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How to boot from USB on ASUS X551CA?

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This laptop - Asus X551CA, does not have any optical drive, and I am trying to boot it from USB, so I could install an OS to it, because its newly bought and has no OS in it.

My USB is perfectly bootable, but still, even on the BIOS setup, or when I press ESC at the system start, my USB does not appear as an option to boot from.

Can somebody help me out please?


Plug in your USB boot device hold down Esc key it should come up with your USB boot device in the list, select it and off you go.

Good luck, just make sure secure boot is disabled in BIOS!


That might be similar to your situation..

Under Security disable Secure Boot Control

Under Boot disable Fast Boot, then enable Launch CSM, then enable Launch PXE OpROM

Save changes and restart and press the esc key and choose boot from USB.

If that doesn't work...at least you have somewhere to start looking.

To find the Secure Boot control you have to update the BIOS to the latest version To do it, download the file and put it on your USB Root Directory Next go into BIOS and then look for Advanced\Easy Flash And look for the update file in the root directory AKA F:0 or something. Install it and stuff, then reboot into BIOS and try disabling secure boot again

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