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Domain Controller issue

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Our DC was having issues so we built a new server to replace it. It's running 2003 (same as previous DC). I ran DCpromo and transferred roles to the new DC. Now Users are having issues connecting to the internet (169.254). Also I did not set up DHCP. This backup DC will be replaced within the next few weeks. Any help is appreciated.


You did not install DHCP, and the client's are getting a default ARPA IP because you don't have DHCP running.

Install DHCP.

You need to enable DHCP on your new server and ensure your old one is no longer a DHCP server.

I'm going to say installing DHCP would be a good step - this is why your clients are getting this type of IP address.

Yeah, you need DHCP, it's what provides your clients with an IP-address. Also, make sure you put your new DC server as prim DNS.

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