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Gmail keyboard shortcut to "expand all"?

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Is there a keyboard shortcut to "Expand all" emails in a conversation after having navigated via j or k? Typing Enter after j or k doesn't do much.


As far as I know there isn't a keyboard shortcut for this.

You can use n (Next message) or p (previous message) to navigate up and down the conversation tree. You can then use o or Enter to expand an individual message that is part of a conversation.

Resource: Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

There is a Chrome extension that does this https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gmail-expand-all-keyboard/ciocgdpejlhegbegfjlfhjgjgbfcjkgb?hl=en&gl=JP

To expand the conversation list, follow the step:

  1. Press j or k as the case may be to select a conversation.
  2. Press O to open the list which will have the oldest and newest conversation expanded and rest collapsed.
  3. Press n or p and you will notice that it selects the number against a collapsed conversation.
  4. Press o to open the conversation.
  5. Use n or p to navigate.

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