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How to change field cardinality per form either programatically or by rule?

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I've a multipage form (where each page is determined by field group) where on the first page user type number of people in text field and on the second one I would like to show X number of field collection instances based on the given number. So if user selects 5 people, I expect to see 5 field collection placeholders to fill for the user and no more Add another item buttons (especially when field cardinality is set to Unlimited).

Is there any solution which can achieve setting up cardinality per form state by a rule or from the code?


There are the following hooks which allow to alter the widget form such as hook_field_widget_form_alter and hook_field_widget_WIDGET_TYPE_form_alter, but they only apply to widget form element.

As for workaround, it's possible to use hook_form_alter and modifying elements manually like:


or removing #theme potentially can remove Add another option:


It's also worth to try the following patch from Add hook alter to override field_multiple_value_form().

Using Rules, it's possible to use Rules Forms Support module which can deal with form elements, so you can change the items_count. Here is sample rule dealing with a multi value field in Entityform:

 * Implements hook_action_info().
function foo_entityform_rules_rules_action_info() {
  return array(
    'foo_entityform_rules_set_cardinality_value' => array(
      'label' => t('Change items count of a multi value field'),
      'group' => t('Rules Forms'),
      'parameter' => array(
        'form' => array('type' => 'form', 'label' => t('Form')),
        'form_state' => array('type' => 'form_state', 'label' => t('Form State')),
        'element' => array('type' => 'form_element', 'label' => t('Target Element')),
        'value' => array('type' => 'form_element', 'label' => t('Value from Element')),
      'base' => 'foo_entityform_rules_set_cardinality_value',
      'callbacks' => array(
        'access' => 'rules_forms_integration_access',
        'form_alter' => 'rules_forms_element_form_alter',

 * Implementation of rule callback.
function foo_entityform_rules_set_cardinality_value($form, $form_state, $element, $value) {
  module_load_include("module", "rules_forms", 'rules_forms');
  $value_element = &_rules_forms_get_element($form, $value);
  if (!isset($form_state['field'])) {

  $element = substr($element, strpos($element, ':') + 1);
  $path = explode(':', $element);
  if (count($path) == 1) {
    $path[] = LANGUAGE_NONE;

  $field_state = &drupal_array_get_nested_value($form_state['field'], $path);
  if (!$field_state) {

  $field_state['items_count'] = !empty($element['#value'] ? $element['#value'] : $element['#default_value'];

This works when field is set to Unlimited, however Add another option still needs to be removed from form_alter.

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