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De-Duplicate RSS Feeds

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Does anyone know of a web service/desktop RSS Reader application that has some built-in smarts to de-duplicate posts across blogs?

Its gets just downright annoying when you have 7-8 RSS Feeds on a similar subject, and have to go through 7-8 posts about the same topic 'Eg: Business X has released patches'.

Recently http://www.feedafever.com/ was released. I really like the way it works, but dont really want to have to set up a SQL Server to run it.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?


I don't know about any specific application that will do this for you but you can use Yahoo Pipes to do this for you. You can build up your own pipe that filters out duplicated items in a particular RSS feed, and then point your preferred RSS reader at the newly generated feed from Yahoo.

I have been using this technique for quite a while you amalgamate all the separate BBC news feeds. You can view and clone the pipe I created here. Or the much simpler one that just does the de-duplication here.

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