Power Users can Install software?January 5

    can a user of "Power Users" group install software in Windows Server 2012 ? I have created a standard user then added it to "Power Users" group then tried to install any software but it failed and asks for Administrator password... Any

  • Get specific content from a websiteJanuary 4

    I need to get some content from a website. The problem is, when I use HTTrack Website Copier I get only the HTML. But the content I want is requested in PHP. Is there some tool which visits each link and can save the content (or the whole page, I can

  • Python: Write to new file line January 4

    This question already has an answer here: Python: Write to new file line 3 answers I have been looking around to see if I can find a way to write to a new line in a file every time the user inputs. The basic code is this: while True: f = open(server,

  • Windows boot error: C:\Windows\system32\config\system Error code: 0xc0000185January 3

    I experienced some issue with the Windows 8 boot phase and I tried to solve them ( you can find here an explanation of what I did). Now, the problem I have is that I followed the procedure in this tutorial: How can I repair the Windows 8 EFI Bootload

  • How to close a program when connecting to a specific wifi on WindowsJanuary 2

    I have a small download limit on my home wifi. Everytime I open my laptop dropbox starts and starts syncing consuming my download limit. I don't want to remove dropbox from my automatic startup list because then I will forget to open in it all togeth

  • Make arbitary usb device (WiFi dongle) not ejectableJanuary 2

    I want to make my usb WiFi dongle non ejectable, as I never remove it and it just bothers me that it's on the ejectable devices list in the tray bar. I know of a question on how to remove-the-option-to-eject-sata-drives, but this is not a SATA drive.

  • Enable IKE tracing on windows 10 VPNDecember 31

    I have an IKEV2 VPN setup (including certs) that worked fine on windows 7. On Windows 10, the same config fails with 'IKE authentication credentials are unacceptable'. Server is StrongSwan. The last line in the log for a connection attempt is: 2016-0

  • Windows 8 chkdsk \r stuck on stage 4December 1

    I know that there are many questions about this topic but I think my situation is a bit different and since I'm a newbie, I'd need some tips and help specific for my case. I have a Windows 8 pc which was not starting anymore. It's an Asus SonicMaster

  • How do I rip a locked video CD using Windows? [on hold]November 30

    I have a Video CD of 'Yoga for diabetes' which I'd like to watch in my mobile phone as I don't usually have access to a computer or VCD player. But the CD is locked. The CD basically has a few folders like CDI, EXT, MPEGAV, VCD, etc. and a few files:

  • How do I view the drives occupied by a hardware device?

    How do I view the drives occupied by a hardware device?November 6

    I have four card slots on my computer (for SD, CompactFlash, etc.), but ever since I installed Windows on my new SSD, I have not been able to rename the drives for each slot because I do not know which drive corresponds with what slot, so they're jus

  • Windows How to verify user credentials?November 6

    Is there any built in Windows script or custom script to verify user credentials (password) as this way or similar [a command or script] username password --------------Solutions------------- runas /user:username cmd This will open a command prompt i

  • how to play up to 6 vlc instances aligned in 2 rows simultaniously on windows platformNovember 3

    i need that to load in background up to six videos, aligne the empty vlc players on the screen. script ensures to run the videos from 0,000 and start them simultaniously on 1 klick. can anybody write this script/code/program for me? thanks

  • Set Windows command prompt aliases as regular userNovember 3

    As a regular user in Linux this can be done via the command alias and can be permanently stored in the .bashrc file As a regular user (not administrator) can I set command prompt aliases in Windows 7? --------------Solutions------------- You can crea

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