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Correct ordering position for 'Yes', 'No' and 'Not now'?

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What is the correct position for the 3 buttons:

Yes - No - Not now (or Yes - No - Later)

is it Yes - No - Not now

or is it Yes - Not now - No

This will be on a windows 7 windows application, on a message box.


Since you mentioned Windows, I would direct you to the Windows UX guidelines on confirmations: Confirmations

They recommend the Yes - No - Not Now form (Yes/No/Cancel). I would however recommend more semantic button labels than 'Yes' and 'No', but I know this is just a question about positioning.

Edit (in response to Isaiah's answer): Yes, these are "guidelines" but if you are trying to make an idiomatic Windows UI it pays to follow them - users of Windows will be accustomed to this ordering from using other applications.

I dont know about "correct" as I dont think there is a correct way personally. The UX guidelines as cited by Joshua are still "guidelines". I think deciding this comes down to you and the situation you want place your user in.

Personally I think having Yes - Not now - No gives the user a buffer between a concrete "Yes" and a concrete "No", preventing them from "fat-fingering" or "fat-clicking" the wrong option. It may sounds silly, but if your user had the "Jittery Joes" (drank too much coffee) and accidentally clicked the "No" which just so happened to be right by the "Yes" that they intended to click then having this buffer is key. This is even more relevant when accidentally clicking the "Not now" gives them a way to come back later and give a firm / concrete answer.

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