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Converting Image Map to Drupal Content

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We have an old site that was are migrating to drupal. On the old site we have an image map: http://www.seguridadidl.org.pe/districts.html

Wondering if there is a more dynamic way of adding an image map such as this to drupal, rather than just adding the html in a node.

Does the "onMouseOver" work in Drupal?


An imagemap is just a set of coordinates that map a mouseover to an area in your map.

A quick google and I dont see any Drupal related imagemap modules. You could try to store coordinates as a field in your node. But, that sounds messy. An imagemap basically assumes a user has intimate knowledge of the image to properly build the coordinate sets.

onMouseOver is a Javascript event. HTML, CSS, the HTTP protocol, Javascript all work together to power the internet nowadays; so of course you can use Javascript code in a Drupal website. Drupal is simply a PHP CMS making use of all these things ... So long as the client browser supports it -- you're fine.

I think the Google Maps Tools module is the right solution. Just parse or migrate your data into it.

This project integrates the Google Maps API and Google Static Maps API. It makes possible to add addresses and/or coordinates (points) to nodes through CCK fields, display these geographical informations on node pages as text or interactive map or static map and use them on GeoRSS feeds. The project provides style plugins and row style plugins for views to build both interactive and static maps.


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