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Crash on creating content type?

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I'm working on a D7.27 site I've inherited and when adding a new content type I'm getting this error:

DatabaseSchemaObjectExistsException: Table  <em class="placeholder">field_data_body</em> already exists.  in DatabaseSchema->createTable() (line 657 of  /blah/docroot/includes/database/schema.inc). 

All I've provided is the new name and clicked Save. It seems to have created the type, but without the Body field (!).

I've deleted the content type and tried again, and it's quite reproduceable! I have never encountered this error before, any ideas?


In case this helps.

mysql> select field_name, count(*)         FROM field_config         WHERE field_name LIKE "%body%" GROUP BY field_name; +-------------------------------+----------+ | field_name                    | count(*) | +-------------------------------+----------+ | field_blog_taxonomy_term_body |        1 | | field_body                    |        1 | +-------------------------------+----------+  mysql> show tables like "%body%"; +----------------------------------------------+ | Tables_in_drupal (%body%)                    | +----------------------------------------------+ | field_data_body                              | | field_data_field_blog_taxonomy_term_body     | | field_data_field_body                        | | field_data_field_email_share_body            | | field_revision_body                          | | field_revision_field_blog_taxonomy_term_body | | field_revision_field_body                    | | field_revision_field_email_share_body        | +----------------------------------------------+ 

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