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How to combine 4 bytes into float value in Javascripts

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I can send 4 bytes data to my javascript,

var data = new Uint8Array(data);  console.log('Data received: [' + d2h(data[0]) +', ' + d2h(data[1]) +', ' + d2h(data[2]) + ', ' + d2h(data[3]) +  ']'); var hexvalue = ((d2h(data[4]) << 24) | (d2h(data[3]) << 16) | (d2h(data[2]) << 8) | d2h(data[1])); value = parseFloat(hexvalue); console.log(value); 

In my LOG, I see this

LOG: Data received: [ad, 4d, f9, 90, 42] LOG: 710541312 

I expected to get 72.49.. What did I do wrong?


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