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Compare two python lists and look for conatains

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listA = ['ab', 'bv', 'cd'] listB = ['ab_cd', 'AB_vd', 'ab_ud', 'bV_db', 'bv_de', 'cd_scd'] 

and I have a if condition like

for x in listA :   if x in listB:     print "Have"   else:     print "dun have" 

But it is always looking for the exact values, but what i need to achieve is a conatains type of search in the list. (Ex: ab actually in listB ('ab_cd', 'AB_vd', 'ab_ud'). Any idea guys? Thanks in advance


You can save some hassle with the any function. It returns True if any element of the argument iterable is True, False otherwise. The and version of this is called all.

listA = ['ab', 'bv', 'cd', 'qsz']
listB = ['ab_cd', 'AB_vd', 'ab_ud', 'bV_db', 'bv_de', 'cd_scd']

for want in listA:
    if any(want in target for target in listB):
        print "Have", want, "in some listB item"
        print want, "... we don' got dat one"


Have ab in some listB item
Have bv in some listB item
Have cd in some listB item
qsz ... we don' got dat one

You can do this:

l = ["ListB does have {}".format(a)
      for a in listA for b in listB if a.lower() in b.lower()]

for el in l:
    print el

Notice the use of .lower() so as to match all possible combinations. (aA-Aa-AA-aa)

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