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GeoTools WFS Query sortBy not working for GeoServer WFS

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I am using GeoTools to query a GeoServer WFS using the following code:

    Map connectionParameters = new HashMap();     connectionParameters.put("WFSDataStoreFactory:GET_CAPABILITIES_URL", String.format("%s&request=GetCapabilities", wfsUrl));     connectionParameters.put("WFSDataStoreFactory:TIMEOUT", connectionTimeout*1000);     DataStore data = DataStoreFinder.getDataStore(connectionParameters);     SimpleFeatureType schema = data.getSchema("airports");     FeatureSource<SimpleFeatureType, SimpleFeature> source = data.getFeatureSource( typeName );     String geomName = schema.getGeometryDescriptor().getLocalName();     Envelope bbox = new Envelope( -100.0, -70, 25, 40 );      FilterFactory2 ff = CommonFactoryFinder.getFilterFactory2(GeoTools.getDefaultHints());     Object polygon = JTS.toGeometry(bbox);     Intersects filter = ff.intersects( ff.property( geomName ), ff.literal( polygon ) );      Query query = new DefaultQuery( typeName, filter, new String[]{ geomName } );     query.setSortBy(new SortBy[]{ff.sort("country", SortOrder.ASCENDING)});     FeatureCollection<SimpleFeatureType, SimpleFeature> features = source.getFeatures( query ); 

The query returns features, but sorting never works. A toString() on the query returns something like:

feature type: airports filter: [[ geom intersects POLYGON ((-117.8395870053188 31.58066038426718, -115.5957867039628 31.58066038426718, -115.5957867039628 33.27328332002949, -117.8395870053188 33.27328332002949, -117.8395870053188 31.58066038426718)) ]] [properties: ALL ] [sort by: country ASCENDING]

which indicates that sorting is part of the query.

The following direct WFS query works:


Any suggestions?


I figured out the problem. If you use WFS version 1.0.0 sortBy does not work. Using version 1.1.0 works.


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