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From Bessel 1841 to WGS 1984

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I am having problem with projecting my counties which are in GSC_1841/Hermannskoegel to WGS_1984 in ArcGIS 9.3. I tried the basic "project" with importing the existing coordinate system but that's pretty much it and nothing happens. Somebody advised me that first I have to change the ellipsoid manually, and then do the transformation using predefined seven values/numbers. Could anyone be more specific? Thank you in advance.

EDIT: Old Yugoslavia is the country.


Full transformation info

ΔX(m)  682
ΔY(m) -203
ΔZ(m)  480

Full Ellipsoid info

Bessel ellipsoid 1841 (defined by log a and ƒ):

a = 6,377,397.155 m
ƒ = 1 / 299.1528153513233 (0.003342 773154 ± 0.000005)
b = 6,356,078.963 m.

Earth ellipsoid WGS84 (defined directly by a and ƒ):

a = 6,378,137.0 m
ƒ = 1 / 298.257223563
b = 6,356,752.30 m.

In Arcgis 9.3 the transformation code for some reason is 108264.

Let me know if you need anything else.

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