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Domain administrator account has weird behaviours

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I have a domain account that has administrator privileges on the OU, let's say A. I logged in the computer with that admin account, install Office without any hickups. But then I need to run chkdsk the command promt tell me I need elevated privileges to do it.

I checked:

  1. The computer is joined to the domain. Both the properties of My computer and the presence of the computer name in the OU shows that.
  2. The Administrator group of that computer contained my admin account.

The weird point is I can install some programs which write on OS partition (and they don't complain anything). But when I launch cmd with my admin account (use runas or shift+right click) I don't have elevated privileges on that session.

Please tell me what's wrong?

Any ideas are appreciated.


I guess UAC is activated on thoses workstations, you might try to run with maximum elevated privileges your command prompt.

I would suggest the use of PsExec for this.

The command to run a cmd prompt with maximum privileges would then be :

psexec -h cmd

Then try again your command in this command shell.

Hope it will help you.

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