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Different header for each category

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I'm working on a project where each category should have a custom header page. Any suggestions? I'm just looking for some direction on how to accomplish this.


Use the is_category() condtional statement


Install the plugin Taxonomy Images. In your header.php check if you are in a category archive and if an image exists for that category. Then use that instead of the default image.

You can use custom templates for different categories. When displaying a category archive, WordPress will check for these files in order:

  1. category-{slug}.php
  2. category-{id}.php
  3. category.php
  4. archive.php
  5. index.php

Read more at the WordPress Codex

If you prefer to use the one category.php template, we can load custom header.php files based on the category's ID. Replace the call to get_header() in category.php with the following code:

global $wp_query;
get_header( 'category-' . get_query_var('cat') );

WordPress will then look for header-category-{category_id}.php and load that file if found. Otherwise, header.php will be loaded as normal.

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