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Destroying KVM first try virtual machine

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I'm trying to understand how KVM works, working on ubuntu 10.04 server.

I created one with sudo ubuntu-vm-builder kvm lucid --arch 'amd64' --mem '512' --rootsize '10248' --swapsize '1024' --kernel-flavour 'server' --hostname 'testuser' --mirror 'http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu' --components 'main' --name 'Test U' --user 'testuser' --pass 'passIused'

First, it created it in root/ubuntu-kvm , next time I will choose wiser path

Second, I forgot to add --libvirt qemu:///system, so it is not showing up on virsh

I want to delete it!

But how? Documentation lists some options under virsh, but I it is not showing up there.



Remove the /root/ubuntu-kvm directory and its contents.

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