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GeoJSON layer on Google Maps API is not showing

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I am using the following codes to visualize a GeoJSOn on Google Maps API.

var geojsonFeature = {                                     "type": "Feature",                                     "geometry": {                                       "type": "Polygon",                                       "coordinates": JSON.parse(JSONobject[0].JSON).coordinates[0]                                     }                             };                             var googleOptions = {                                 strokeColor: "#FFFF00",                                 strokeWeight: 7,                                 strokeOpacity: 0.75                             };                              var myGoogleVector = new GeoJSON(geojsonFeature, googleOptions);                              if (myGoogleVector.error){                                 // Handle the error.                             }else{                                 myGoogleVector.setMap(map);                             } 

Its returning the following error

uncaught reference error GeoJSON is not defined

here is the GeoJSON fetching from database



I used this web to validate GeoJSON: http://geojsonlint.com/

After pasting yours, I got:

Invalid GeoJSON
POSTed data was not JSON serializeable.

Try this link to test all your GeoJSON files to see where is the error.

Hope this helps,

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