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Downloading files using Python-requests

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I wrote a Python script to download files using multiple (source) IP addresses -- kindly suggest any improvements.

import cgi import os import posixpath import Queue import threading import urllib import urlparse import random import re import shutil import time  import requests import requests_toolbelt  def get_IPs():     """Returns all available IP addresses in a list."""     # TODO: Windows only. Other options?     out = []     for i in os.popen('ipconfig'):         i = i.strip()         if i.startswith('IP'):             out.append(i.rsplit(' ', 1)[-1])      return out  def get_info(url):     """Returns name and size of file to be downloaded."""     try:         resp = requests.head(url, allow_redirects=True)         name = cgi.parse_header(resp.headers['content-disposition'])[1]['filename']     except KeyError:         path = urlparse.urlsplit(url).path         name = posixpath.basename(path)     name = urllib.unquote_plus(name)     size = int(resp.headers['content-length'])     return name, size  def worker(url, session, ud, part, size):     """Downloads a part of the file specified by 'part' parameter."""     # TODO: optimal tries, timeout?     for _ in xrange(2):         try:             open('%s/%04d' % (ud, part), 'wb').write(                 session.get(url, timeout=(2, 7), headers={'range': 'bytes=%s-%s' % (                     part*chunk, min(size, part*chunk + chunk - 1))}).content)             break         except:             pass     else:         worker(url, sessions_queue.get(), ud, part, size)      sessions_queue.put(session)  def summary(name, size, elapsed):     """Prints summary of the download after it is completed."""     print (         '--\n'         '%s download completed.\n'         'Time elapsed: %.2fs\n'         'Average download speed: %.2f MB/s\n'         '--' % (name, elapsed, size/elapsed/2**20))  def download(url):     """Downloads the file pointed to by 'url' parameter."""     start = time.clock()     name, size = get_info(url)     # random id of length 20     ud = '%0x' % random.getrandbits(80)     os.mkdir(ud)     threads = []     for i in xrange(size/chunk + (size%chunk != 0)):         t = threading.Thread(target=worker, args=(url, sessions_queue.get(), ud, i, size))         threads.append(t)         t.start()      # characters \/:*?"<>| not allowed in filenames in Windows     name = re.sub(r'[\\/:*?"<>|]', '_', name)     # TODO: check if a file is already present with same name     out = open(name, 'ab')     for i, t in enumerate(threads):         t.join()         out.write(open('%s/%04d' % (ud, i), 'rb').read())      summary(name, size, time.clock() - start)     shutil.rmtree(ud)  def main():     IPs = get_IPs()     print len(IPs), 'IPs available.'     for ip in IPs:         adapter = requests_toolbelt.adapters.SourceAddressAdapter(ip)         session = requests.Session()         session.mount('http://', adapter)         session.mount('https://', adapter)         sessions_queue.put(session)      while True:         threading.Thread(target=download, args=(raw_input(),)).start()   if __name__ == '__main__':     sessions_queue = Queue.Queue()     KB = 1024     MB = 1024*KB     # TODO: optimal size?     chunk = 100*KB     main() 

I am using it with about 100 IP addresses on my Ethernet -- each with about 100 KB/s speed. What'd be optimal configuration? (numbers of threads, chunk size)


You could rewrite your get_IPs function to be a list comprehension instead:

return [i.rsplit(' ', 1)[-1] for i in map(str.strip, os.popen('ipconfig'))
        if i.startswith('IP')]

map will call strip on all of the results from 'ipconfig' and then you can iterate over that, ignoring any values that don't start with "IP".

In worker you're using a loop to retry after timeouts. But you're just using 2 arbitrarily. Use a constant here so it's clear what you're doing, and easy to change later:

You also multiple times open files, but you should always try to use with, known as the context manager. It automatically closes the file even in the event that an error is raised. It's the safest way to open a file.

with open(filepath) as filename:
print("Done with filename")

Once you leave that indented block, the file is automatically closed. No need to even call filename.close().

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