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Configure reboot on Linux kernel panic

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You can put "panic=N" on the kernel command line to make the system reboot N seconds after a panic. Is there a config option to specify this (other than the default kernel command line option)?


There does not seem to be such a config option. The default timeout is 0 which according to http://www.mjmwired.net/kernel/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt#1898 is "wait forever".

The option is defined in kernel/panic.c, you can write a patch that sets the initial value to something different.

To hardcode a reboot after 3 seconds, change:

int panic_timeout;


int panic_timeout = 3;

From man proc:


This file gives read/write access to the kernel variable panic_timeout. If this is zero, the kernel will loop on a panic; if nonzero it indicates that the kernel should autoreboot after this number of seconds. When you use the software watchdog device driver, the recommended setting is 60.

The config file is boot (grub) configuration file itself, since it is a parameter invoked at the boot time and grub cannot be expected to read from some other config file while the filesystem is not mounted.

However, that being a initialized setting, the runtime can also be modified through sysctl. So, essentially updating /etc/sysctl.conf with parameter kernel.panic = 3 is a configuration update.

You can use this patch, which adds a config option.

first conclude information in other answers. the value is defined in kernel/panic.c and rw through sysctl. it can be passed as a boot commanline.

what's more i'm about to say, boot commandline can be set default value during compilation.

kernel.panic is a sysctl. There are many ways to configure these, for example through sysctl.d.

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