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File sharing user limits

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Each OS has a limit to the number of users that can access a computers shared folders at one time. XP has 10, 7 has 20. At one time I thought I saw a site where the limit for most OS's were listed. I've googled and googled and googled but can not find a list.

Does anyone know where to find such a list? Or possibly do you know the limits for many OS's?

I am interested in

  • MacOS
  • OS X
  • Linux (Samba or something like that... not familiar with Linux)
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2012
  • (?) Windows 8
  • 7....20
  • XP...10
  • Windows 2000


Linux limits are defined in the smb.conf file:

Example: max connections = 10

Mac OS X has a limit of 10 (unless you have the server version):

In Mac OS X version 10.0 or later, Personal File Sharing is designed to serve a maximum of 10 users. If you need to connect more users at once, you should upgrade to Unlimited-Client version of Mac OS X Server (http://www.apple.com/server/).

Windows Non-Server versions:

  • 5 users: Windows XP Home, Vista Starter/Home Basic
  • 10 users: WindowsNT, 2000, XP Professional, Vista Home Premium/Business/Enterprise/ - Ultimate
  • 20 users: Windows 7, Windows 8

Windows Server versions: (whether 2003 or newer)

... default settings for connection is Unlimited

Your connection Limit Depends only of how many CALs you are added to your license. Example: If you have Windows 2003 Server and 25 Per User or Per Device CALs you have a limit of 25 users or devices connected to your Share Drive.

Run this command on CMD and check max supported connection.

net config server

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